Borra Caves

Borra Caves(维沙哈巴南)

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印度加尔各答(亦写作“Calcutta”)246 条分享
Its just to give a tick in your checklist if you have visited Arraku Valley. Yes the cave is magnificient and beautiful. But too much of coloured lights have spoilt the natural view of the caves.
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印度塔那385 条分享
2021年11月 • 好友
This is the biggest cave in India. It is very well maintained, there are spots which are also 2 floors above in cave itself. It is nice cool place, many limestone formations. Cleanliness is maintained. Good lighting is done throughout the cave.
It is slippery at places due to water seepage but that is natural and no one can do anything about it. Carry enough water inside. Also make use of dustbins kept inside to throw your litter.

Outside the cave there are lots of shops selling souvenirs, eatables but there are lot of monkeys as well. If you take something to eat, ensure you eat at shop itself.

Just 100 metres before the cave there are small restaurants serving good food, both veg and non veg. Bamboo chicken being the specialty here. They serve authentic bamboo chicken.
Borra caves are closed for entry from 1 pm to 2 pm, but if you are inside cave before 1 pm you can continue to stay inside
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Another must visit place for a Vizag tour. If you're visiting this place do cover the entire cave as it is worth it.
However, I will urge the Government Tourism Department as well as the Caretakers of the property to change the disco-lights installed within the caves. This is probably the only cave in the world with such a bad choice of lighting.
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印度班加罗尔142 条分享
2021年4月 • 家庭
This place is locted at 2.5 houra drive from Vizag.Our cab took rs 4500 to and fro from this place.Roads are nice.This is natural.made caves more than 50000 years old.Never seen such caves earlier.Food and other items are available.Per person Rs 70 is charged.Too many steps are there to.climb.Not advisable for senior citizens.There is very good lighting arrangement in the cave.The sunlight creates a different aura inside.Monkeys are there so be careful not to hold food items or.water bottle in hand.Amazing place to apend 3 hours.Sitting there and watch fossilized water all around.Worth a visit definitely.There is waterfall near to this caves but we didnt visit that.Restaurants are there serving andhra meals and maggi with water and cold drinks.Bit crowded so better put your masks on.Toilet is there before entrance.
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anjan m
印度新德里121 条分享
The cave is an unique gift of nature. The cave is deep , nearly 400 steps down and up. It was a great experience to see the figures that got made due to water dropping over basalt in the cave. Some of the figures like Sai Baba, Shiv Parvati etc are impressive. It is well maintained by the state govt. Must take a guide. It costs Rs 100/- per person.
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Indira K S
印度班加罗尔42 条分享
Borra caves was discovered long ago. Since then it ha drawn lot of tourists. The caves are magnificent, leaves you wondering how can this be possible. The entry fee is around Rs 60/pp. The places takes around 2hrs to see. The caves are dark but there are lights placed everywhere for visibility. You can hear the bats screaming. There are stairs to be taken up and down, which also leads to a natural Lingaa of Shiva, which is worshiped here. There is a priest performing pooja in the cave.
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Sebin G
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2021年1月 • 夫妻情侣
1. How to get there by train from Vizag?
Train from Vizag will reach Borra caves by around 9.30 in the morning; booking a ticket on the executive chair coach is worth it as the compartment is mostly made of glass, making it possible to catch a good view of the beautiful scenery en-route. If you do book a ticket on the executive coach, do not get confused by the number (08504). It is located towards the end of the train (08514). You may count yourself lucky if you are allotted a seat on the right side as it offers a better view.

2. Local travel
The train stops at "Borra Guhalu" station first before it proceeds to Araku. It made sense to alight at Borra station and finish the walk through cave before proceeding to Araku since it is the biggest attraction and also needs a reasonable reserve of energy. There will be a handful of taxi drivers at the station offering trip from Borra caves to Araku. Rate for share taxi varies from 500-600 per head (don't know if this was exceptionally high as we visited on a public holiday). Once you finish visiting Borra caves and other view points in Araku, you may either opt to return by train which leaves Araku at 3.50 p.m/ take a bus from AP state RTC bus stand which is located adjacent to the coffee museum at Araku

3. Tips to make your visit to the cave pleasant
A mandatory bladder check before entering the cave is highly recommended as it takes a while to finish viewing it. Also, it may be wise to wear comfortable footwear and clothes to allow you to do a minor trek and carry some water with you. Do relish the bamboo chicken once you exit the cave; there are 4-5 shops selling this, in addition to a few other shops which sell tender coconuts and sugar cane pieces.

