Brahmaputra River

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David F
澳大利亚悉尼528 条分享
2023年4月 • 夫妻情侣
In 2019 we cruised the Ganges for 7 nights with Assam Bengal Navigation (ABN) and had such a good time we booked the Brahmaputra Maximum 10-night cruise for 2020 also with ABN. Due to Covid the cruise was postponed to 2021, then to 2022. Finally, we recently returned from Brahmaputra River Cruise from Dibrugarh/Jorhat to Guwahati on ABN Charaidew II commencing on 1st April 2023.
The Brahmaputra is a trans-boundary river which flows through Tibet, North-eastern India, and Bangladesh. It is the 9th largest river in the world by discharge, and the 15th longest. At about 3,969 km long, the Brahmaputra is an important river for irrigation and transportation in the region. The average depth of the river is 30m with the average width said to be 5km however is also said to be as wide as 12km to 24km.
There were 20 passengers on this cruise with 16 crew members so once again the service was excellent. Having said that, I suspect that the service would have been the same, even with a full complement of 36 passengers.

Embarkation point for the cruise was Neamati Ghat and we chose to fly into Dibrugarh to take in the countryside on the 4 hour drive rather than to fly into Jorhat for a 1.5 hour drive.

Starting from our hotel pick in Dibrugarh up to our transfer to Guwahati airport on completion of the cruise, everything ran like clockwork. The cruise manager Pratik Mazumder was always visible and helpful.

Our delux cabin was enormous and included a private balcony which we fully utilized. The ABN Charaidew II is a flat bottom vessel and as such is wider which allows for larger cabins than other vessels.

The excursions each day, sometimes two, were well organized by the onboard guide Mohan Borah who is knowledgeable and personable. Each night we assembled in the saloon where Mohan reviewed the day’s events and what to expect the next day. Some nights were treated to documentaries.

On all our excursion there were always crew to help us on and off the vessel as well as at each excursion point. Although all the excursions were excellent, there were some standouts:
- The visit to two river villages mixing with the villagers.
One, a Mishing village called Chowguri, was said to have probably never been visited before by tourists.
- Three safaris to various parts of Kaziranga National Park
o especially the second where, on the return to the vessel driving through a tea field, a female tiger was resting only 20 metres from the road.
o on the third safari, whilst leaving the park, a mother elephant trumpeting, charged out of the bushes at a jeep two in front of ours and finished within 5 metres of the jeep - quite an experience

The chefs do a great job and all meals were served in the dining room, apart from one dinner BBQ held on a sandbank. Breakfast was a pretty standard affair but adequate. Lunches consisted of soup, buffet and dessert. Dinner included all that plus an appetizer. There was always plenty of choices and no one went hungry.

All the crew were great but cannot be named individually. Unlike the Ganges cruise this cruise included two ladies Adin and Esther (with the enormous smile) in the dining room. Mohan Borah was a standout, and I had a lot of fun with the naturalist, Deep.

Another thing that was very pleasing was that all the crew that we encountered had good English which for us made the cruise even more enjoyable.
Research will show that the river is full of sandbanks which move and change shape on a regular basis. However, none of the research could match the beauty and splendour of the Brahmaputra – it has to be seen to be believed and is totally different to the Ganges/Hooghly rivers.

