Sunrise Travel Antigua
Sunrise Travel Antigua
城市游览 • 观光游览 • 自然与野生动物游览 • 巴士游览

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Clyde B
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I just wanted to say THANKS to Cory and Sunrise Travel Antigua for the two great trips she planned for me to Tikal in Flores and Lake Atitlan. It was a last minute request by me, but Cory put everything together pretty quickly and everything went smoothly! If you are in Guatemala, or plan to visit Guatemala, you need to contact Cory and Sunrise Travel Antigua for all your excursions during your trip! I tried two other travel agencies in Antigua who could not deliver what they promised me, and I had trouble getting my deposits back. I was lucky to find Cory, who went well beyond to help me; she even picked me up from the airport when I returned from Tikal and drove me to and from Lake Atitlan! Cory is genuinely a nice person, and will work hard for you. I give Sunrise Travel the highest rating possible!
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新泽西泽西城4 条分享
When we met Galileo from Sunrise Travel Antigua we were warmly welcomed by his warm smile. Galileo made us feel welcomed and with such a friendly attitude we had a fantastic start! He speaks three languages, (Spanish, English and Italian ). We also chatted a bit in my mother tongue Italian. His guide and tour was extremely good, very flexible (appreciate this!) and for that he deserves a special thanks.

Galileo is such a warm personality and highly motivated guide (recommendable!). I truly enjoyed walking the two of us through the ancient capital of Guatemala. The scenery was beautiful and it was a relieve to walk in such a quiet and peaceful environment. The atmosphere is so special that it really felt like home to all of us. All respect for Galileo who does a great job there; a true sample of excellent tour guide! 

Many thanks again and I recommend Sunrise Travel Antigua (Galileo) to everyone!

Francesca & Pradeep
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Cedric R
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I just spent the past 6 weeks in Antigua and I had the time of my life. I can honestly say that the success of my trip was in large part thanks to the help Cory and her staff at Sunrise Travel gave me. From the moment I stepped into the door, they treated my like a friend more than a customer or client. The result is lifelong friendships as well as an unbelievably successful trip!

Through Sunrise Travel, I had the chance to go on trips all throughout Guatemala. I visited the beach at El Paredon, Lago Atitlan, Iximche, Volcan Pacaya as well as Volcan Acatenango, which I liked so much I actually did twice (see pictures)! I also used them to book my trip back to Guatemala City to return to the airport. My friends also used them to go to Tikal, Semuc Champey and Chichicastenango. Each time, Sunrise takes care of ALL necessary steps, such as shuttles, hotels, guides, etc.

Overall, the prices are very affordable and fair. Cory and her team do their absolute best and work very hard to satisfy every single one of their clients. They are always there in case any problem arises, they actually use Whatsapp to help make communication wonderfully easy. They all speak English as well. I fully recommend using Sunrise Travel for all your traveling needs in Antigua!
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Marcus Salvador
加利福尼亚都柏林1 条分享
2020年2月 • 独自旅游
I had a wonderful experience for every one of my trips. Bookings included an overnight stay on Volcan Acatenango, Pacaya, a shuttle to and from El Paredon, and a shuttle to the airport. They were very friendly and accommodated language barriers. All of my friends took my recommendation and experienced more than they could’ve imagined. They are also accessible through WhatsApp which makes communication before, during, and after the trip very convenient. Thank you for an unforgettable trip!
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加拿大弗雷德里克顿25 条分享
2019年12月 • 独自旅游
I came to Guatemala with no plans, knowledge or idea of what to do, as I walked through Antigua lots of places were advertising Volcanoes & Lake Tours which peaked my interests. The sign out front of Sunrise caught my attention and I walked in to check my options, I forget the girls name but she was extremely helpful with recommendations and ideas of how I should spend my (short) time in Antigua. I booked Pacaya Evening home and took her further recommendations to consideration. Within 5 hours I was back at the door to book a tour to Lake Atitlan. This time Cory was working, Cory was extremely kind, knowledgeable and helpful and a fantastic representation of the hospitality of Guatemala. I learned so much about the Guatemalan culture and way of life from her in such a short time. And I’m thankful that I was able to meet her during my trip.

