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Carolyn F
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My trip to Ecuador was amazing. I had 8 days and I went all the way from Quito to Guayaquil, visiting Cotopaxi, Quilotoa, Baños, and Cuenca along the way. The tour company arranged for me what I wanted, nature and hiking, great views and experiences, culturally significant sights and more. Make sure you tell the tour company what you want with details so nothing is left out. But, the best thing about the trip was my tour guide, Ismael Paredes. He was very knowledgeable about all the sites we visited, local flora and fauna, and great places to eat - recommending local dishes to try. He did a wonderful job driving me all over the country, in some pretty scary fog and over high mountain passes. We had an enjoyable week together talking about life in Ecuador and sharing experiences with each other. The driving never got boring. I immensely enjoyed my trip to Ecuador.
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明尼苏达罗切斯特3 条分享
The trip and the planning. Great destinations: Galapagos and Quito.
Worked with Jeremy at Gulliver. Jeremy organized my trip. Before saying anything about him, I would like to note that I am a detailed oriented, somewhat demanding, and at times irritating client who generally has a lot of questions (many of which I repeat periodically).
Jeremy was simply outstanding. His patience is unparalleled. He not only tolerated me, but made it seem like he was almost enjoying it! I rarely run out of questions - with him I did. He worked hard to make the trip according to my needs and wishes and made it a perfect experience. It was my best trip ever - largely because of him. He was responsive, available, reassuring, well informed, and patient. By far, the best travel agent I have ever worked with. He accommodated countless requests, multiple schedule changes, and gave valued suggestions based on personal experiences.
Gulliver travels is fortunate to have people like him on their staff.
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Cristina Q
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my vacation was tailored to exactly what i wanted to do. for our city tour of quito as well as out rip to otavalo, my husband and i had our own guide.
we could tell him what we wanted to see and what we didn't want to see.

when we had a problem with a hotel in sta cruz island, i complained to the gulliver agent. he immediately took care of the problem without hesitation.

someone was always there to pick us up from the boat when we went from island to island and take us to the hotel. our luggage was taken care of as well.

i do not hesitate to tell anyone interested in visitng ecuador and the galapagos to use gulliver. my agent was jeremy le cam. he was absolutely the best!
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加利福尼亚旧金山38 条分享
2022年11月 • 家庭
I was referred to Gulliver by a family member so figured I’d use them to plan my trip. Carmen was knowledgeable on the different places but there was a certain lack of attention to detail.
1. Once we got a cruise to Galapagos co firmed after an initial disaster in losing our spot on the cruise we wanted. They did take ownership and had to pay the cost differential for the cruise we did manage to get on. The problem was we were 2 adults and a child, and I was assured we would fit in the room given on the cruise. When we got on the cruise we were in a double room where there was not enough beds for three! They were very lucky that the cruise was not full and there was an extra room one of us was able to go in. Again we ended up being split up as a family so not the best situation on a very expensive trip. Had the other room not been available I’m not sure what we would have done as the trip was jam packed and there was no way three could sleep in a double room.
2. The lodge suggested in Quito - wanted one a bit closer to airport vs going all the way to Quito as we had early flights. The lodge suggested was possibly the worst they could. Middle of nowhere, no amenities, cold and not a place you can really relax for a day when there is nothing to do, no restaurant on site and nothing close by - closest was a 15 min taxi away! Again not the smartest choice by the travel agent.
3. The agent made an assumption that I was looking for the most cost effective everywhere - again lacked the ability to listen to what I wanted. The lodge at Cotopaxi was beautiful. We were in the smallest room again - 3 of us! Rooms were empty that had wonderful Mountain View’s! We were there one night… so would have been nice to have had a room with a view and that we could move around in.
4. The guide we got on Quito was not great. Kept saying he was ‘flexible’ on schedule but really wasn’t! I requested a nice lunch place he took us to a coffee shops which had two lunch items that was it! Lacked the ability to listen to what we wanted to do and had his own agenda. The agent booked both middle of the world spots! Waste of time you only need to do one. The guide never took us to the Pululahua crater - really wanted to do this as it wasn’t on his schedule but I showed him that it was on mine! We ended up going another day but weather meant we couldn’t see anything! Again very poorly planned all the city trips. I was very disappointed with the old town Quito tour due to the guides on agenda.

