Amaze Escape

Amaze Escape(Arlington)

1-2 小时
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马萨诸塞波士顿38 条分享
Justin was great!
2018年3月 • 好友
Amaze Escape was a lot of fun. Justin was a hilarious and helpful game master.

We did the Art Heist room and broke the record! Blueberry Extreme will be back to break the jail cell record as well!
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Somerville, MA4 条分享
Teamwork is key, a great group activity
2017年11月 • 好友
I've played both escape rooms at Amaze Escape in Arlington and I can tell you they are a blast! Get your gears turning, there are some clever problem solving challenges in each.
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纽约州纽约市3 条分享
Google won't help you escape this one!
2017年10月 • 家庭
Think outside the box! Amaze Escape was well worth the experience and one hour wasn't enough for us to escape.
It was a nice bonding time for our families. We were 5 families with kids ranging from 5-7 years old trying to escape.We did not escape! We needed extra 8 more minutes. We were able to have the kids contribute without detracting from the prime directive. Overall, the grown ups were able to concentrate on the puzzles while the kids excitedly searching for the clues. This was our first time at Amaze Escape and it was thrilling. Challenging YES but not impossible with group collaboration. It did force us to really work together and not one person was more intelligent than the other in deciphering the clues. The game master will provide hints if needed.
Overall it was a great experience and a lot of fun. A must do activity if you haven't tried it. It was definitely worth the 60 minutes of mental stimulation.
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Craig R
10 条分享
Great Experience for the Family or Company
2017年10月 • 商务型
The Amaze Escape is a well thought out challenge to get people working together and solving problems together. It is very good at building relationships and having a great time together. It is amazing how much fun everyone realizes that they had when it is completed and how much that they can't stop talking about it when completed. Even if you don't escape the room in time, it is a blast trying.
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Kathy N
南卡罗来纳Chapin28 条分享
Challenging but very rewarding
2017年7月 • 家庭
Our family really enjoys escape rooms. This one was certainly a challenge and we escaped at literally the last minute! It is in an old jail and you are locked into jail cells. Really nice guy helped walk us through the details before and after. Highly recommend you go to this one.
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Ginger W
马萨诸塞Arlington63 条分享
Not just for millennials... we middle-aged folks had fun, too!
2017年6月 • 好友
Looking at the pictures you would think this was meant for young adults, but we were 6 fun-loving middle-aged folks with bad knees and a recent hip replacement giving it a try for the first time... and we loved it! There is an intro video and orientation before you get locked in these old Arlington jail cells and have to figure your way out. Though we were told to look everywhere, and use teamwork, we needed a few hints before we really made progress. Luckily there is a game-master monitoring you the whole time, asking if you are ready for a hint, and coaxing us along so you never get discouraged. Once we kind of got the hang of the first few puzzles, we started moving faster, but didn't quite make it out before the time was up. But we had lots of fun trying, and plan to go to other escape rooms to try them out. So don't be shy about trying it if you are over 40... or 50... or 60. It's a blast at any age!
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Guthrie G
1 条分享
Challenging, fun and rewarding
2016年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Had a great time breaking out of jail at Amaze Escape Arlington. The puzzle was interesting, interactive and contained very few misleading clues (red herrings). I would recommend this escape room, and I look forward to the trying to escape the next room they open.
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Bill M
Massachusetts703 条分享
Great birthday fun for teen group
2016年2月 • 好友
Our teen (18) daughter was looking for something different for her and her friends to do for her birthday and fortunately we found AmazeEscape. Set in a building that once housed the Arlington police department, the game utilizes real jail cells and handcuffs. Players have to solve puzzles and use clues to try get themselves out.
I (dad) was in the waiting area and couldn't see what was going on, but could hear the laughter and shouts of excitement every time they came up with a solution. The gamemaster (Carlos in our case) watches on monitors from an adjacent room and offers hints/suggestions when necessary. He did a great job with them, including the initial briefing where he sets the scene. (The fact that it was a stormy night and there was no one else in the building at the time added to the experience.) They didn't quite manage to escape on time, but had great experience.
This game is for a maximum of six players, which is a smaller number than some other escape rooms (8 or 10 players) we considered. So if you have a smaller group and would prefer to have the room to yourselves, this is perfect (as it was for us). Also, AmazeEscape was great as far as accommodating the day/time we were looking for as it didn't fit their normal schedule.
It's a tad pricey ($28/person), but that's pretty much the going rate for escape rooms and I thought it was well worth it considering how much fun the girls had.
We were told afterwards that they may soon be opening a second room with a different escape game, so we will definitely be watching for that. If you have a group looking for a different way to have some fun, I would highly recommend AmazeEscape.
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马萨诸塞波士顿828 条分享
The Novice and the Expert – Amazescape
2015年10月 • 好友
We frequently have visitors, and we generally do the same “tours” over and over. A friend recently visiting from California is really into Escape Rooms, so she scheduled us for all the venues in Boston. She considers herself an “Escape Room Purist” and follows the Escape Artist closely. My friend was really excited about this venue because it is set in a real-life jail cell. We had a dilemma because the minimum we could book was for three people, so we had to wait for a weekend and take some friends. We had to drive because the location isn’t close to public transportation, but we found free parking. The game design does an awesome job building teamwork, as working together this was the only way to escape. Novice opinion: Set design, was awesome (since it really was a jail!), there were a limited number of puzzles and it seemed that we spent a lot of time looking for the same clue. The experts opinion: fantastic unique location, smaller group concept was nice, great use of sound. We both agreed that it is worth the drive and was interesting to do.
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frances s
马萨诸塞Stoneham1 条分享
Amazing concept, fast paced, entertaining
2015年7月 • 好友
I haven't done anything this entertaining in a long time. The setting is in a real jail cell. The puzzles are challenging but solvable. A combination of riddles, brainteasers, and puzzles. A challenge that requires all team members to work together to ESCAPE.

If you are a group of friends looking for something to do, this is it!!!!
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