4. Other attractions in Araku
Coffee plantations, view points, Coffee museum and Tribal museum were the other items in our itinerary. It is feasible to finish viewing all of this and return by the train at 3.50 p.m. Tribal museum isn't organised well but you may spend 20-30 minutes here just to get an idea of various tribes in this area. Hopefully they'll renovate it soon, with proper description of various galleries.

5. Food at Araku
There are a few Biriyani shops but since we didn't venture into them, I shall avoid commenting about the same. The sandwich-pizza shop next to the coffee museum offers a good place to have lunch before you return from Araku.

6. Ranking of various highlights
Borra caves> Train trip through tunnels > Coffee museum> Coffee plantations > Tribal Museum
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印度加尔各答(亦写作“Calcutta”)333 条分享
This is a must visit attraction when you visit Visakhapatnam. We were skeptical about visiting it at first wondering whether the kids would be able to go down the stairs and climb back up. But everyone at the hotel we were staying in advised us to visit the place. It's a day Trip from Visakhapatnam with 3.15 hours drive each way and it took us 2 hours within the cave. Though we carried packed food with us, there are a lot of Dhabas on the approach road just before the Cave for Food. There is enough Parking Space for Cars. There are Toilets on side of entry which could be somewhat better managed. The floor was wet with water all the time. There are comfortable stairs all the way down with side railings. There is proper lighting at all places. After going down , we came a place where in we had to bend ourselves and go through a narrow opening between Rocks. We were about to give up our tour there but somehow convinced to go through it brushing our back to the stones and would advise anyone to go across. It is easy and the real Beauty of the Cave is past that opening.
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Nagendra H
印度迈索尔45 条分享
Very long cave, I never seen in any where. Small temple is also there inside caver, concrete road also there. Good to see. I enjoyed very much
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印度加尔各答(亦写作“Calcutta”)56 条分享
2020年10月 • 家庭
There are two ways to reach Borra caves: by road and by train. We took the former as we had our own vehicle but the journey by train is also recommended as you can see the numerous tunnels en route.
Do pray for a safe journey when you are about to climb the hills for Borra Caves ( see picture of the temple ) ; let the temple sevaks apply holy tika on your steering wheel and give in return a small token as offering. Begin your ascent and enjoy the views as you climb higher and higher. There are a couple of view points where you can stop for photos ops and then move on. It shall take you about an hour to reach Borra caves after you begin your climb. Since it was covid times, you need to wear your mask for entry. ( entry fee is Rs.70/-) for adults and Rs.40/- for children if I am not mistaken. One needs to enter before lunchtime (1pm ) or wait for the next slot ( from 2pm) onwards.
Tip: Best to enter just before 1pm coz most visitors of the first slot come out for lunch and you get to see the caves all by yourself until the next batch of visitors troop in post 2pm. We did just that and could visit most of the sites without any crowd jostling for views. Otherwise visitors tend to make lots of noise and catcalls in the caves which may be disturbing for those with sensitive ears.
The more than 150 million years old caves are a wonder to behold.... steps and coloured lights assist visitors in the otherwise dark caves. On needs to descend a flight of stairs to go inside the caves. In an earlier visit, we had seen guides. This time we did not see them. Stalactites and stalagmites form uniques shapes as lights fall on them and you wonder how nature acted on the rocks giving them the patterns and design that have been created for thousands of years.
There are a couple of points where the gap to the other side is narrow but does not create much problem. A few areas may stink ( bats urine) as thousands of bats have their homes inside the cave; you get to hear them if humans do not make much noise ( most of the times they do ... god knows what thrill they get out of this) . The view outside the entrance of the cave is fantastic. One gets to see a stream flowing downhill. It should not take you more than a hour to see the caves ( unless you want to climb a metal staircase to a shiva temple located inside the cave) . Note: the descent down the stairs is tricky and one needs to be careful.
After the visit, quench your thirst with coconut water ( sold outside) and buy souvenirs from the local shops. Washroom is available outside the main entrance.
Before you visit Araku Valley, do visit this unique cave... it would be a great experience overall.
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