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Dive Goa
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Mackley G
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2022年11月 • 独自旅游
The entire experience with Dive Goa was really good. I booked last minute because I only had one free day to dive and they were able to accommodate my booking for the next day at short notice. Roshan took me diving and he was really great, super friendly and very helpful. The visibility wasn’t great, but swimming around a ship wreck was a cool experience and we still got to see some amazing wildlife. I would recommend Dive Goa!!
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jayanth jay
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2022年11月 • 好友
Had a super awesome experience.. and it’s a to do activity in everyone’s bucket list if it’s their 1st time ..
and the very experienced and professional instructors.. Shaurya, Roshan, Ajey and Anirudh .. took good care of us..
To sum it all up,
I’d just give them a 10 star for their hospitality and attention towards their fellow scuba enthusiasts..
Thank you for the wonderful experience..
will surely come back !!
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2022年10月 • 好友
Very professional and friendly team - helped a lot with getting basic skills right.
Great setup at pool and diving as well
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Shashwat Y
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2022年10月 • 独自旅游
Shaurya is a super instructor with the patience of a saint. Ajey is exceptional in every way. Do not look any further - just go ahead and book !
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Am not sure who wrote all these review. A bunch of arrogant people. The dive in sports is basically an agent who connects you to the locals who takes you to so called water sports. Per person Rs.2800.
I went in the morning, that is when I figured out if you go to the Jetty you can get all these done for Rs.1500.. They took us in a boat to beach. The people in the boat were rude extremly rude people. They didnt care anything.
Did they say Breakfast/ Lunch free?
Breakfast - 1 samosa with a banana
Took us to this beach, and there goes water sports
Parasailing - 10 sec
Banana Boat 30 sec
Jet skiing -40 sec
Floater -30 sec
Lunch in the boat- Rice, Roti, Dal, Chicken curry for Non veg
If you ask something to the organisers they will just kick you out in the middle of the beach. One of the passenget did not get a seat for the whole journey and when they questioned, the riders said get out of our boat. Thats the kind of rude attitude and culture.
The waste food bin was all over the boat, noone care to clean it up. It was so dirty.
Scuba Divng - Rs.200 extra to rent the costume for a minute of diving/
Water is murky, they they you down maybe max 10 feet.
Way back through rough sea, all the people were tired. the water gushing into the boat.
Please my friends, I dont know any other ones to recommend, but please dont go with them
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You, Sir, are posting your review on the wrong page. We are not one of the " SCUBA DIVING + WATERSPORTS COMBO" cheapest deal type operators, who promise you all sorts of things and herd 40 people onto a boat and scam you with a 5 minute dip underwater. Dive Goa is a SSI Instructor Training Center, conducting diving to international standards. We are the oldest dive operation in Goa, running since 2006. We take no more than 16 people per day, and charge ₹ 5,500 for an introductory dive experience at Grande Island. This includes a 30 minute training session in a swimming pool before a 40 minute dive in the sea. You did not go with us, and went with one of the many local agents offering cut rate scuba diving being done by unlicensed operators. As these agents have no office, website or pages where they can be reviewed, their frustrated customers seem to be posting reviews on our Tripadvisor page.
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2022年5月 • 独自旅游
If you're here,it means you are on the verge on making the right choice when it comes to diving in Goa.You are about to plunge into an entirely different universe with the best of dive masters.
The entire team-Ajey,Khush,Gaurav, Shaurya,Om,Jay are all just amazing! They will make you feel comfortable and welcome.If you intend to do PADI or SSI, definitely recommend them.The entire course is so well executed by Dive Goa.They are all very patient with you.Right from theory,pool training to the dives,all the activities are well planned and scheduled.They are all passionate about the work they are into unlike many other places who are just concerned about selling courses.
Inspite of being a very good swimmer,I ended up panicking in the pool as well as the ocean.I gave a tough time to all my teachers,Khush,Gaurav and Shaurya.Yet,not once did they lose patience with me or demotivated me.They constantly gave me assurance and tried everything possible to make me comfortable.They all are not just skilled divers,but equally amazing human beings.
During the dive,I committed all the mistakes we were asked not to do on the course.But,Khush did not give up on me,inspite of all the mess I was creating in the middle of the ocean,not once, but thrice.He was really patient and calmed me down each time.
I was able to experience the magical and amazing underwater life only because neither did he deter nor did he give up on me.I remain indebted to Khush forever for this.I owe him my present and all future dives.Also,the entire Dive Goa team for such an enriching experience.I wish them all the very best for their future endeavours.
If I can do it,anybody can do it.
To you I'd recommend,if you intend to get into diving in Goa,it has to be with Dive Goa,always. :)I'd rate them 11/10 :)

P.S. This is my very own experience with them.This isn't a paid review.
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Pradeep Sahukar
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2022年4月 • 好友
I reluctantly had done my Discover Scuba at Havelock, Andamans. We three friends had planned to do it together but the guy(Chetan) who made us agree to do it, had to back out as he wasnt well on the day. What an experience that was and ever since I wanted to get certified so I can experience the marine world up close.

