Pebble Island

Pebble Island(West Falkland)

Pebble Island
岛屿 • 自然与野生动物区 • 徒步路径
Pebble Island, West Falkland 福克兰群岛

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福克兰群岛Stanley47 条分享
We visited Pebble Island in January, staying at The Nest self catering cottage. The cottage was clean, modern and fully kitted out with anything you might need. Alex and Dot were amazing hosts. They gave us a tour of the Islands and the wildlife and sights we saw will stay with us forever.

There is a 4 mile sand beach just a 10 minute walk from the cottage! Pebble Island has no become one of my favourite spots in the Falklands.
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J Cotter
福克兰群岛7 条分享
2020年12月 • 家庭
Pebble Island Farm (Self Catering). Absolutely awesome trip seeing all five species of penguins (king, macaroni, rockhopper, gentoo and magellanic) alongside a huge array of other wildlife including sealions, seals and a vast selection of waterfowl and birds of prey. We were happy to have excellent trips to see both the west and east parts of the Island with owners/farmers Alex and Dot Gould. We learnt about their farming practices in addition to being shown the beautiful diverse landscapes (including sand and pebble beaches; and cliffs) the Island has to offer. The self catering accommodation was clean and perfectly kitted out for guests including children to enjoy.
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Barry T
印度新德里64 条分享
2020年1月 • 好友
What a truly beautiful place great welcome meeting great people with great food and hospitality all coupled with totally outstanding scenery with abundant wildlife. Need good strong walking boot or have a tour with Ricki or Josh so knowledgable.
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纽约州怀特普莱恩斯524 条分享
2019年3月 • 好友
We had a two day stay and had a great time! Had a half-day tour with Rikki and a full-day tour with Josh and both were excellent. The island is nineteen miles long so unless you are here for an extended stay take the tours. Breathtaking views and lots of wildlife and birds - during our tour with Josh we were chased by a group of Straited Caracara when we got too close to their circling of a colony of Rockhoppers...
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Cathy F
8 条分享
2019年1月 • 独自旅游
Pebble Island (3 nights) was my favorite location during a week in the Falklands. Rikki, the owner, and his staff were top-notch, especially the very knowledgeable Josh who led the excursions to both sides of the island. Very comfortable bedroom and common areas. Food was excellent. Saw five different kinds of penguins in one day (thanks to a stray King penguin who was moulting), plus a hybrid of a Rockhopper and Macaroni. Wildlife, scenery, war memorials all very interesting. Visit could not have been better!
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比利时108 条分享
2018年12月 • 家庭
Unlike Sea Lion island, you can't just walk everywhere because the island is to big. The first day we did a half day tour of the Eastern part of the island. The next day we had a full day (8.5 hours) 4x4 tour covering 80Km of the Western part. There were several stops near war sites and lunch was at the rockhopper colony. The scenery is more rugged than Sea Lion island with a more rocky coastline but also beaches that look like the Caribbean (minus palm trees and plus penguins).
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maarheeze154 条分享
2018年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Great big island with a lot off wildlife and a few historic sites from the Falkland war.
Very beautifull color off water, big beach, hills.
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Derek S
英国巴斯153 条分享
2017年12月 • 夫妻情侣
We had 3 nights at the Lodge run by Rikki who is a "character". The food was absolutely brilliant cooked up by Luis. The island is big and you need 2 days and transport to see it all. From waterfowl on the ponds to see lions and lots of penguins together with some war sites it's a great place. Recommended
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Gerard S
澳大利亚新南威尔士州14 条分享
2017年10月 • 夫妻情侣
My wife and I had a wonderful 3 days on Pebble Island in late October. The purpose of our visit was to photograph the wildlife and it did not disappoint. The spectacular coastal scenery made for very photogenic Penguin colonies. This island also proved to have the most abundant waterfowl, at least during our visit, Another plus was the easily accessible Macaroni Penguins. Ricky and his wife were excellent hosts and along with the outstanding chef made for a very comfortable stay at the lodge. The included 4wd trips with Ricky and Josh were highlights.
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英国利兹70 条分享
2017年1月 • 夫妻情侣
The Lodge provides good ensuite rooms as well as breakfast and evening meals all served by enthusiastic staff. Off road tours of the Island are led by owner, Riki Evans, who is very knowledgable. Some really good coastal scenery and Rock Hopper colony, lots of birds and many coloured pebbles after which the Island is named.
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