Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park

Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park(巴特那)

Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park
上午8:00 - 下午4:30
上午8:00 - 下午4:30
上午8:00 - 下午4:30
上午8:00 - 下午4:30
上午8:00 - 下午4:30
上午8:00 - 下午4:30
上午8:00 - 下午4:30

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Harsh Keshri
印度Patna District25 条分享
Nice zoo 😙
2020年1月 • 好友
Sanjay Gandhi biological park is also known as zoo in patna . I am from Patna so I visited here so many times my experience is awesome here . This place has also a great place for biological science study because there is so many animals . Love this place wanna go here again . I highly recommend you to visit this place .
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印度Deoghar45 条分享
Places to visit in patna
2020年3月 • 好友
A must place to visit in Patna. This place is easily accessible. If you want to enjoy the beauty of nature then this is the right place to visit. You will find a mixture of Flora and fauna in the park. There are several animals in the park. The park is neat and clean.
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印度Dhanbad418 条分享
Royal bengal tiger
2020年2月 • 独自旅游
Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan is located at Bailey Road in Patna.The park was opened to the public as a zoo in 1973. The park is Patna's most frequented picnic spot, with lots of animals specially royal bengal tiger.
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印度巴特那31 条分享
2019年9月 • 家庭
It's a great place for adults and kids alike. .... The place is big ,has great number of animals for the children to see and enhance their knowledge ..... Plus a great picnic spot for families .... The train is good and so is the option of boating in the lake ... Highly recommended especially in winters
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Rudraksh Travels Varanasi
印度瓦拉纳西42 条分享
Huge Zoo
2018年10月 • 商务型
Huge zoo.. interesting arrangements. Too big to cover in half day. One can have a toy train to visit zoo.
Behind bushes young love couples may let you feel uncomfortable.
Parking space is not enough as per rush.
Early in the morning huge local crowed visit here for walk.
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Kamal S
印度巴特那49 条分享
A good place to be
Its a botanical and zoological park in the heart of the ancient city. Although the toy train has been discontinued but that has been replaced with train bus and battery carts which takes you around the campus. The animals kept are visual treat. The best occupants are Giraffes and Rhinos.
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印度Bokaro Steel City341 条分享
2019年7月 • 家庭
sanjay gandhi biological park is also known as Patna zoo.It is spread in a very large area.A whole day is needed to travel that zoo.Tiger, elephant.giraffe, monkeys, rhinos etc are the main attraction of that zoo.snakes of various varieties are kept here.A toy train runs here by which one can see the entire zoo.
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13 条分享
Nice Little Zoo
2019年6月 • 家庭
This zoo is great in its efforts but could use slight improvement. The breeding programs with their one-horned rhinos and gharials are great but some of the animals are not living in the best quality of life. I'm going to go over just a few of the major exhibits and what they can improve on:
1. The Big Cats: Upon arrival, we immediately went to see the tigers. One of the tigers was pacing in a small metal cage with a concrete floor. It was showing signs of extreme stress The other tiger was in an expansive naturalistic exhibit and he was perfectly healthy. I think that splitting the giant enclosure would have been better than leaving one tiger in the small metal cage.
2. The Fish House: This place is just a small building full of fish tanks. Some of the tanks were much too small for the fish in them (what looked like a less than 50 gallon for a group of spotted gar) and usually little to zero forms of enrichment for the fish (branches, live plants, rock piles). Some tanks were overcrowded which was an issue. The turtles had nowhere to bask as well.
3. The Snake House: The snake house was one of my favorite parts of the zoo. The snakes did have lots of room but having 7+ vipers in one enclosure is quite risky as snakes (especially pit vipers) hate being kept together and can become cannibalistic. Also over the enclosure of a banded krait, there was a picture of a sea krait.
4. Primates: The monkeys had a lot of enrichment but the floors were wet pavement and were bad for the monkey's feet.
5. Birds: Just amazing how all the birds were maintained in such nice enclosures. This was quite impressive.
6. Pachyderms: The elephant and rhino enclosures were very nice.
7. Deer: The enclosures were slightly overcrowded but this is typical of zoos.
8: Gharials: I liked how they were breeding the gharials but the cages were slightly overcrowded. You also not keep baby gharials with adults because males can become cannibalistic. As with all critters, feeding goldfish to reptiles is bad for their health so you should feed them minnows.
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印度新德里16 条分享
Wonderful creatures.
2019年4月 • 家庭
Best zoo. Different types of animals are here. Mostly attract chimpanzee, Ziraffe, white lion, and ostrich the new one in this zoo.very wide area.beatiful garden and jhula.
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Nikhil Agrawal
17 条分享
Best Zoo in India
2019年6月 • 家庭
This is perhaps the best zoo one could find in India. Its clean, its vibrant and has a wide variety of animals and birds including giraffes, rhinos, ostrich, emu, etc

I come here with my wife and kid every weekend. My son has a fantastic time everytime. The Zoo has electric carts, so one can take a tour in them also if you dont want to walk.

All in all its a great way to soend some quality time with your family.
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