Bodega Wine Tours
Bodega Wine Tours
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My husband and I had a great experience with a transfer from Valparaiso to Santiago + tastings at 2 fantastic boutique wineries. Matias was an excellent driver/tour guide, and Tom made communication a breeze in customizing our trip. Would definitely recommend!
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澳大利亚布里斯班2 条分享
2023年4月 • 夫妻情侣
We had an amazing day visiting wineries in the Aconcagua Valley with Chris. Tom was communicative from the moment we booked until collected at our hotel. Our guide Chris was extremely knowledgeable, taking care during the day to ensure all parties enjoyed themselves in a relaxed environment.

All the wineries visited offered a different perspective, each with individual charm unlike other wine tours we have taken that are often repetitive.

If in Santiago, it is a must do wine tour.
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Sylvie R
智利圣地亚哥21 条分享
My husband and I spent a lovely day touring the Aconcagua Valley with Chris, our very knowledgeable guide who not only gave us relevant information about the four wonderful wineries we were going to visit, but also talked about the fruit industry, the climate of the country and other topics that personalized the tour in a great way. The tour and tasting at the wineries were great and the people who welcomed us, very informative and amicable. Thank you to Felipe, Ignacio and Jennifer. At the last winery, we got to taste some sweet wine, which is a unique experience.
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Connie S
俄亥俄辛辛那提6 条分享
In spite of last minute scheduling, Tom arranged a fantastic day for my first introduction to Chilean wine tasting. Placed in the very capable care of Leo (careful driver, translator, tour guide, historian, and great guy), thoroughly enjoyed several micro wineries, the history, approach to wine making, and the exceptional wines produced in Aconcagua Valley. Vina Sanchez de Loria provided an in-depth tour of their facilities and a lovely tasting with a spectacular view! El Escorial provided a fantastic tour and thoroughly delightful tasting in the underground storage cellar. Next was an informative tour at Flaherty micro winery for a fantastic premium wine tasting with cheese and charcuterie board in the cozy comfort of lovely garden. Lastly, a quick stop at Vina Almendral to sample traditional sweet Chilean wines (not my usual preference, but pleasantly enlightened by the clean, fresh flavors of the numerous flavor options). A thoroughly enjoyable day and the excellent wines Chile has to offer!
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Holly B
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2022年11月 • 夫妻情侣
My husband and I visited 2 boutique wineries followed by an amazing 5 course meal. Brian our driver and group leader was excellent. Everything went as planned and being the only tour group at each winery made it extra special. Highly recommend!
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Andrew B
犹他州盐湖城7 条分享
My wife and I booked two days with Tom for wine tastings at the tail end of a cruise. We collected three offers from different tour operators. Tom absolutely hit it out of the park. Small-ish wineries, great driver, great lodging and dinner reservations. Mario was our driver - busy and really nice young man and he has worked in the wine industry so he was far more than a driver. Tom set us up with Casa Marin, Tinta Tinto, Matetic, Villard, and Bodegas RE. Some highlights: Tinta Tinto is probably the most fun we ever had at a tasting. Family place - mom, dad, two very pleasant adult daughters making wine in their (very nice) backyard. The entire experience was a 10++. Matetic might have been the biggest winery of the visit and I really appreciated the tutorial on bio-dynamic wine-making. I had no idea. Matetic has a ten room hotel. I knew when we booked the trip I would want two nights there instead of just one. I could take three nights there, Really neat. The other wineries were fine with Bodegas RE probably being the best of the rest. If I were to drop one of them - Villard would fall off the list. Finished the two day visit at Vinamar for a great lunch on their balcony with wine pairings - beautiful setting. I do not want to be petty but there was one thing about working with Tom that i did not like. He is a CASH ONLY business. I'm OK with that but I started developing this wine trip three months before we got on a 17-day cruise. Tom and i had several substantive e-mail exchanges where all he had to tell was he was CASH ONLY. So, we are on a cruise ship with a busted ATM, we are in Lima during the state of emergency with no ability to do banking and I need to find about $800. This situation was easily avoided by Tom and turned out to be an inconvenience for me as it compromised my ability to leave tips for the cruise staff. The trip was still a 5 but could have been a 5+
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卡罗莱纳州夏洛特43 条分享
We do like our wines...

A full day in the Aconcagua valley visiting only family owned, boutique wineries was exactly up our alley>

We were picked up at 0800 by Brian and I'm not sure we stopped laughing for the rest of the day

Even by the time we had reached the first vineyard, he gave us such a level of education about Chilean wines, that we could really appreciate the discussions we were having with the owners.

When I say owners, I literally mean owners, all of whom were hands on in production and very proud to show us their production and product.

Tasting was certainly no small part of things, with about 9 glasses offered by the end of the day.

Food was available as well, with a wonderful spread put out that could even accommodate my gluten intolerant wife!

I can entirely encourage this tour without any hesitation.
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加利福尼亚圣地亚哥44 条分享
My wife and I have selected Bodega Wine Tours for a day trip to Aconcagua Valley located one hour drive north of Santiago.
We made our reservation with Tom, who promptly replied to our questions and coordinated our meeting with Brian, who was our guide and driver.
We visited three family-owned boutique wineries where we were the only visitors, which was great because we were not rushed and had more than enough time to explore the wineries, interact with the staff, and of course, taste the wonderful wine produced in Aconcagua Valley.
Our special thanks to Brian who was very friendly, entertaining, and knowledgeable.
This was our last full day in Chile and we left that amazing country with good taste in our mouths.
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Lindsay S
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This was exactly the company i wanted to use for a wine tour. I was looking for something more personal, more small scale where you could really get to meet the winemakers, see and taste wines that were being produced in smaller quantities and this was the perfect tour for this. We had an amazing day with our tour guide Chris who took us to some incredible wineries and provided us with a lot of information about Chilean wines but also about the current Chilean climate. It was a perfect day in the countryside and a great tour. Highly recommend and would definitely would do another bodega tour in a new area next time!
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All Terrain Travel
Denver, Colorado, USA101 条分享
We had a fantastic tour with Brian as our guide. He kept us laughing and entertained throughout all the drives, and helped coordinate with all of the Wineries when we got there...checking us in and being sure we got what we'd paid for. He also had great tips on where to buy gifts, what to order to eat, etc. We ended up going to Bodegas RE and had the best tour there. Villard was next which proved to be our favorite wines. We had lunch at Vina del Mar, and finally a last tasting at Veramonte (much bigger and more commercial than the prior 3). We'll remember this day as a highlight of our trip and I'd highly recommend using Bodega Wine Tours to craft your perfect Wine Tasting day!
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