Helen Avalynne Tawes Garden

Helen Avalynne Tawes Garden(安纳波利斯)

Helen Avalynne Tawes Garden
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弗吉尼亚斯汤顿34 条分享
Sweet little walk, with unfulfilled ambitions.
2018年7月 • 独自旅游
A few lovely acres meant to illustrate the flora of 5 different areas of Maryland. For a naturalist, the variety of trees & rocks is wonderful. For a horticulturalist, the many missed opportunities to highlight native plants is somewhat sad, and the colours in the Mural Garden are downright jarring. For the average guy, the walk through the woods, the pool with its fountain, sculptures & occasional informative signs is a pleasant get away from traffic and crowds. Most of the users are employees of the DNR, so the security guard at the desk may not follow the principles of customer service. There is a cafeteria, but the menu is high fat and very limited, so Naval Bagels about a block away is a better choice for a bag lunch to enjoy in the garden.
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哥伦比亚特区华盛顿特区797 条分享
A Spot Well Hidden
2017年4月 • 独自旅游
I stumbled upon this place, and I was soooo glad that I did. It is an oasis away from downtown Annapolis. Be advised that it is hard to find as it is situated next to the courthouse. It is small but beautiful. It is also free, but visiting during the week may be hard to park.
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佛罗里达杰克逊维尔海滩9 条分享
Lovely Hidden Spot
2015年9月 • 好友
They used to offer a one week garden camp for elementary grade students but discontinued it due to budget cuts. Dept. of Natural Resources Staff is great!
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Svetlana S
哥伦比亚特区华盛顿特区353 条分享
Сад в городе
2016年4月 • 好友
В Аннаполисе существует сад с большим количеством красивых растений, деревьев, кустарников. Есть даже небольшие фонтанчики. Любителям природы понравятся прогулки по саду.
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马里兰安纳波利斯195 条分享
Hidden horticultural treasure.
2015年9月 • 家庭
Tourists miss a special garden, which is easy to find, but hidden from sight. The Tawes Garden is on the grounds of the Dept. of Natural Resources building across the street from the Naval Academy Stadium. Many tourists park there to use the shuttle to downtown Annapolis and don't know the Tawes Garden displays the plants, and even some animals (mostly birds and turtles) that are native to the state or visit during migration. This quiet and secluded spot is worth seeking out.
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宾夕法尼亚伯利恒95 条分享
Great Place to hear some Cool JAzz
2015年6月 • 夫妻情侣
A little tricky to find, the garden is located across from the Naval Academy field on Taylor Avenue. Once you get inside, however, it is impossible to imagine this "sanctuary" is located so close to busy Roscoe Rowe Blvd. Meandering paths, surprises around each corner makes it a nice place to take lunch. If you are lucky, you might just catch some JaZz trio to add to your pleasure.
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Steve C
马里兰安纳波利斯656 条分享
Maryland In One Garden
2015年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Nestled behind three hulking state office buildings along Rowe Boulevard is an amazing garden that features all of the temperate zones of Maryland, and their accompanying plants and trees. There's a paved walk way that winds around several small ponds filled with fish and Great Blue Heron. Parking is a problem. There is none. The best way to see the garden is to park at the Gotts Court Garage off West Street. Then walk down Calvert Street and out Rowe Boulevard. The route will take you over the College Creek Bridge (wide sidewalk) which is worth the walk all by itself. From the bridge you will spot osprey and other birds and fish as you view St. Anne's Cemetery, one of the nation's oldest grave yards (on your way back, check out the cemetery and its amazing old ornamental grave stones. Walk past Calvary Methodist Church and when you come to Herb Sachs Street turn left. The access to the garden is between the Court of Appeals and the large office building. Chances are you will have the garden completely to yourself. And there are benches for you to just sit and take in the beauty.
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Martha S
弗吉尼亚Woodbridge653 条分享
Nice little hike.
2015年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Extremely limited parking (got the last available space in early afternoon) next to Maryland State Government Bldg. and had to walk thru it to get to garden behind.
Of course they had to check IDs etc., but Md has no voter ID check!
I don't really call it a garden when there appears to be little except a wooded area with some wildflowers and paths with a couple of benches and 1 shelter.
But it was free! ;-)
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马里兰安纳波利斯30 条分享
Beautiful& serene
2015年4月 • 好友
Well worth your time to visit this exquisite secret garden on Tayor Ave. across from the courthouse.
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Edie D
马里兰安纳波利斯20 条分享
Wonderful hidden gem.
2014年6月 • 好友
Was not even aware of this little garden until I went there with an art class. Peaceful and lovely place.
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