The first day I did the Pacaya Volcano Hike which was quite a hike as I am not the most in-shape person, you leave from your hostel or hotel around 2PM. So you still have the morning to explore the city. You have a bit of a drive before you arrive Pacaya but it’s while worth it when you get to the top. Upon arrival your guide greets you and shows you over to the national park ticket entrance, you need to pay (Q50 I believe?) entry upon arrival, there are lots of local children trying to sell you walking sticks they are not necessary (as they will try to tell you) but probably would be helpful if you needed a little bit of assistance. The walk it not vertical but the climb is a bit steep in some part. You take breaks on the way up to have the group rejoin as some people do hike faster than others. As you get to the top you go above the tree line as recent eruptions have kept the top of the volcano as black rock which with the amount of traffic of other hikers is well worn down and easy to traverse. Your guide will bring you up to the old lava fields and into the inside of the fields you will feel the cooler temperature from your altitude slowly fade away as you start to feel the heat from the active lava beneath the ground. From small vents in the lava fields your guide will bust out marshmallows and some sticks to give you a nice little treat at the top. Which is well deserved after your hike. We were lucky enough that one of the park rangers who was up at the top had scouted out a area very close to where we were roasting marshmallows that you could see lava/molten rock. Which was a great surprise. As the sun starts to set you proceed to the end of the lava fields to view the sunset with amazing views of Acetenango, Fuego and Agua. It’s getting dark by this point so we started our decent, it’s completely dark so being a flashlight or make sure your phone has battery and use the light on it. The park ranger lead the way, I’m unsure how often he goes up and down but could traverse the whole mountain in the pitch black without a light. No one asks for tips, and guides and park rangers are all very nice and helpful. You return back into town at about 8:00PM.

The next morning was an early wake up call, 6:00AM pickup for the lake. You drive around 2 hours to get to Lake Atitlan, You stop once at the travel agency to drop off some of the transfer guests who are heading to do their own personal day or some that are heading to Lake Atitlan to stay longer. Breakfast is included at a nice little restaurant very close to the lake, your guide for the day will meet you there and escort you to the lake. Your departure town is Panjachel and you visit 3 different village on the lake, on this tour we visited San Juan La Laguna, San Pedro La Laguna and Santiago Atitlan. They all have their own life and are extremely fascinating in their own ways. San Juan La Laguna you are given 3 different experiences, A Chocolate Museum where you learn the ways the mayans used to make Cacao, A local art maker who has some amazing paintings and my personal favourite was the woman’s coop where you are shown how they turn picked cotton into yarn by a hand loom and then they dying process which is extremely captivating and very surprising to see their how their products are made from scratch. You are given time to explore on your own as you make your way back to the boat, I chose a local coffee shop to try some of the local espresso. The group continues to the 2nd village San Pedro, here you are given 30-45 minutes to explore on your own. I chose to explore the Main Street looking at some of the local artists and wandering down upon the lake to meet some of the locals. As you regroup you head to your third and final stop, Santiago. Your guide will present you with options that he thinks would interest you and let’s you know that for the Tuk Tuk to the points of interest it will be a few more Quetzal, I assure you it’s worth it. Your first stop is to meet one of the local elders who shows you how the traditional ladies hat is worn and how to put it on and she is very open to taking photos! Then you proceed to the local Shamans home for a quick viewing of the local beliefs and how they have been intertwined with Catholicism, from here you press on to the Cathedral, the same Cathedral that during the Guatemalan unrest in the 80’s American Pastor Stanley Francis was murdered. He has since been Beatified by the pope and is a local saint in Santiago. After visiting the church you can choose to join your group for lunch or proceed to explore and find lunch on your own. You’re given a specific time to meet at the boat and head back to Panajachel where you’ll proceed back to Antigua.

All in all I’m very happy I found Sunrise Travel and the new experiences they helped me find. Would recommend if you are in Antigua.

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2019年11月 • 独自旅游
Contratei esta agência para me levar de Antigua para o aeroporto (Cidade da Guatemala) e eles simplesmente esqueceram de me buscar..... só isso.
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2019年7月 • 好友
We booked the Acatenango tour (overnight stay)
What can I say? It was an awful experience!
First of all we started very late. The food was hideous, not satisfying, and absolutely not enough.
We were promised an English speaking guide- not a single word in English.
He almost didn’t stop for breaks during the hike which is not en easy one.
We got up there, and the weather wasn’t good.
They had one big good tent and another tent for
They asked for OUR water to make hot Chocolate and pasta!!!!!
We ended up sleeping 14 people’s in a 7 people tent.
So we woke up at 6 hiked down again too fast no breaks, most of us got injured.
The guides just said- YALLA YALLA.
So.... awful experience.
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4 条分享
2019年3月 • 独自旅游
Servicio de gran calidad! Amabilidad de sus choferes, puntualidad y unidades limpias y modernas.
Resalto la cordialidad y gran disposición de la agencia para enviarme desde Guatemala a Mexico objetos olvidados en mi viaje. Sin su ayuda, no hubiese podido continuar mi viaje! Valió muchisimo su esfuerzo y ayuda.
100% Recomendado!!
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MeAe C
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2018年12月 • 夫妻情侣
My husband and I used Sunrise Travel to book Pacaya Volcano and Lake Atitlán tours and also shuttle to the airport. Corina and Maylin are very professional, friendly and helpful. We are very happy with their service and have referred other travelers to them.
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Diego Q
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2018年7月 • 家庭
Gran recomendacion para realizar sus tours gran servicio y trato. Lo utilizanos para viajar a panajachel y todo salio excelente muy puntuales y la comodidad del trabsporte.
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