Churna Island

Churna Island(卡拉奇)

Churna Island
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Churna is an Island located 6.8 km North West of Mubarik Goth beach and approx 8 km West of Hub Power Plant. It measers 1270 meters from N to S and 945 meters at the widest point. The island is un-inhabited as there is no fresh water source on the island. The terrain of the island rises abruptly from sea level and reaches the highest point at 469 ft which, looking at the overall size of the island, is quite a steep ascend. The rock looks majestically beautiful, specially if viewed from south westerly direction.

The island is famous for snorkeling, diving and fishing. The water around the island is crystal clear with lot of coral reefs and a good variety of coral fish. The islad is around 45 minutes ride on the local hora boats. On a speed boat it will take much less.

In recent times, many people from Karachi visit the island and unfortunately, do not clean the litter when they go back, resulting in quick degradation of pristine environment. Few volunteer groups have been doing the cleaning jobs but it wont help, unless the people get themselves educated.
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From French beach or Manjar village, its a fantastic place whero to go for swimming, fishing and relaxing.Wild, no disturb and best Fish.
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Khalid Yazdani Shah
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Charna Island is about 45 minutes by the usual wooden boats that ply between Mubarak village and the Island. The sea is crystal clear and there are many activities that one can do depending upon your tour operator.Cliff jumping, snorkeling, jet skiing and banana boat rides are the most popular activities.
Its a full days activity best done in the winter months when the sea is calm. A wonderful outing for the whole family if you love water and water sports.
One request is to keep it clean as it has become a popular place and attracts a lot of visitors and if we are not careful we will pollute the crystal clear waters with plastic and rubbish and destroy the ecosystem of the island!
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2018年4月 • 好友
To reach churna island you first need to reach mubarka village which is around 1 hour drive from the city.
Churna island is an hour's boat ride from mubarak village. Most of the boats are local fishing boats which are used as transport boats but are clean and well kept.

There are many tour organizers who take regular trips to the churna island. It is more crowded on weekends. Average day trip costs US$ 30 including transportation, breakfast, lunch, cold drinks, return boat ride, snorkelling gear, jackets and life guards and tour guides.

Churna is a small island - A small hill in the middle of the ocean. The water is clean with lots of corals and swimming opportunity.

It is a great addition to the karachi's tourism scene.
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PALS Outdoors
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2018年2月 • 家庭
That was an amazing and great experience with PALS Outdoors. They are very nice, polite and professional. Also the main thing is, their equipment are up to date. Cliff jumping, scuba diving and snorkeling experience was awesome. Thumbs up!!
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Black P
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2018年4月 • 好友
There are many activities to choose from like snorkelling and it's quite reasonable. There are many tourists companies you can search them on Facebook with the name of charna island and they will organise whole trip for you with a meal, pick up, snorkelling, cliff diving, photo shoot and many more amenities in approx $20.
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Saqib R
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2018年2月 • 好友
Churna island is about 2 hours drive from Karachi. There are many tour operators who run tours from Karachi. I visited it with my uncle through Divers Reef tours.

It took us about 2 hours to reach the beach from Karachi. From there we were boarded in boats (boats were just ok but other operators might be offering better boats) and headed towards island, and after about 30 minutes' ride we reached Churna Island.

It is not the typical island, I mean not the kind you will find in Maldives, it is just an uninhibited small island but surrounded by coral and marine life. The boat stopped amid water; some of the tourists enjoyed snorkeling and some scuba diving, and myself being morbidly scared of water, just sat in boat and watched. Those who dived in water claimed there was beautiful marine life under water. Tour operator offered lunch meal after which we headed back to Karachi. Overall, it was quite an enjoyable tour.
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Ali H
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2017年10月 • 好友
I have no idea, I literally have no idea what is there what is there to see and visit. Before going I used to imagine that it may be a beautiful island with sand and place to sit, where you can meditate and enjoy the mesmerising Ocean and see the horizon of the earth but my imaginations turn into dust when I saw that it is not an island actually a mountain in the middle of the water which you can see only from boat. If you are not a swimmer it is difficult for the person to jump into the water. Oceans current will drift you away and divers will not hold you if u call them, cliff jumping is suitable for swimmers only because when you jump you'll go atleast 7 feet inside the water and difficult for non swimmers to hold his/her breath untill you come up and it one more thing remember that when you leave for charna mountain from Beach you'll be totally on the mercy of Allah because the fishery boats are so old that boat's motor can stop any time and if God forbids it does those fisher men have no radio or walkie talkie to communicate with the coast guards or with the shore, it take 2 hours to reach at the mountain and you'll be so tired when you reach there that you'll regret immediately when you go to water the ocean's water go to your mouth and throat you'll start to vomit chronically, I was sick for almost a week after coming from that pathetic adventure remember it only looks enjoyable but believe me its not.
Good luck if you still go.
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Ma'avia K
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2016年11月 • 家庭
Been there 3 times and its amazing. its around 2 hours drive from central Karachi. Make sure you go with a guide if you are not from Karachi.
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Momi M
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Amazing beach, best for scuba diving and snorkeling. Delicious food, we went from Australia for a month to Pakistan (Karachi). Had the best time of our life, Hopefully, we will travel end of this year in dec 2017 to Northern parts of Pakistan.
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