National War Museum
National War Museum

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Surya Katakam
印度海德拉巴1,945 条分享
National war museum of Pune is located in Cantonment area of Pune, which is surrounded by green trees and thus looks very appealing. This area is near Pune railway station. One can reach this area from Pune station by Taxi/Auto.

The idea of creating a museum of national memorial was proposed for the first time in the year 1996 and opening of the National war museum is done in the year 1998. This memorial is considered to be the only war memorial of South Asia that was constructed by raising funds from public.

The National war memorial of Pune was constructed in memory of Indian soldiers who lost their lives in Kargil war.

Main Attractions of This War Memorial

1. This museum has MIG 23 BN which was used in the Kargil war and same is the special attraction of this memorial which attracts almost all visitors eye sight.
2. Around the area, eight foot tall marble plaques have been constructed. Each Plaque totaling 1200, bears the names of martyrs.
3. There are Gallery's starting from Maratha gallery that is an ode to Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj with paintings. The museum has three halls you need to make your way through. The second picture gallery is on ode to the rulers of Rajasthani and South India with paintings of Prithviraj Chauhan, the second last Hindu King and Maharana Pratap, Raja Rajendra I, Tipu Sultan and many more.
4. There is Munitions Gallery where you can spot the Agni V, Nag, Prithvi Missile those are scaled to Size and neatly maintained in the Glass Box.
5. Main Southern Command Museum which is pictorial showcase of Presidency armies, pictures of all the war memorials across India.
6. Next to the Southern command museum there is small shop where we can purchase coffee mugs, coffee table books, t-shirts, small Aeroplan's and helicopter clocks. This is specially attracted me inside entire museum. Specially Key chains which are available in this shop.
7. On your way out, there are seven war tanks lined up as a perfect farewell to your museum tour.

Some tips to your tour:
1. There is Canteen inside memorial where you can refresh with Tea and Snacks
2. Parking Space is not there specially, but you can park on road side and you can visit the museum.
3. There is also a Sound and light show held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 05:40 pm.
4. Ideal time to visit this memorial is 0ne to Two hours based on your interest.

Museum timings: 09:00 am to 05:00 pm
Closed on Every Wednesday.

Entry Tickets:
There are many sites in Google search showing that there is no entry fee. But there are charges to enter inside. They are collecting 20 INR per adult. I am not sure about Students Entry.
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Globe Goomer
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2023年3月 • 家庭
Best war musium in pune comes under southern command you. Get free entry if you are serving or x service ylu have to buy ticket if you are civilian best marata shivaji musium also their in side of this musium and canteen available
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Alok Agarwal
印度浦那83 条分享
It is a feast for eyes, and fills with pride, the items are real on display and it gives amazing feeling.
Painball is nice experience, wish we had some more items in the cafetaria since it is a time consuming place and kids feel hungry.
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印度孟买265 条分享
2022年8月 • 家庭
Well this is a kind of places, that one must visit, irrespective of the age group, to understand and have a perspectice about our country's defence forces. The tanks, ammunitions, fighter jet are from 1965/71 war and is excellent experience. The stories will take back you in time. It also has a sectiom displaying the attire worn by various forces in various geographies and different weather. The memorial dedicated to those brave soldiers who sacrificed their valuable lives for the country. A big salute to our defence forces. Pls visit this place. Parking is on the roadside.
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Sanjiv G
印度浦那77 条分享
Nice memorial for our bravehearts, hosted by southern command of the army. Sound and light show happens in weekend evening (not sure about weekdays). Must visit with children to pay homage and respect for those who sacrificed their lives for safeguarding us
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Vaibhavi M
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2022年1月 • 家庭
Nice place to visit. There's a museum and few galleries, stories from post-independence wars fought by India, modern history - freedom struggle, role in World wars. Models of many war tanks and others regarding ammunition and equipments of armed forces.
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印度昌迪加1,258 条分享
National pride, in case you have respect for country and Armed forces you should visit this place. Very informative specially for the young children. You get to see so many interesting things about wars and Defence forces. This place is very well maintained and give you feel of patriotism. Parking is available and light and sound show is conducted in the evening. Snacks corner is also available. You can buy souvenirs from souvenirs shop. Overall good experience.
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Kiran S.
印度Pune District69 条分享
I visited today because I really wanted to. The war memorial is closed till 31 March. So I just could view the memorial from outside. For the same reason, I could not see the museum which is nearby. Maybe,some other day I will drop in and have a look for myself.
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印度浦那871 条分享
2019年7月 • 独自旅游
Unmatched experience in war memorial, specially information provided in hall about all operations carried out.
Souvenir shop for some worthy collection
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Akshay Sharma
印度新德里10,611 条分享
This place is a must-visit place especially during the weekend when they hold light and sound show in the evenings. The place is well maintained with courteous staff and the visit raises the national feeling. There is a tea shop, a souvenir shop located inside. One should not miss the paintball shooting and the wreath-laying ceremony. They have a nominated parking.
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