Chetan and I were pondering on which location to choose for our open water course training for over two years and ended up zeroing on Dive Goa. Excitement and anxiety was in equal measure from the day we booked our travel. What an eventful and fun experience it was after having completed the course over four days.

They say "A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches the heart ". With Khush it was exactly that. For me he was someone who put me into ease with his casual yet professional demeanor from the very start. He used all his experience, shared many anecdotes, many of which were hilarious, spoke about his passion for the marine world(soapbox), specially on the subject of sharks and how they are incorrectly made to be the man eating creatures. Spoke about many common sense behaviors under the water, to stop and think and enjoy what's the ocean has to offer.

Gaurav Menon, our assistant instructor made every dive fun and enjoyable. He spent the most time under water with me and Chetan to make sure we understood and made a fair attempt at achieving neutral buoyancy. Om was ever so helpful on multiple occasions.

The training facility is very good and the equipment is well maintained. This course also teaches you to manage and maintain your equipment for our own benefit, so need to get our hands dirty. The boat rides to and from dive sites were fun.

All in all an eventful, bucket list moment for me. Dive Goa team made this possible. Would love to come back and be their student for many more courses.

Thank You Khush, Gaurav, Om and Ajay.
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Adithya K
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4 ocean open water dives over 4
- 2 days in the shop
- About 8-10 hours outside the pool going over theoretical concepts and skills
- Even more time in the pool going over the skills itself
- 2 days in the ocean

A great teaching format that works. Kudos to the team for putting this together.
Skills in the classroom, testing skills in the pool, testing skills in the ocean, and back to the classroom to do it all over again with more skills.

Great instructors and staff. They were outstanding for all 4 days.
It was a team of 9-10 new divers looking to get certified in Open Water diving. Each of us had individual attention from the instructors.

It was pretty fun too. They made us privy to all their inside jokes and stories.

Khush is a plethora of knowledge. He gives you extremely specific feedback on your skills.

The first fifteen minutes of my first ocean dive were horrifying. I couldn’t equalize(pop my ears), my ears were in enormous pain.
I did not think I could breathe through the regulator and panicked. I almost quit. Gaurav calmed me down. Slowly helped me down. Helped me equalize. Helped me stay underwater.
~ Thank you buddy for that. Forever grateful. You didn't let me quit.

While swimming I turned on my back (I would not recommend this to new divers.) and watched a really small fish swim above me as my bubbles gently rose and split...my breathing, the water in my hair, the light playing with the waves on the surface, that sense of weightlessness.... it all came together and something within me clicked.

I have to be away for the next few months, but if not for that, I'd be picking up my next steps (further courses) on the next available slots for sure.

P.S: If you see negative reviews that claim that the food is bad, or that they make you clean, carry and do labor, it all (all of it) is done for a reason.
- You have to learn how to take care of the equipment that costs a fortune, how heavy a tank feels, the proper boat decorum to have a safe trip
- Make no mistake, this is a classroom, and they are your teachers. This is an extreme sport. So be patient with them and with yourself.

Happy diving!
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印度班加罗尔2 条分享
2022年4月 • 好友
Me and my close friend Pradeep went to fulfill a pursuit which we were nervous and excited about - Open Water Diver course. And Dive Goa and most importantly our instructor - Khush did not disappoint.

The sessions were super fun with jokes and anecdotes and really life experience in ver very casual and friendly environment.

The sea dives were awesome. The education was a through practise where Daar Ek Aage Jeet hai.

We were so nervous about our back roll into the sea with our full gear and kit including our air cylinders and one dive and then it was like - " THATS IT- WHY WAS I AFRAID"

4 days of fun learning and glimpses of stupid we humans are to mother nature and ought to make more effort to take care of her to enjoy this and for our future generations.

We have just passed through the looking glass and the opportunity are now infinite to what the sea hold for us and what it holds for us

Also, thanx to @Gautam Menon whose continue pursuit to better me as diver was most refreshing

A must try recreation with this group of geniuses for whom my words will never ever be enough

@Divcegoa thaank you for such a life changing and marvelous experience - yeah Dil Maage More
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Anish Chandran
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2022年5月 • 好友
I usually don’t post reviews online but this one has to go.

The facility itself is a very good facility and the entire staff was very humble, friendly and helped us every step of the way. They attended to each one of us and ensured we understood all aspects of training in a slow and progressive manner.

Very happy with the training that was given, it was a wonderful experience. Would go back for more training any day.

I initially chose Dive Goa looking at its positive rating on Google. However, I was curious and checked the comments of the bad ratings and it was mostly around the bad food and manual labor which the facility asked people to do. (load and unload tanks into the truck, very little food on the boat)

Although these comments are true they’re for a reason - you need to know how to safely handle a cylinder, you need to help the crew to ensure you have a safe trip. Lastly, you don’t need a FF’in Biriyani on the boat, you’d want to eat light between dives.
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