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Capron Park Zoo
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新罕布什尔州Dover9,321 条分享
On vacation in Massachusetts, one day we went to Capron Park Zoo.

We walked the park. One of the first places we visited was the Splashpad. It was a fairly hot day, so a lot of the youngsters were enjoyed cooling off there.

First up were the otters. They were having a great time diving off the low ledge in the back of their habitat, swimming around, and then lining up again for another dive. Their area was kind of dark, so it didn’t photograph well.

The animal called a golden lion didn’t look like a lion. It was very small and seemed to be a tree-loving creature.

Nearby, we checked out the emus and tortoise. Not much was going on there. The tortoise was moving very, very slowly.

Up a little further, we stopped by the pen where two alpacas and two goats were living together. Any alpacas we’ve seen before have come right over. Not this pair. They were just lying down and resting. Ditto with the goats.

A short distance away, we saw the sloth bear. As expected, he’d made himself comfortable and was not going to move.

Next was the amur leopard that seemed restless as it paced back and forth in its pen.

Then, we saw the white lion and lioness. They were sunning themselves on large boulders.

Then, we went to see Lemur Island. Two lemurs got into a petty squabble over something. It turned into a hissy fit with howling and screeching. They made some very strange loud noises.

We also went to the tropical Forest in the Samuel Stone Memorial building. We saw a snake and a number of exotic birds there. They were more active than the animals outside.

Although I’m not fond of snakes, I watched the green snake stretch down from a branch to lower his head into a pool of water to get a drink. It was interesting to watch him perform that task.

We finished up our visit in the gift shop. I got a patch. My friend got a couple of things.

Overall, I had a higher opinion of Capron Park Zoo than my friend did. She’d been there several times before a number of years earlier and thought there were more animals then. To her, the operation had been scaled back.

I thought the population of the zoo was just the right size. It's set on less than 10 acres, so it's not large. It's a good size for families with younger children. A number of parents had strollers with them so that a child could ride when he/she got tired of walking.

My rating of Capron Park Zoo is 4.0.

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罗德岛沃威克554 条分享
Nice local zoo
A small but cool zoo. The day we went there were a lot of animals not there, this zoo is for rehabbing animals though so not really for profit (I believe). Very cool for a day trip with the kids.
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马萨诸塞福尔里弗6 条分享
This is a great zoo to take children of every age. Great layout, easy to see the animals, and of course, the kids favorite, the splash pad. Great place to spend a few hours or relaxing day.
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马萨诸塞马撒葡萄园岛211 条分享
A Gem of a Zoo !
This is a small zoo about 6 miles off of Rt. 495. It is perfect for young children as they don't need to walk for miles. There is a terrific playground outside the gates and a beautiful park - no charge! The admission is very reasonable. There is food available inside the gates and a seating area. We wandered around the zoo and saw many interesting animals in well-maintained settings. We loved the lemur villages on the islands. The rainforest was also very interesting. But the highlight was arriving at the splash park (near the entrance). This is one of the best splash parks that I have been to....and since my grandkids love splash parks we have been to many. It is shaded and there are benches for tired parents and grandparents. Great day trip.....wonderful place to visit with your family.
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马萨诸塞Dighton23 条分享
Pleasant Park and Zoo
Great view of animals. Clean. Sun and shade. Educational. Fun options like splash pad and playground. Relaxing way to spend time with or without kids.
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Joanne H
8 条分享
Kids heaven
This is good for small children (my grandchildren enjoyed this)with a small zoo plus a small water slash pad play space (water playground) open during summer, a playground, a picnic area, and a place to get food which is overpriced. I would pack a lunch and let the kids play. It is very kid friendly.
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Attleboro, Massachusetts6 条分享
Small but good for a day trip
I have been going here for almost 50 years. It is small compared to some zoos but still a great place to visit. Has a splash water park for the kids to cool off on a hot day(parents too). There is a place to get food inside the zoo and right outside the zoo entrance is a play ground and a whole park to enjoy the day. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the day here.
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马萨诸塞Attleboro7 条分享
Nanny and Joey day out
2018年8月 • 家庭
The zoo is on the smaller side - perfect size for little ones! It is all very kid friendly as well as safe and fun in a relaxing way.
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2 条分享
Terrible zoo for the animals
2019年4月 • 家庭
I don't understand how anyone can rate this zoo high that cares about the animals. Clearly more focused on the kids happiness. There are 3 giant lions that share a very tiny concrete space with no foliage/plants. There is not enough room for them to run at full speed. It's terrible. My dogs have way more space to run in my yard. The leopard looked so bored as well in his small enclosure but at least his enclosure wasn't all concrete. This is a poor excuse for a zoo that wants to help animals. It really made me mad that the park surrounding the zoo is massive but the enclosures stay tiny like I'm sure they were back in 1930. The zoo needs to give the big cats to another zoo that can actually accommodate them properly and stick to small animals that don't need much space. This zoo took 5 minutes to walk through and I just felt sad for the animals when I left.
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Julie F
马萨诸塞Attleboro2 条分享
Perfect place for younger children
2018年7月 • 家庭
We went to Capron Park Zoo often; its an amazing place until the kids are about 3rd grade. The paths are simple; great place if you’re a fan of letting your child stay out of the stroller. The animals appear happy and healthy and are fun to watch. The nocternal animal dark room is a favorite too. Go on a hot day and use the splash pad, or have a picnic before entering in the park and playground.
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