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Gwen Holly
南达科塔州苏福尔斯130 条分享
Waste of money. Little to see.
2021年9月 • 家庭
So disappointing. It's been 20 years since I've visited and I was excited to make the four hour drive to enjoy this adventure with my grandchildren. Instead you walk and walk and walk and see very little. And there's a definite lack in exotic animals. Boars, bison and horses instead of giraffes, rhinos and zebra. The aquarium was the greatest disappointment. When I took my kids we spent over an hour here. My grandkids were ready to go after five minutes. No Imax, no monorail, no Farm Experience. On top of everything else, they would not honor our zoo reciprocity membership discount. $100 for 90 minutes of walking.. We won't be back...ever.
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David Z
伊利诺伊州格尼18 条分享
One of the best zoos.
Second time here, kids first. After growing up going to Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, the bar is high. This zoo delivered great exhibits and animals. Loved the indoor paths and wolves the most. Parking lots are confusing and there were quite a few bees to fight inside the park. Other than that, one of the best zoo's and will return.
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Mark T
1 条分享
Total waste of time and money
2021年8月 • 好友
Such a waste of $100 for 5 adults. Very few animals. Many alone. Many you couldn’t see. Absolutely nothing special or unique about this zoo. Obviously the corporate sponsors are not looking after their investments / sponsorships. Don’t waste your money or time.
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Carol T
1 条分享
A very poor zoo!!!
This zoo was a waste of money and time. Had very few animals for a zoo in a city this size. if it weren't for the monkeys, who were delightful and the baby camel it would have been a total "bust"!

I highly recommend you go to the zoo in Sioux Falls, SD to see a much larger variety of animals and more animals for less money.
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3 条分享
Not clean!
Having a zoo membership (first time getting one) has been great for all of us to get out and explore the zoo when we can. However, the last THREE trips we have taken to the zoo have been disappointing. We always come on Monday mornings when the zoo opens. It isn't as hot outside and less crowds. We're still getting used to being around people! Not just being around people, but are still freaked out about germs. After a busy weekend at the zoo, I would expect that the viewing glass (sharks for example) would be clean. We were one of three families there first thing this morning and the glass viewing the sharks was foggy with hand prints all over from the weekend. We moved onto see the seals and it was the same thing. Who knows what else hadn't been cleaned. It was like this throughout the park as well. I'm constantly cleaning/ sanitizing my kids hands. I get kids are going to get germs and get dirty. Especially at the zoo. I'm not worried about that. It was gross to look at! Just because COVID restrictions have been lifted a little bit, doesn't mean we should stop cleaning our surroundings! Not sure we will be getting another membership next year.
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Sara T
波多黎各Gurabo143 条分享
A little bit of everything
You can see different exhibits and familiarize yourself with Minnesota flora and fauna. It only took a couple of hours.
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1 条分享
About average
As animal lover, I've been to many zoos. Went here two weeks ago and it was a let down. A lot of the attractions where closed. It only took me about 30 minutes to tour the whole zoo. Many people with kids were not wearing a masks.
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Michael H
明尼苏达Elk River662 条分享
Not Worth Visit
Anyone thinking about a zoo membership. Think twice before you do so, or just make plans for the Como Zoo.

We were zoo members for two different years. We had a good experience the first time and therefore, joined again in 2020. January 2020 was a good visit for our entire family seeing most of the animals close up and some even active outdoors in the cold.

Then we visited in September 2020 and what a terrible visit. We understand the zoo like every business is working hard to keep operating during the pandemic. We did not like how we were herded into a line with so many other people (no social distancing hapening here) and then we were kept inside while we wanted to be outside. Once we finally got outside into the zoo grounds there were signs and barriers to keep you away from seeing the animals. Our favorite exhibit- the farm animals were very disappointing since the zoo keeps you away from the buildings and the animals.

We could not visit the zoo for many months when you were closed because of the pandemic and then it's disappointing when you finally open up. Memberships should be extended because we were unable to use them for many months but you decided not to do this. Why would we renew our membership when we could not use our current one. Many other businesses have extended their membership programs because they have been closed but not the zoo.
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Ashley S
明尼苏达圣保罗147 条分享
Fantastic zoo that cares about its animals and conservation
2021年2月 • 家庭
My family goes to the MN Zoo every other week. We have been members and supporters for 8 years. Whenever we travel, we always go to the local zoo to compare and explore. The MN Zoo continues to be one of our favorites because of the efforts to educate its guests and dedication to conservation. We feel the animals have spacious enclosures with a variety of activities and vegetation. We love the signage throughout that helps us teach our boys about the animals and plants. I've read some reviews that say animals are too spaced out and it's too long of a walk. Well, we feel the spacing provides the animals with bigger enclosures. The animals live there - not us. They should have big homes and we should be okay to walk a few extra steps. Conservation efforts are shown even down to the fact that the zoo doesn't have straws for drinks because of their impact on wildlife.
As for COVID restrictions, I have never felt nervous going to the MN Zoo. They have timed, limited entry, which makes it easy to spread out from others. Enclosures have been modified to protect the animals. Masks are required throughout, which I fully support. Petting areas (sharks and stingrays; tide pool) are closed for petting. There are directional signs throughout as well.
Overall, the zoo is a great place to spend a few hours looking at amazing species and learning about them.
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明尼苏达Cambridge115 条分享
Nature Illuminated
We enjoyed the Nature Illuminated drive thru exhibit. It was appreciated that staff made sure you were able to connect to Audio Tour and treated each child in a vehicle to a stuffed animal. The artwork involved was fantastic and we enjoyed the effect the lights had on the illuminated creations. Such a pleasant outing that was enjoyable and educational.
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