Siem Reap Art Tours
Siem Reap Art Tours
文化游览 • 时装展 • 历史与古迹游览 • 文学、艺术与音乐游览 • 私人游览


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Vivien 20
泰国华欣80 条分享
We had an amazing day with Robina at Siem Reap Art Tours. We traveled by tuk-tuk to various artisan locations. Whilst we could have done this on our own, the benefit of taking this tour was the insight that we got from Robina and the artisans at the various stops. We visited five unique and superb studios, but you can pick and choose where you wish to go.

I think it is very easy to wander through and admire, but understanding the story behind art and handicrafts just brings it all to life. It was also remarkable to learn how master artisans are supporting Cambodian people through training, education and employment. This trip totally surpassed my expectations and I learned so much about the Cambodian people and culture during the tour.
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Darryl G
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Robina was phenomenal. She took what we said we liked and created the most perfect custom tour for us. She was very knowledgable and told interesting facts throughout the tour. Our favorite part was getting to speak directly to the artists and see their passion for the work they do. We want to come back to explore more of the art scene and pick up some of the natural lacquer artwork!
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澳大利亚布里斯班169 条分享
2022年10月 • 独自旅游
I had the best time with Robina today. I was blown away with the art I had the pleasure of viewing from the authentic traditional to the contemporary, from local to international (with established Cambodian connections). I even received an invite to an art exhibition opening (which I attended with much glee).
Nothing was too hard or too much for Robina. With requests for jewellery, coconut juice (so big it could have been a baby), postcards and ATM, completely off the tour but all provided with a smile.
Seriously, do yourself a favour and book this tour. It is a must do.
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新加坡新加坡6 条分享
2022年7月 • 夫妻情侣
If you love art and want an intimate way to explore what Siem Reap has to offer - this is the way to go. Robina’s deep relationship with the artists and galleries is what makes this tour special. We enjoyed the day hopping from location to location in a comfortable tuk tuk and came away with some lovely pieces, plus lots of other food/activities recs from Robina.
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PR traveller
泰国曼谷50 条分享
This was my first visit to Siem Reap and I had read so many wonderful media stories (Conde Nast Traveller & Travel + Leisure) about this tour. Robina immediately asked me what i wanted to see and tailored an itinerary around that namely - shopping, art, antiques and the best bars and restaurants. She was super efficient and also offered a wonderful welcome gift. Along the way we stopped at some wonderful art galleries and she knew everyone personally and some artists even came to meet me based on Robina's connection. She knew exactly where to take me and was intuitive when it came to time spent in each location. We also caught up after the tour for cocktails and dinner and everyone warmly welcomed her and it was great to get meet local expats living in Siem Reap. I would highly recommend booking a tour with Robina to get her insider knowledge and tips.
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法国Merignac6 条分享
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Superbe spectacle à ne pas manquer si on va à Siem Reap Ambiance très chaleureuse avec une climatisation "locale "
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Andy K
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2019年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Robina was booked during the week my wife and I visited but we ended up running into her at One Eleven Gallery one night and she was both eager to share things with us and very gracious with her time. While we didn't experience the tour itself, we met the person behind it and we were very impressed!
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Yerly B
15 条分享
2019年11月 • 家庭
Started the day @ 4.30am, when picked up by Moa, our driver and Bunvath Tes of Buffalo Tours, our guide. They both spoke very good English and Bunvath was extremely knowledgeable about the history of Angkor Wat and the other temples we visited. The sunrise on Angkor Wat was simply a magnificent moment, that will stay with us forever. We spent eight fantastic hours on that tour and we can only recommend the team (driver & guide) Buffalo Tours allocated to us.
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Robina's tour was a major highlight of my visit to Siem Reap. The afternoon I spent with her visiting a number of wonderful galleries. We met at One Eleven Art Gallery, of which Robina is a part owner. The gallery has a cutting edge bar vibe and a wonderfully eclectic collection of work by up and coming artists. Theam's house was a huge highlight for me. What an amazing person and artist! Theam's personality shone through in all aspects of his gallery and the pieces on offer. There is something for everyone, whatever your price range. I feel so lucky to have a little piece of Theam's work. We went to several different galleries and the owners/hosts of each gallery took time to give me a good understanding of their work. I appreciated Robina taking the time to personalise the tour for me. A not to be missed part of your trip to Siem Reap.
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31 条分享
2019年3月 • 好友
Robina Hanley has built a formidable network of personal relationships with visual artists, clothes designers, artisans, gallery owners/curators as well as being a part-owner of One ElevenArtGallery which is undeniably THE hotspot in Siem Reap with its stable of established, up coming artists and groovy bar scene come Happy Hour. A typical Robina Siem Reap Art Tour unveils a parallel universe of contemporary art and design juxtaposing modernity with the Angkor Wat drawcard. The visitor is hotel met by the chic and effervescent
Robina in a traditional remorque, the Cambodian version of the tuk tuk. Puttering around various neighbourhoods, Robina’s accompanying commentary of Siem Reap’s evolution to becoming a S.E. Asian arts hub is fascinating. An overview on a few stops: we visit world renown Madagascan fashion designer Eric Raisina’s luxury atelier; watching the silk threads on hand looms become fabric, raffier petals lovingly crafted then the pret à porter ensembles in the showroom. Next up is Theam’s House, a reclusive visual artist/designer, Lim May Theam, who has created a gorgeous traditional garden paradise connected with several pavilions exhibiting his unique oeuvre of haunting lacquer paintings evoking Cambodia’s past and present, colourful Khmer ornaments/textiles and exquisite antiques. Next we whizz to Kandal Village, a groovy street centre town with a variety of artisanal shops: Ly Pisith’s nature inspired sterling silver and semi-precious gemstone jewellery in Garden of Desire, Jody’s fab clothing designs in original printed textiles plus locally made jewellery and bric á brac at Shop 676, Biniky & Maison Sirivan share the same space with the nomad chic design concepts and Cambodian inspired attire with a French interpretation. Batia Sarem Gallery is out next destination, a new and exciting addition to Siem Reap’s plethora of art galleries; Martin Phéline, the resident gallery manager proffers in-depth background on the exhibiting cutting-edge artists. This is but a taste of what Robina has in store for those lucky enough to reserve on her Siem Ream Art Tours. Not to mention having special entry into the Park Hyatt Hotel and viewing 3 floors where the ethereal beauty of John McDermott’s magical black & white photos of an Angkor Wat temples lost in time are exhibited. Mr McDermott has the reputation as the Ansel Adams of Angkor; these images are truly an elegy to the mystical temple structures fast becoming victim to mass tourism. Finally we’re in the pièce de resistance, OneElevenGallery, where Wine O’clock is chiming as we’re treated with a guided tour of the stable of artists by the erudite and seriously informed part-owner Jessica Lim. The bar scene is starting to hum and various creative folk gather.
What a fantastic tour, yay to Robina.
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