Kothapally Waterfalls

Kothapally Waterfalls(维沙哈巴南)

Kothapally Waterfalls
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G Madugula, 维沙哈巴南 印度

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A wonderful visit to kothapally waterfall.
...An awesome place...
2019年10月 • 家庭
It is like the art of nature, which made it such a beautiful and attractive tourist place to visit. It's beauty is just like the heaven of Earth. It's on hills of chittapully, Paderu. It nearly consist more than 10 groups of valley. It's filled with greener all around.we can enjoy the nature while traveling. This place is a good suggestion for a family trip. But be cautious about food. We should carry food with us. We cannot find any food after reaching to the peak of the hill where the waterfall is located. A trip to this place must be planned in winter season as, in winter season we can also find snow fall in this area. It's a tremendous journey.

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Parwathi H
823 条分享
Scenic Waterfalls
2019年1月 • 夫妻情侣
The Kothapally waterfalls are located about 120 kms from Vizag and it took us about 3-4 hrs to reach the place. The place has been developed by APTDC recently with provision of parking space for cars and steps leading right up to the bottom. We did not find many tourists here and enjoyed ourselves very much the peace and beauty of the nature.
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印度加尔各答(亦写作“Calcutta”)6 条分享
kothapally waterfalls
2019年3月 • 家庭
a very beautifull and relaxing waterfall where you can walk down to the lowest level of the waterfall
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Steven Paul
印度班加罗尔651 条分享
Nice Place
2019年2月 • 夫妻情侣
This is one of the few waterfalls in the country, where they have provided steps to reach the bottom of the waterfalls all along the way. This makes it easily accessible even for senior citizens, There are 2 bridges one at the beginning and one at the middle portion of the waterfalls. As it was winter the climate was nice and the water was gushing. But the place is not well maintained and there was garbage everywhere, the toilets didn't even have water. There was an entrance ticket counter but there was no ticket issued. There is a parking lot and there is ample space to park at least 50 cars. This place can be accessed either on the way to Lammasingi via Paderu or from Lammasingi from Narsipatnam. The place is slowly becoming popular. But at the site there are no facilities and you can't get even a hot beverage. There are some strawberry farms nearby and you will find people selling them at this spot. These are organically grown and are big in size, fresh and tasty and are also reasonably priced. All in all a nice place to visit, more enjoyable during winter. On the way or from this place you will cross a place called Madugula, this place is famous for its Halwa, which is rich and tasty.
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印度维沙哈巴南169 条分享
Lovely waterfall away from city
2018年1月 • 家庭
Kothapally waterfalls was an unknown beauty even 5 years back. It came into prominence once Lambasingi became famous for the tourists due to its proximity to the idyllic hills. The falls was taken over by APTDC and developed into a tourist spot. In the process the falls lost its serenity, but gained popularity. Nevertheless, APTDC has done a commendable job. The roads laid, the parking space provided, the steps built around the falls and the bridge over the falls are well constructed without sacrificing its beauty.A lot of people throng the place during winter. Many of them don't leave the opportunity to soak themselves in the gushing water, makeshift change rooms are available for ladies. Lot of eateries are available on the top. The place is around 30km from the nearest town Paderu and 125km from Vizag city via Paderu and 140 km via Narsipatnam and Lambasingi (40km). The waterfalls has become a picnic hotspot in the cold season.
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travel-around the world
印度海德拉巴54 条分享
wonderful Kothapally waterfalls.
2018年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Really picturesque location. we had wonderful memories. secured but due to lack of popularity , some may feel lonely.

better to go by personal cars so that we can enjoy each and every beautiful place without missing.
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pranita n
8 条分享
Worth it!
2018年8月 • 好友
We started from Kakinada by road and it took 5 hours to reach this place. All we were worried about was that what are we going to witness once we reach. Anybody visiting this place should be patient enough to cover the distance. It's really worth visiting only and only during monsoons to see its majestic giant falls. Lest I believe it would look like a regular waterfall. Also it's really isolated and accessible roads near can be troublesome. But we made it. And it was great.
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印度Vizianagaram416 条分享
one more fall
2018年4月 • 家庭
These are nearly 80 Km from visakhapatnam, best view water falls. easy reach by bus or own vehicle..
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Nithin Reddy
58 条分享
Water falls at beautiful scenery
2018年1月 • 好友
When we are travelling from Lambasinghi to Aaraku we went to this water falls ,it was a great experience for us to be here.
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印度海德拉巴18 条分享
enjoying water place
enjoying place in water with friends family members. full time entertainment who loves in water. advaisable place
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