Panama Travel Unlimited - Day Tours

Panama Travel Unlimited - Day Tours

Panama Travel Unlimited - Day Tours
历史与古迹游览 • 出海捕鱼 • 徒步&露营 • 自然与野生动物游览 • 皮划艇与独木舟

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巴西圣保罗4,330 条分享
2023年2月 • 夫妻情侣
O atendimento foi todo via e-mail, foram bem rápidos, solícitos e esclareceram sobre como seria o passeio, porém o motorista chegou mais cedo 20 minutos, pois saberia do trânsito que teria, pois era no feriado do carnaval. Se sabe-se do trânsito (houveram vários pontos de trânsito em que ficamos parados, tanto na ida como na volta) que tem em feriado. Seria melhor mesmo ter saído mais cedo, para termos mais tempo nas ilhas.
A estrada tem muitas curvas e buracos, o que deixou a viagem mais cansativa, e o motorista poderia teria tido mais cuidado e zelo com os passageiros, pois dígitos com velocidade muito alta nesse trechos.
Tinha avisado de uma alergia que possuo, e mesmo assim o prato veio justamente com o ingrediente o qual tenho alergia.
Perguntei sobre a bebida que fui informada que estava incluído como a refeição, porém a pessoa que atendeu na ilha disse que não estava incluso, e que teríamos que pagar a parte caso quiséssemos.
Snorkel vimos apenas na última ilha que tinha disponível, o que também estava disponível, pois também estava incluído no pacote.
A ilhas são independentes do Panamá, pois são controlados pelos Guna Yalas, então a natureza ali está preservada, são bem rústicas e simples.
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德国哈瑙10 条分享
2021年12月 • 独自旅游
The first contact was very easy, Alyssa was very friendly and answered my questions quickly.

The drive from Panama City was very pleasant in a comfortable car and our driver shared a lot of information about Kuna Yala.

We visited 2 islands and made a stop in the sea in between, where you could get out of the boat and watch starfish.

The islands are gorgeous, there are few people on the islands at the same time and it's like heaven on earth!

I would absolutely recommend the island tour and Panama Travel!
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Izzat R
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The company provides great service with great suggestions too. The agent is really understanding and provided me with full insights regarding how the whole tour works. Apart from that, the experience during the trip is amazing, no hiccups and all went well. Appreciate all the well planned arrangement!
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Lorri W
Northern Alberta76 条分享
2019年6月 • 独自旅游
I'm still amazed and astounded that Panama Travels was able to organize a trip to the Agua Clara locks and Castillo San Lorenzo with only a few hours notice. It is low season and we didn't realize that few of the tours of the Canal area were running daily (and we only had the one day before leaving). We left an email at 3:00 on Sunday and by 5:00 the tour was paid for and confirmed. Thank you so much.

Our guide was excellent and his vehicle was comfortable on the ride to the north end of the canal. He didn't rush and answered all of our many questions. I feel like I have gained a lot of information about the canal, as well as about history and politics. We even had a great ferry ride (to access the Castillo) which let us see the new bridge from a unique angle as well as getting a final view of a couple of the ships we had been watching pass through the locks.

I would definitely recommend using this travel agency.
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Manuela S
瑞士Brugg261 条分享
2019年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Wir haben uns für Panama Unlimited entschieden, da es gemäss Beschrieb auf der Homepage für uns die beste Preis-/Leistung ergab. Unser Fahrer war Reuben. Wir haben noch zwei weitere Gäste aufgeladen, aber für uns kam es so vor, als wären es Freunde von Reuben, denn er hatte ihre Rücksäcke bereits im Auto und kannten sich wohl schon. Unsere Vermutung war, dass diese beiden Personen noch dazu kamen, damit es keine Privattour ist, welche wir ja auch nicht bezahlt haben. Die Fahrt nach El Valle dauerte ca. 2 Stunden. Zuerst machten wir einen Halt bei den Hotsprings wo man sich auch eine Schlammmaske auftragen konnte. Das Wasser war warm, aber die Anlage sehr alt und nicht gerade einladend. Als nächstes gingen wir zum Butterfly Heaven, ein kleiner Schmetterlingsgarten, aber man erhält auch diverse Informationen und kann zum Schluss noch ein Video schauen. Danach besuchten wir den lokalen Markt und haben in einem Restaurant lokale Spezialitäten gegessen. Zum Schluss fuhren wir noch in den Zoo, wo wir unter anderem ein Tapir sowie den gelben Frosch sehen konnten. Die Käfige sind sehr klein, nicht vergleichbar mit den Zoos in anderen Ländern. Dann war das Programm durch und wir fuhren wieder zurück nach Panama-City. Wir hatten definitiv mehr erwartet von diesem Ausflug, auch hatten wir erhofft, dass wir etwas über die Gegend erfahren würden, aber uns wurde weder den Tourablauf erklärt, noch etwas über die Gegen El Valle erzählt.

