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Hong Kong55 条分享
2016年2月 • 夫妻情侣
This is a long overdue review. We had a wonderful food tour guided by friendly Jose in Sep 2015. The wet market he showed us was really interesting - even though to us who are from HK and are used to seeing funny stuff at Chinese markets! We tried the TRF dishes, a strange drink, lovely seafood and some Peruvian Mama dishes - all were awesome!

If you really wanna know the true side of Lima, pls join Lima the Llena!
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比利时布鲁塞尔315 条分享
2016年8月 • 家庭
We did the gourmet walking tour of neighbourhood markets in and around Miraflores. Julio was an excellent guide and it was really interesting to hear about the different varieties of fruit and other food. Also the ceviche that we had at the end of the tour was fantastic. The only thing that I would advise is that I might be a good idea to give a hand-out with a photo and name of each fruit we encountered. That way it would be easier to remember what we tasted. But absolutely recommended.
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Granada Hills, CA35 条分享
2016年9月 • 夫妻情侣
We met our guide, Julio, outside McDonald's near Kennedy Park in September 2016. Julio is very knowledgeable about the history and food of Peru and we learned so much!!! He took us to a local market to sample some of the most delicious fruit we've ever tasted. You must try chirimoya and passion fruit! My husband is a vegetarian and Julio made it a point to make sure he had vegetarian ceviche...soooo delicious and my seafood was incredible. Julio went out of his way to make sure we enjoyed some tasty treats. I highly recommend this tour!
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2016年9月 • 独自旅游
I arranged for a custom tour of Lima during a 12 hour layover. My guide, Julio, and driver arrived promptly and we immediately set off for a tour of the historic district. There happened to be a street festival that closed off the streets, but because this was an intimate tour my guide and I were able to hop out of the car (leaving my luggage safely behind with the driver) and experience the procession honoring a saint first hand.

Being such a small group allowed me and Julio to pop in to various nooks and crannies around the historic district that I could not have seen with a larger group tour -- including a church where a wedding was in progress, a local bar where I was allowed to hop behind the counter and make my own pisco sour, and a tiny coffee/sandwich shop with a hidden alcove where we enjoyed freshly roasted coffee, roasted pork sandwiches, and local cheeses.

Shortly after we headed to local night market where we sampled anticucho, arroz con leche, caramel custard, emoliente, chicha morrada, and picarones. I was offered even more food which I sadly had to turn down as I was completely stuffed.

We made a few more stops including Miraflores for some empanadas and a cliffside stroll overlooking the beach, and then onto my favorite part of the tour -- the artsy Barranco neighborhood. In Barranco we saw tons of street art, yet another street festival where a dance and singing competition was in progress, and a charming bar where we sipped beers and listened to a local musician before heading back to the airport.

Julio was a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide who really gave me insight to his favorite parts of Lima. I felt like a got a local's experience that was authentic, and that Julio was very flexible about the itinerary. They did not skimp on the food options at all, and I was disappointed at myself for not leaving enough room as there were plenty more offers of food and drink along the trip that I had to turn down. Believe me, you will NOT go hungry.

The booking process was very easy thanks to Connie in the main office, who checked in several times during my tour to make sure things were running smoothly.

I was very happy with the experience and thought it was a tremendous value. If you hired a taxi on your own, just the roundtrip fare from the airport to the city center would be $100 USD, plus you'd have to pay to store your luggage at the airport. With Lima te Llena I had my own driver at my disposal who could be summoned at a moment's notice when my guide and I were ready to go to the next destination, secure luggage storage, and so much food, cocktails, and beer I had to turn it away. Julio even walked my bags to the ticketing counter once I was dropped back off at the airport. Class act company. Definitely recommend.
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Tom G
加利福尼亚旧金山8 条分享
2016年9月 • 独自旅游
My time at Mistura with Lima te Llena was awesome!

Initially, before I made the reservation I had reservations, thinking it was too expensive. I'm very happy several friends suggested that I not be so cheap. Having a guide meant having transportation to and from the event and someone else responsible for navigating the numerous stalls.

Connie, the sales person, was friendly and responsive. Some of the companies I dealt with ahead of my trip to Peru weren't, so I think it's important to recognize the great service Connie provided.

Julio, my guide, reminds my of an uncle (though Julio is much younger). Julio is passionate about his country's food, is very good at explaining the history behind it, and excellent at translating that interest to me. He scored me many samples, just by asking the vendor "Un poquito para me amigo? El es de los estados unidos." That allowed me to take advantage of Peruvian's tremendous generosity and their desire to share the prize of their culture -- their food -- with foreigners. Julio did an excellent job not only ensuring that I had the chance to sample diverse array of food and drink, but he also was successful at navigating me to more obscure foods I was hoping to try, including the only stall that had concha negra.

Lima te Llena has my sincerest thanks and highest recommendation for delivering on a superb tour and for helping make my trip in Peru so memorable.
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夏威夷毛伊岛23 条分享
2016年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Highly recommend the food tour. We met our guide outside kennedy Park and walked over to a local market where we toured the many booths and stands.

We learned a ton about the various local fruits and sampled several as well. Then we had an amazing fresh ceviche meal preceded by some chicarones. All of this was topped off with a local potatoe delicacy.

The guide was extremely knowledgeable about Peru's history and food culture.

Highly recommend.
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The tour was really amazing. The morning in the market was interesting, informative and tasty. We understood as much about Lima culture as the food. The afternoon trip to the peublos humanos was very special and gave us a great insight into the real Lima. We felt safe ( dogs are all vaccinated for rabies) and welcomed. Highly recommended.
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Sandra T
加拿大多伦多7 条分享
2016年9月 • 家庭
Our group of 5 thoroughly enjoyed the tour with Julio. He introduced us to many street foods which are delicious and gave us the history behind many of these creation. Julio was very knowledgeable, attentive, and accommodating to our schedule.
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Barry H
澳大利亚墨尔本19 条分享
2016年7月 • 独自旅游
Is a small group tour for 4 hours in the afternoon & evening which is great if you want to combine sight seeing and eating. As with all small group tours, it is the guide that makes the difference from average to special. We were extremely fortunate with Julio who was passionate about his history, food and city. He was also very adaptable to the circumstances - if it did not work he had a back-up. We were to have Anticucho for dinner but the street vendor did not show so we swapped for Lomo Saltado. If you want to try the best coffee and pisco sours I have ever tasted - do this tour!!!
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加利福尼亚伯克利15 条分享
2016年7月 • 好友
We took a walking food tour with Julio. He was delightful. Julio taught us about the city and the food. He was just as passionate about his city as he was passionate about the food he introduced.

Go with an empty stomach. The farmers market we visited had fruits from the amazon. They were delicious, not too sweet very favorable.

The highlight of the day was the ceviche. Julie knows ceviche. Who would have thought the best ceviche in the city would be in the back of the market tucked in a corner? Hands down the ceviche and the fried fish that accompanied it was the best i've had. If I hadn't been in public I would have licked the plate.
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