Yarada Beach

Yarada Beach(维沙哈巴南)

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Beautiful Rocky Beach
I loved almost all the beaches in Vizag for their breathtaking view and especially the combination of mountain and sea was a change as only few beaches in India have the combination.
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印度班加罗尔138 条分享
Amazing Beach Visit in cloudy weather
2021年4月 • 家庭
This is located 20 kms from vizag.Beach is not maintained as very less visitors come and couple of police man on duty.The waves here are very big atleast 15 foot swells i had seen.Very nice location and less crowded.Small hops are there selling water and cold drinks.Photographers are there who click amazing photos for Rs 30 for each photo and provide soft and hard copy of the pictures.Very nice place to spend 2-3 hours.can book ola rentals for visit.Small bus stand is there.If you are lucky you see large container ships moving by.Cocunut water at rs 40 each is provided.Not reataurent nearby as the location is remote.But worth every penny.
From.here next stop is Dolphin nose Lighthouse
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Indira K S
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Nice place to chill
The place is around 40kms from Vizag. The beach is clean an usually there are lot of families here and many groups can be found having a get together. The place has no eateries for lunch. Most people cook and carry food along. You can some snacks like corn, juice or ice cream. The drive toward the beach is god, long the Navy officers quarters which is well maintained.
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印度阿姆利则51 条分享
The beach is a bit rough but beautiful
2020年3月 • 好友
This beach is a bit isolated and would recommend to go in groups..but is less crowded and beautiful. If you will go in a group. You will enjoy this place...
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Yarada Beach
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Most beautiful Beach of Vishakhapatnam,far away from the city,after seeing light 🏠 we went there.we have seen this Beach in many Bengali films like "চিরদিনই তুমি যে আমার".But one should go there within 🌞 light because there are no residential area ,few no of food stall like chicken tandoor, 🌽,and water etc, please go there and enjoy virgin beach.
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Manisha Panda
印度维沙哈巴南57 条分享
An early morning beach visit
2019年7月 • 家庭
Going here since I was a child ,it one of the seculded beaches in Vizag .Less tourists and more locals.But gradually this place became more known and now among the famous beaches in Vizag. This beach isn't as ideal for tourists but good for a morning hangout .This has an history of violet waves . Overall if you are planning to visit here ,be prepared with food (only snacks are available here)
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Kazi Y
孟加拉国达卡市131 条分享
Love the beach for its cleanliness and beautiful colour
Yarada beach which is 22 Kms away from Vizag central. In my openion it is one of the most beautiful beach in vizag. If you love Sea & Sea Beach then it is one must visit this beach, and you will never be disappointed. Extremely clean water, very less crowd, good waves, You will love the beach for its cleanliness and beautiful colour. You can also plane to visit Dolphins nose from here.
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Biju Ayyappan
印度班加罗尔3 条分享
Amazingly clean beach
Was surprised by the cleanliness of the beach, seems to be less visited. I had visited early morning to witness the sunrise and was not disappointed at all, the drive itself thru the villages is a wonderful experience. hardly found any visitors on the beach except the local fishermen. But a clean, serene place, adjoined by the mountains. Would love to visit again
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Neat & Clean Beach
Yarada beach is very far from city. The Ocean is clean here because not much crowded. There are no eateries available here. So better return before sunset.
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印度加尔各答(亦写作“Calcutta”)35 条分享
A perfect isolated beach away from the main city
Vizag is a lovely city and always has been my favourite, this was my third trip to vizag and i visited this offbeat beach away from the city, the beach is isolated and offers a great view of the dolphin nose. You might have to change 2 buses from the main bus stand to reach there
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