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Heena P
马萨诸塞Stoneham4 条分享
2022年6月 • 好友
Highly recommended for people looking for the best thrilling roller coaster rides. Our group of 5 people visited on a Saturday and got the Flashpass. Definitely suggest getting the Flash pass for an additional 70$ since we were able to cover all the rides we wanted.

Best rides: Batman, Wicked Cyclone & Flashback.
Other good rides were Harley Quinn, Scream, Batman, Joker & Supergirl Flyer.

We lost our car keys in the 1st ride and were lucky to find it in the lost & found department. Very grateful to the person who found it. Sending best wishes your way ❤️

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Leah F
2 条分享
We went this week and it was amazing. We lucked out. No crowds, no wait on any rides! We found the staff wonderful, friendly and funny, I don’t think you could ever duplicate the day we had….
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Will S
1 条分享
2022年6月 • 好友
At around 5:45 to 5:50 I rode the scrambler and Chris G and Paige were great and made the experience at least ten times better. I ended up going on the ride multiple times just because of how amazing they were. Great end to my six flags experience for today.
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马萨诸塞普罗温斯敦913 条分享
Visited here on Friday May 20th. Park was crowded with school groups. Lines at rides got long as the day progressed but we bought Flash passes so that wasn't a problem. The crowds were a problem when it came to food though. Pretty much all of the small grab-and-go food stations were closed and a few of the larger food outlets too. That meant those that were open had very long lines. The food outlets were also majorly understaffed. It literally took us 45 minutes to wait in line and order and then wait for food for two orders of chicken strips and fries. I have never encountered waits like that at a theme park before. Food quality was also horrible, and ridiculously expensive. Cost us around $25 for the two chicken strips with fries and two drinks and that was after our 50% membership discount. Thunderbolt coaster needs to revisit how it handles Flash passes. Ride attendant was only seating FP guests in the last few rows of the train, refusing any requests for front rows and had an attitude when questioned about that. Flash Pass app was not letting you reserve for Gotham City Gauntlet ride even though it is one of the Flash Pass rides in the park.
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纽约州Kirkville180 条分享
We have been to this park in the past and have enjoyed it, however I will never visit here on a Saturday again. The crowds were Disney level bad here and we only were able to enjoy four rides all day. We got rides on the big two coasters and a couple of smaller rides, but lines were so long we didn't bother waiting in them as we had ridden many of them before. Operations were terribly slow here, other than the Superman. Food lines were ridiculous as well which always seems to be a problem here. While the park was clean and looked the best it has n a long time, the crowds we experienced were awful, both the size and attitudes, The entire inner city must have been bused in that day along with school groups on class trips. We left after a few hours and people were still piling in, only making everything more crowded, this park does not handle crowds well, which is probably fine for them as they can sell more kip the line passes.
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Kevin M
3 条分享
I tried to have a good time as it was my sons first time at six flags, I was biting my tongue all day. From the locker fees, to being double charged at johnny rockets to be told the manager went on her break and I cant get refunded. Then rides are consistenty shutting down for random clearning. Not worth it, and i got fast passes too. What a shame; it looks like executives ruined the place and the employees have to deal with the bad procedures.
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Robin S
缅因州Poland12 条分享
We drove 4 hours from Maine and pre-purchased our tickets and fast passes. We did need to stop at the Fast Pass office when we got there to get help using our app, but the staff there were helpful and nice. I then asked where do I go to set up my photo pass I bought online and they told me they were closed that day. I told them we are here for two days so we could use it tomorrow. We show up the next day, and the photo pass was still closed because of staffing! Why do you allow people to purchase this online if you aren't going to be staffed to use it? I feel like you are stealing people's money! It's fine for people who live close who can come back, but we are too far away to return again to use it. So, we are out that money. At the very end of last day we were there, only the Superman ride opened with photos, and we were able to get one photo from our two days there. Still, it's not acceptable to sell things through your website if you aren't going to staff it to provide the service. Do not pre purchase your photo pass!! Food is expensive, as all parks are, but most options were still closed. You're better off to pack a cooler and leave it in your car and go back to eat. The rides are great. I am not a fan of everyone having to have a phone to use a fast pass. Your kids will have to take their phones in to the rides to show the pass, then leave their phones off to the side while they get on the rides. Great way for dishonest people to steal someone's phone. Have your teen wear something with secure pockets if possible so they don't have to leave their phone while they ride. You can do the fast pass selection from one phone if you all want to stick together.
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Cameron D
1 条分享
2022年6月 • 独自旅游
I had a great experience at Six flags New England. I went on June 10th and it wasn’t too busy. You can ignore many of the complaints from other people because when you go to a theme park, you should know what to expect. Especially a six flags park. It’s mostly meant for thrills and you have to be prepared. If you just expect to enter the park and go on every ride, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. If you go on a weekend, it’s going to be busy. Honestly I wouldn’t bother going on a weekend because you will be in lines all day. Bring food on the car trip and stuff yourself before entering the park. I didn’t need to buy any food at the park and it saved lots of money. I also went on every ride. This is because I had the gold flash pass, which is 100 percent worth it. If you want to not wait in line, you pay 75 dollars per person. Once again, if you aren’t prepared before entering, you shouldn’t complain about the park!
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Deborah N
1 条分享
My son was there on Saturday, June 4th and he lost his phone on a roller coaster ride and when exiting the ride they could see the phone. My son spoke to a few workers and he also filled out two lost and find report. He was told to go back to the park at 9:00pm when the parked closed and that is when the parks collects all the lost items lost from rides, they were turned away by extremely rude lost and found personnel. They went back on Sunday, June 5th at 10:30am when the park opened and the lost and found office did not have his phone and again were treated extremely rude. Along with his phone was his drivers license and debit card, and he was told that someone would get in touch with him/us about over night delivery - which I'm sure I will have to pay for, seeing that he could see where his phone was I am not really sure why someone there at the park could not have someone get it for him. The way my son and his friends were treated because they are kids made them feel irreverent and there concerns were discharged without compassion from the Six Flag staff.
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Linda Thompson
康涅狄格West Simsbury3 条分享
I just spent over an hour on an online chat with a representative trying to figure out my membership thanks to COVID. A waste of time. How can it take that long to tell me how many months I have and how I need to use them. UNBELIEVABLE! The COVID months are consecutive, so even though Six Flags New England is closed much of the year, those are still months my membership is eating up.
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We apologize for not meeting your expectations, but appreciate you taking the time to leave a review. We’ll look into this.
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