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2023年9月 • 独自旅游
West China Expeditions organized a private tour for me across Tibet, from Lhasa to Ali (Ngari). It worked out very well! Everything went as agreed.

I visited various monasteries and historic sights near Lhasa and also the Guge Kingdom site near Ngari. But the high points of the tour were definitely seeing the views over Mount Everest and Mount Khailash!

Dawa was a very knowledgeable, patient, and helpful guide. He was flexible in optimizing the tour for me, which I appreciate.

I had hoped to also do the Ali to Kashgar section, but that is not permitted this year. So maybe I will come back to do that in a future year!
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Bob Ward
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Travelling in Xinjiang and Tibet is somewhat more difficult to arrange and negotiate than the rest of China. However my trip from Kashgar to Xian and into Tibet was seamless thanks to Adi and his team at West China Expeditions. After travelling extensively over the last 55 years I am at an age when I enjoy a good moan, however, there was nothing on this journey which hadn't been anticipated by Adi and dealt with. Transport and hotels were first class and trip highlights numerous throughout the four weeks.
I spent a few days in Beijing before taking the trans-Siberian train into Mongolia (freezing in late November). Again this was all superbly arranged through West China and their partners.

Many thanks to Adi and his team for their advice, organisation and companionship
which made this trip so memorable.
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法国巴黎7 条分享
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J'ai eu recours à cette agence pour m'organiser un circuit en solo dans le Xinjiang. L'agence m'a proposé les hôtels et une voiture avec chauffeur et un guide anglophone. Je suis très satisfait de la qualité des prestations, tant des hôtels que du transport. Adi est très réactif, vous pouvez tout organiser par Internet, il répond sous 24 heures à toutes les demandes. Cette agence est très fiable et donc tout a fait recommandable.
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Ziel unserer Reise war die alte Seidenstrasse. Ab Peking wollten wir (2 Frauen) mit dem Zug über Xian in die Provinz Xinjiang fahren und dann mit dem Auto durch die Wüste Taklamakan nach Kashgar. Auch ein Tagesausflug auf dem Karakorum Highway zum Karakul Lake war geplant. Alle Zugtickets und alle Hotels hatten wir bereits selber gebucht. Weil wir unterwegs aber auch die verschiedenen Highlights sehen wollten, suchten wir einen örtlichen Anbieter für die einzelnen Ausflüge zwischen den Zugfahrten. Mit West China Expeditions aus Urumqi haben wir einen zuverlässigen Partner gefunden, der auf alle unsere Wünsche eingegangen ist und auf alle Anfragen immer sehr kompetent und umgehend geantwortet hat. Adi, der Manager, spricht sehr gut Englisch. Er konnte uns sogar wie gewünscht einen deutschsprachigen uigurischen Guide vermitteln. Auch der Fahrer war Uigure. Sie beide führten uns sicher zu allen gewünschten Zielen, sofern es die überaus starke Polizeipräsenz in Xinjiang überhaupt erlaubte. Wir waren auch menschlich eine gute Truppe, nicht zu unterschätzen, wenn man viele Tage und über sehr lange Strecken zusammen unterwegs ist. Wir haben zudem einige uigurische Wörter vermittelt bekommen, so dass wir selbständig einkaufen und (natürlich uigurisch) essen gehen konnten. Danke, Yasin und Alem. Auch wenn wir alleine auf den Strassen unterwegs waren, fühlten wir uns immer sicher. Das chinesische Regime in Xinjiang ist hart, und doch konnten wir etwas eintauchen in die dortige Kultur. West China Expeditions würden wir jederzeit weiterempfehlen. Die abschliessenden Tage in Urumqi und in Peking verbrachten wir wieder alleine.

Unsere Highlights: Xian: Terracotta-Armee (selber mit Taxi) / Zhangye (Danxia mit Mary) / Dunhuang (Yardang Nationalpark, Dünen und Mogao-Grotten mit Lilly); mit Yasin: Turfan (Gaochang, Bezeklik, Astana, Flaming Mountains, Tuyoq, Jiaohe, Karez, Emin-Minarett) / Kuqa (Tianshan Canyon, Kizil-Grotten, Altstadt) / Hotan (Handwerksbetriebe) / Kashgar (Viehmarkt, Apak Khoja, Id Kah Moschee, Altstadt plus Tagesausflug KKH nach Opal und zum Karakul Lake.
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Pedro Elias
葡萄牙里斯本10 条分享
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I've used West China Expeditions when I travelled to China doing the Silk Route... in Turpan, Kashgar, Karakoram Highway (Tashkurgan), to the border with Kyrgystan,... Adi and everybody in the team were always very professional and welcoming. I will call them again when I'm back in China.
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英国伦敦140 条分享
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2019年6月 • 好友
Nothing was too much for this travel company.. the trip started in Tianshui.. not to be missed for its exquisite rock caves high up a precarious set up steps. Then to Lanzhou.. (pay extra to see the secret grottos above the Buddha), Urumqi, Turpan, kuche and Kashgar. We insisted on flights , which meant doubling back but avoided long car journeys. Our guides were patient and adapted to our needs - showing us secret caves once they New what we liked .. the Buddhist art where not damaged is exquisite . We had mostly Han Chinese guides which eased the checking by the security. I can’t recommend this company enough..
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Bangkok, Thailand65 条分享
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I corssed into China over Torugart pass from Kyrgyzstan. Guide and driver picked me up right at the border, and that day I was the first to reach Kashgar of all crossing that day. Efficient and great service. Great guide with excellent english skills. Took me to a great local restaurant and nice sightseeing in old town. Same great guide and different driver took me later back to Kyrgyzstan over the Erkeshstam pass, and again it was efficient being the first to pass the border, possibly the only one making it before the long chinese lunch break. Great value, and I and a group plan to use them again next year for a self drive adventure.
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Xinjiang is a unique and complex place, with vast distances and diverse landscapes. Even though I'd studied Chinese and had experience travelling in China, trying to arrange hotels in Urumqi felt incredibly frustrating to me. Fortunately, West China Expeditions made it easy: they booked decent hotels for me, helped me customize a trip and provided an interesting introduction to the main sights in both Urumqi and Turpan over the course of several days.
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Chun Hu
上海市7 条分享
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2019年7月 • 家庭
Great arrangement by Adi to organize this tour from hotels to travel plan. 12 days covered Urumqi, Turpan, Kanas Lake, and Koktokay Geology Park. Looking forward for next trip for Southern Xinjiang!
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Edwin B
泰国曼谷23 条分享
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2019年5月 • 好友
Adi did an amazing job organising all paper work and guides for overland trip with my own car from Nepal through Tibet over the highest road in the world with amazing views. We continued to Kashgar and West China facilitatied all check points, paperwork and permits to get through to the Kyrgystan border. Very responsive and always with full information and answers on all my questions. Fantastic job!
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