Gandhi National Memorial
Gandhi National Memorial

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Prajnya Kondli
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On a Saturday morn my sweet brother Prateek took all of us together to a French Bakery and Bistro in Baner, Pune called “The Rustle Nest” for a heavy breakfast! We were there for breakfast and we were seated in a cozy couch with a dining table before us when we beginned scanning the Menu for items!

We ordered some items that were new to us! Mom relished a “Herb Chicken Omelette”, Dad placed an order for “Farmer’s Omelette”, myself, I gorged on a “Thai Crab Omelette” and Prateek scarfed up a “Grilled Prawns Benedict omelette”! We spent the time at the Bistro sipping “Café Latte” and we began conversing about just the breakfast items we were already devouring! Dad found the butter cookies with the Latte to be yummy and he packed some cookies to take home as well! Mom found the omelette to be fluffy and she said it needed very little Chilly flakes and Oregano too! Prateek’s omelette seemed very appetizing as it came with a portion of poached eggs, some sausages and of course the prawn stuffing! Mine was a healthy stuffed crab omelette with some toast which I enjoyed with a sprinkle of Oregano! Prateek was suggesting that after returning back from the Agha khan Fort we could possibly have lunch at the same Bistro again. Suddenly it crossed his mind that we would enjoy lunch at another Korean restaurant! So, we caught the cab to visit the Agha Khan Palace located on Samrat Ashok road in Pune.

On reaching Agha Khan Palace we paid a meager amount of Rs.15 per adult as entrance fee for getting inside this beautiful palace. We were told foreigners had to pay an entrance fee of Rs.200 each person to get in. We beginned capturing pictures of the beautiful entrance and the vast green lawns around the fort. The majestic fort has Italian arches and expansive corridors around the entire building. The building comprises five halls. On entering this building we first viewed a number of photos and portraits depicting glimpses from the life of Mahatma Gandhi and other personalities of the Indian freedom struggle. I took pictures of some rare relics venerated in association of the Mahatma! What I observed was the palace holds great significance as Mahatma Gandhi with his wife Kasturba Gandhi and his secretary Mahadev Desai were interned in the palace from 9 August 1942 to 6 May 1944, following the launch of the Quit India Movement. This place became the centre point of the Quit India Movement. I read a mural which depicted in words that during 1942 the fervor for freedom was at its peak! It was then that Gandhiji called out that, “we shall either free India or die in the attempt; we shall not live to see the perpetuation of our slavery.” In response the British arrested Gandhiji along with few of his associates and detained him for 21 months at the Agha Khan Palace. It was here that Kasturba Gandhi breathed her last on 22nd February, 1944! Even Mahadev Desai breathed his last in this palace itself! Today the palace houses a memorial on Gandhi where his ashes were kept.

Legend goes that the Sultan “Muhammed Shah Agha Khan III” built the palace to provide employment to the famine struck villagers of the surrounding region; so he employed 1000 people, and the palace was constructed in five years. In 1969, Aga Khan Palace was donated to the Indian people by Aga Khan IV as a mark of respect to Gandhi and his philosophy. We also took pictures of the rear side of the building which is huge! We rested on a parapet while cool breeze was blowing!

Our next stop was at Phoenix Marketcity Mall where we enjoyed a “Pan Gulkhand Sundae” at the well-known “Keventers” parlour! A plate of Pani –Puri and even Masala Dosa was enjoyed by Mom and Dad! Next, we visited the largest Japanese garden in the world located in Pune! Wow! Lovely green plants, Water Fountains, flowering plants as well were a sight to behold! We were happy indeed to click snaps besides the water fountain!

On way to the Korean restaurant which was our last stop we travelled by a paid taxi! Then until 9:30PM we had a lavish dinner at the K restaurant which is a Korean restaurant! Mom and Prateek shared what was called as “Set B” meal, which included a chicken starter and two bowls full of Japanese noodles in Seafood broth with fresh veggies! Dad had Chicken in Terriyaki sauce with Radish Fried rice and some greens! I had a bowl of Special Japanese Ramen noodles, in a red soup of chilly and spices, with poached eggs and fried chicken pieces in it! Mmmm. Lovely! I would be yearning to visit Pune once again with Prateek and my parents on yet another fabulous excursion of the historical sites existing here and even on a weekend getaway to discover the local cuisines and other culinary delights which are frequently booming in Chic Cafes, Ice cream outlets and even Bistros over here!
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Manoj Madhukar Jadhav
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2021年8月 • 好友
This museum is also known as Aga Khan Palace, situated in Viman Nagar. This place has tickets to visit but very nominal.
Great place to know history of Mahatma Gandhiji and visit the Samadhi of Kasturba Gandhi
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英国伦敦44 条分享
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2019年12月 • 家庭
A wonderful tribute to the father of the country. Beautifully simple yet serene and soulful, all set in large gardens. Easily spend an hour or 2 to view, contemplate and appreciate the pure simplicity which echoed the man’s-teachings.
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乌克兰基辅44 条分享
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2019年12月 • 独自旅游
внешне: симпатичный трехэтажный дворец в парке. внутри - 4 зала экспозиции, посвященные освобождению Индии и Махатме Ганди. во дворе захоронено часть праха индийского лидера.
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Yogesh L
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2019年5月 • 家庭
Visited with family and small kids. The palace is well maintained which was outside city but now stands withing city limits post expansion.
They should introduce audio guided tour.
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Laura L
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2018年6月 • 独自旅游
Luogo di una energia fuori dal comune. emozionante direi si sente la sua presenza e tutto intorno e silenzio nel rispetto di questa persona cosi grande
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2019年2月 • 家庭
The white color of the palace adds to be peaceful area within the campus that gives you the feeling which dwellers staying in the city are not familiar about.
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法国巴黎778 条分享
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2019年2月 • 商务型
This Memorial is of great National importance and it is good to see that a lo of effort is being taken to maintain it. Must visit. All items of Gandhiji have been well preserved and there is also a very good guide who is very informative
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Pune836 条分享
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2018年10月 • 家庭
Mahatma Gandhi stayed for some time. So small memorial is here containing his daily utensils, clothes, books etc. Agakhan palace is national heritage site.
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印度班加罗尔85 条分享
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This is a must see place as it has a special place in the history of India. Place is maintained well.
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