In summary we totally enjoyed our cruise and would have no trouble in recommending it to anyone.
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Tejas S
泰国芭堤雅3 条分享
2023年5月 • 家庭
No dolphin seen in brahmaputra after knowing that also taking another group
Don't waste your money and time
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印度古尔冈1,331 条分享
2022年10月 • 家庭
The Brahmaputra is a huge river which seems to be flowing infinitely on both sides in Guwahati and it’s banks are very far apart. When we visited it’s waters were in full flow and muddy due to the rainy season which had just ended. At some points the river has water gushing like a sea while at other places it seems calm. The cool breeze at its banks is something one should experience.
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印度班加罗尔7 条分享
2021年1月 • 家庭
There are some journeys that are unforgettable. The Brahmaputra cruise on the exquisitely crafted boat MV Rudra Singha is a journey of lifetime. We found Lahe Life thanks to Google ! This boat is operated by the Assam Bengal Navigation.
We wanted a holiday and a mode of travel which was customized and private and did not entail travelling in a group due to the Covid situation. We travelled as a family of 3 from Neamati Ghat to Silghat a trip covering 3 nights. Our cruise included a visit to Majuli Island and the Kaziranga National Park. Our first halt was at Majuli where we visited the Sataras, the Hindu Vaishnavite monasteries, and saw how the monks in monastery and Majuli community lived in one of the largest riverine islands of the world, now slowly losing its self to the mighty Brahmaputra. Our other halts included visiting a Mishing village and stop at the Bishanath Ghat. At the Bishanath Ghat we did some cycling (the boat has 3 cycles) and saw some very interesting temples from the Ahom dynasty. Our last stop was at Silghat from where we went to the Kaziranga National Park and stayed at the Dhiplu River Lodge.
The MV Rudra Singha has the most well curated interiors made in teak wood show casing handicrafts of Assam. It is extremely comfortable, and meticulously well maintained. The boat is manned by a 5 member a crew. Suneshwar the chef par excellence who made the most amazing food. We loved the Assamese food. He made delicious Pitha which we requested for, and the out of the world Chunga rice and pork which was made inside pieces of cut bamboo, with the rice and pork cooked inside it on a fire out on one of the many sandbanks. He always checked our food preferences and gets a big shout out from us. Mohan was our guide and naturalist. Always around to provide us information and ensure we were comfortable. Mohan is very well informed and provided us some extraordinary glimpses of Assam, like a monk at the Majuli Satara who played the flute for us, or arranging lye sag seeds for us during our walk in a Mishing village. He also showed us from the boat some rare birds and the eastern swamp deer and of course the endearing river dolphins at Silghat. A special mention to the Captain Rohit who seems to know the river even in the dense early morning fog. Very quiet and always lending a hand when not on the wheel. Aye Aye Captain! Jack Sparrow would have been proud of your navigation skills! And of course Govind and Rattan who would be doing everything and be helping hands to all on board. Need to mention the perfectly made beds and room after we would return to the boat from our visit to the shore. Thank you Kirti for patiently putting it all together. We wished this amazing journey would not end.
For anyone who wants to do a trip which is extraordinarily unique, we would recommend the Brahmaputra cruise on the MV Rudra Singha. Wishing the team MV Rudra Singha the very best!
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印度甘托克191 条分享
No words are good enough to describe the mighty Brahmaputra which flows right within a walking distance in Guwahati City. Lots of attractions like normal boat ride to Umananda Temple (in the middle of the river) and dinner cruise etc. are there to experience...sunsets over the water of the Brahmaputra is yet another charming experience. The visit to Holy Kamakhya Temple is one of the must do point while in Guwahati. Our NE Road Trip started though started from Gangtok in Sikkim but the city of Guwahati will always be considered as the gateway to North East India (Our main entry and exit point was Guwahati)
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Simon B
英国巴斯16 条分享
My wife and I could hardly fault this cruise. It is not so much the Bramaputra itself, one of the widest but not one of the most scenic rivers, but the thought and care that has been put into every aspect of planning it. This goes for the boat itself with excellent if relatively small cabins as well as all the facilities needed for an enoyable trip. The food for us was one of the highlights, with different areas of Indian cuisine explored each night. International dishes were also on offer but unless you are allergic to spices not the best choice. But possibly the most impressive part of the cruise were the various daily excursions to the village and national parks along the way - Assam is yet to be inundated with tourists so what we saw were some fascinating insights into the cultural life of rural India.. Finally to say how impressde we were with the service - the wonderfully friendly staff are coordinated by the onboard naturalist and photographer but above all by Nina, our elegant hostess who supervises evrything with charm and finesse
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Sandra L
英国布伦特里6 条分享
2019年10月 • 好友
Really wonderful trip. Treated like honoured guests on the boat. Excellent food and very well looked after. We visited villages along the river and saw artisans crafts a village run jute factory and tea plantations. We went on safari and saw one horned rhino, water buffaloes, elephant etc. Eagles, cranes and many more. We were also extremely lucky to see a rare golden faced bengal tiger whilst exploring the banks of the river in the boats tender. Thoroughly recommend this trip.
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英国沃金308 条分享
We had booked a cruise on the Mahabaahu and found it very enjoyable. The crew were exceedingly attentive and helpful and the naturalist/photographer very knowledgeable. It was interesting to visit the various villages along the banks and to realise that they have to contend with the river rising every year with the monsoon and they may have to relocate. In the park we were fortunate to see many animals and birds, but unfortunately not a tiger! One of the highlights was the lit lamps being launched in the river - rather moving.
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Deepankar B
印度新孟买2,844 条分享
2019年6月 • 家庭
Brahmaputra river is the lifeline of Assam, its people and culture. Futile lands on its bank develops variety of crops, creating human civilization and its beauty attracts visitors through out the year. It is also treated as one of the holiest river in India and only male river in the world.
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Anand J
印度波帕21 条分享
2019年5月 • 家庭
It is a luxurious cruise ride offered across Brahmaputra river. You have to pre book your seat on cruise and the charges would be Rs.350 to 450/- based on your seat selection. Cruise offers you paid restaurant services including drinks on board.

Live orchestra with old hindi songs crests a nostalgia.

During ride you enjoy the beautiful sunset view across Brahmaputra.

I strongly recommend this activity during your stay at Guwahati Assam India.
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