Wir würden anderen Personen Panama Unlimited nicht weiterempfehlen. Die Buchung und der eMail-Kontakt funktionierte zwar Reibungslos und war freundlich, aber den Ausflug selber zählte nicht zu den besten die wir gemacht haben. Zudem stand auf der Homepage noch, dass wir zu einem Wasserfall wandern würden und darin baden könnten. Das war leider nicht der Fall.
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香港293 条分享
2019年2月 • 好友
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Nancy H
9 条分享
2019年2月 • 好友
This company was able to arrange a tour for two of us the night prior to the tour. It was a Sunday evening and plans for a Monday (last day in Panama city) had not worked out. By email communication, they were able to arrange a one-day tour to visit an Embera village and waterfall. We were picked up on time Monday AM and had a wonderful day with our guide Rueben. The tour was great and he was friendly, knowable, and helpful. I would highly recommend this company when looking for trips and tours out of Panama city.
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阿拉巴马莫比尔7 条分享
2019年2月 • 夫妻情侣
My wife and I recently returned from Panama and we decide to book a tour of Isla Grande
through Keteka tours. Our guide was Miguel Ibarra and I must say he was the best guide EVER. He picked us right on time at our hotel and we headed to Portobelo stopping along the way for snacks and cold drinks. He was so knowledgeable of the area and answered any questions that we had. Once we got to Isla Grande he let us explore and met us right where he said he would be once we returned. Miguel speaks perfect English and was a joy to talk to. Don't have ANY reservations about booking this tour with Miguel. He will make sure you are safe at all times. He even treated us to some fresh cold pineapple on the way back to Panama City. Thank you so much for a wonderful day Miguel.
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英国马尔堡10 条分享
2019年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Great trip organised by panama travels. Excellent driver/guide a true font of knowledge. No restaurant in island so bring your own.
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Thanks Belinda, we appreciate you taking the time to give us your feedback, glad you enjoyed and safe travels.
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英国伦敦10 条分享
2019年1月 • 独自旅游
I travelled to San blas for two nights with Panama travel. It's not for solo travellers, it was all couples on the tour and when I arrived in my dorm I found out that everyone else had paid way less for it and we were all doing the same things!! Try booking through a hostel or just some other way. Not on this site.

Other than that, comments on things that the agency is not responsible for (although you do wonder what the hell they're responsible for since you end up paying them so much!): the islands are very pretty but tourism is not sustainable, they are filled with rubbish which is being burned on the island. You will get completely soaked on your journey there, be prepared and wrap your bags. We did not have Mosquito issues and slept quite well. Weather was cloudy and rainy even though it's dry season. Ask for food "a La plancha" or you'll get everything fried, even breakfast!
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Thanks for the feedback, not good but we do appreciate it anyway. Helps us prepare people honestly. Couple of things, we actually have quite a few solo travellers on our tours as its a good way to meet people, off course in general there are more couples or friend groups, but that is the same everywhere you go. The trip you did was all inclusive, there is no one else offering this, no one else from anywhere else had the same as you for less money. Yes we do tell you things we are not responsible for we also send you a very frank and honest fact sheet to prepare you before you book. We are responsible for booking your tour with the Gunas and organizing the transport, and accommodation, food and tours, all of which you received without issue. We are not responsible for bad weather in the dry season, we are not responsible for the rubbish problem in San Blas (we try and help by sending water in tanks from the city, to stop plastic water bottle use), we are not responsibly for waves in the sea splashing in the boat (we do however tell everyone it can happen and to protect their stuff in dry bags) We are not responsible for cooking habits in the Guna region or Panama (It is Latin America everything is fried! Drives me crazy too) Not sure what we did wrong here, but onward and upwards. Safe travels. Any future guests read our fact sheet, no one is as honest as we are. But in truth most people go and have a great time, with proper expectations, not many places like this left in the world. Tourism is not sustainable in its current form all over the world. Venice overcrowded, Maldives have huge rubbish islands generated from tourism. The list goes on.Only the traveller can change this...Think about how you effect the places you visit, For example if everyone who visited San Blas took out any rubbish they took in for starters. Do not buy bottled water, use our supply from Panama City, We all have a responsibility to help.
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