Overall I would not recommend using this agency again. I want to do more South America travel and would look for another agency to work with. Overly disappointed with many aspects of a trip we spent a vast amount of money on.
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Neill B
英国沃里克76 条分享
Following a recommendation from a friend we used Gulliver Expeditions to help us put together tours of Ecuador/Galapagos and Bolivia as part of a longer tour we were doing of South America. I must admit that I was nervous dealing with an Ecuador based business when booking from the UK, coming so soon after Covid lockdowns and with continual stories of bogus operators. I needn't have been! We dealt with Jeremy Le Cam who from start to finish was absolutely brilliant. He tailored the trip to meet our initial requirements but then also made suggestions that meant the final package far exceeded our expectations. His communication was excellent throughout and he even met us at the airport on arrival. We had fantastic guides and super accommodation and yet the cost was significantly below anything I could find through a UK operator. I can't recommend Gulliver too highly if you are planning to visit South America.
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Mathieu S.
9 条分享
Super aventure !

Je voulais faire une ascension de volcan en mode alpinisme, première expérience de ce genre et j'ai adoré.

J'avais réservé un programme avec GULLIVER pour faire l'ascension du Cotopaxi : ascension du volcan Pasochoa (4200 m) dans un premier temps pour préparer l'acclimatation (je n'avais que quelques jours en Equateur, mais j'avais déjà randonné sur le volcan Pichincha (4600 m) et fait la boucle du volcan Quilotoa (4000m) 2 jours avant), suivi de l'ascension du Cotopaxi de nuit.

Malheureusement le Cotopaxi en a décidé autrement, et quelques jours avant il a commencé à se réveiller et l'accès était interdit.

GULLIVER a été très pro et a trouvé un plan B, le Cotopaxi a été remplacé par l'illiniza sur.
Volcan moins haut mais plus technique, et tant mieux pour moi, il y a eu de l'escalade sur roche puis plusieurs passages d'escalade sur glace, de la descente en rappel pour le retour.

Le guide était parfait, très pro, très sécurisant et surtout super sympa. Il s'occupe de tout, mets en place les relais etc... Il m'a beaucoup motivé parce-que je n’étais pas assez acclimaté. Mieux que le premier jour mais ce n’était pas suffisant. Ne négligez pas l'acclimatation ça m'a vraiment rendu l'ascension plus difficile.
Si vous pouvez suivre leur programme d'acclimatation n’hésitez pas, ou alors prévoyez quelques jours de votre coté avant avec plusieurs jours en altitude.

En tout cas le service de GULLIVER a été impeccable, et surtout leurs guides sont vraiment parfaits. je recommande !
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Marie SC
厄瓜多尔基多3 条分享
2022年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Wondeful experience in suggested tour by its agents, thanks to their timely and accurate support... I had a great time in the amazon rainforest at Yasuni National park, cloudforest and the avenue of the volcanoes. I will definitely recommed them and would come again to visit the Galapagos Island hopefully soon.

Thanks a lot Gulliver team!
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Debbie M
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We just returned from a great trip to Quito and the Galapagos Islands organized by Gulliver Expeditions. They arranged an excellent itinerary for my husband and me that had just the right mix of snorkeling, hiking, biking and animal watching/iconic vistas. We don't like group travel but also didn't have unlimited time to find everything on our own. Jeremy provided the perfect level of support that enabled us to travel independently yet with a well-designed schedule and guides when we needed them. I would highly recommend them!!
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以色列特拉维夫85 条分享
אירגנו עבורנו טיול של 3 שבועות כולל הגלפאגוס מהתחלה ועד הסוף כולל טיפול מסור במזוודה שאבדה ובשינויים גם במסלול וגם במלונות שביצענו תוך כדי הדרך, הירות היה מעולה וכן גם המדריך מטעם הסוכנות פדרו שליוה אותנו
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kobi s
以色列特拉维夫3 条分享
2022年10月 • 家庭
We had a wonderful trip to Ecuador and the Galapgos. The trip was arranged and conducted by Carmen from Guliver which was so kind, helpful and Professional. Highly recommend !
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