Annapolis Golf Club
Annapolis Golf Club

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马里兰Arnold752 条分享
2012年4月 • 夫妻情侣
My son and father played this course in Spring 2012 and said it was in very poor condition. The owners are trying to sell to local private school to develop into ball playing fields but locals are blocking the sale because of concern for traffic. Locals would prefer it stay a barely used golf course that is in very poor condition.
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Annapolis1 条分享
This is not Congressional, but they don't try to be. It is the best $10 course in America. Extended periods of rain or drought hurt the course, but it's $10 dollars. Over all I'd say its better then Eisenhower (don't waste your money there) If your looking for a course in tournament condition there are plenty of options, but if you want to have a fun round at a place where you can usually walk on come to Annapolis Roads.
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Melbourne Beach, FL1 条分享
This "course" must be owned by the Yokum family!It would have been refreshing to see Mammy Yokum riding a mower. I have NEVER seen a course in such deplorable shape! The tee boxes were so bad (HIGH grass) that you couldn't see your ball teed up. (We used an adjacent area that had NO grass)Weeds, ruts, putrid standing water, rocks, mud, broken down pull carts, very confusing course signs.This couse could be a challenging and decent course to play with A LOT of maintenance.
Advice: take the green fees and go spend it on new balls.
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After being harrased by another group of players, who in the end decided it would be fun to use us as targets with their golf balls, the management decided to do nothing about the situation.

Linda, the "Owner", explained the 2 players were close friends of hers and hands down took thier side of the story, never mind we werent able to finish our game in the end due to their unsportsmanlike conduct.

BEWARE OF THIS COURSE! It is poorly maintained, the grass is all dead due to lack of irrigation, the holes are next to impossible due to the swamp like areas and elevated greens. The golf paths are next to impossible to follow, and are erroded away to where some paths are dangerous to travel on.

Overall, I give this course a big thumbs down. Dont waste your money! Go to Eisenhower or Enterprise, a little more expensive but well worth the money.
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