Masaniamman Temple

Masaniamman Temple(孔巴托)

Masaniamman Temple
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上午5:00 - 下午9:00
Pollachi, Anaimalai, 孔巴托 印度

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印度孔巴托6 条分享
Goddess is so powerful but the surroundings are not really neat around 1 km. Lot of road side shops making tough for cars and other vehicles getting inside. Encroachments to be removed,
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Madhu Mano
1 条分享
I visited this temple last 4 months ago and we pray to bring my lost money to us, Even the woman merchant gives one paper and lying that wish comes true within 3 months if we write down my wishes in paper but this god doesn't fulfil my wishes.dont believe this roadside fake merchants they even made us to spend money to buy things in their shops.
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Mohan S
Mumbai148 条分享
This temple is located in Pollachi.(outer of Coimbatore).best family trip. the way will just chill. the temple will be opened for 24 hours in new moon day.powerful god.
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Yogesh N
印度班加罗尔31 条分享
Mother Masaniamman is the diety here in sleeping form. The diety is huge, so is the temple complex. I was amazed that so many people visit. The small town is about 45kms from coimbatore. It is told that whatever we wish has to be written in a sheet of paper that will be placed on the palm of the mother. The wish would come true is the belief. Also, another custom and belief being grinding red chillies and applying the same to another stone representing the mother. This custom is symbolic that the mother happily takes all the trouble and bitterness (represented by red chillies) on to her. Such is the affection towards her children. Do visit and take blessings of the mother.
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印度班加罗尔34 条分享
Masaniamman Temple - So I heard about this temple from my dear appa (Father-in-Law) for the first time. Truly saying I didnot know such temple existed. Appa has visited the temple during one of his visit to Pazhani/Palani along with his colleagues.

"Amman is in lying position with a baby at her feet, there is a kal(stone) on which they apply red chillies etc.", your wish will be granted if you pray wholeheartedly to amman. " these were the exact words that appa told after his darshan and he told amma (MIL) that once the wish is granted will visit along with kids and give amman saree this is what I have prayed.

So as it happens, and all the good things finally heard by amman and me and my hubby got blessed with a little boy. And the next step was to pay a visit to her and thank her in person.

We are from Palakkad, Kerala and as appa has holiday for Christmas 25, Dec, 2019 we suddenly made a plan to visit Masaniamman Temple which is just about 40-45KM from Palakkad. That will be about 1.5-2hours drive.

As we had a plan to visit the temple me and amma had already purchased the saree, and other pooja items from Palakkad itself as on checking the reviews found that the shop keepers around the temple kinda charge double for the pooja items. NOTE: Saree that you are purchasing for amman should be cotton saree normally Yellow red, Red-green colors.

Another dilemma that hit was Ammavasi day is very auspicious in the temple on this day the temple will be open 24/7 hours and there will be huge rush. Now to travel with 1.5 year old boy in rush that too noon time was something I personally like to avoid so that kid wont be cranky. But still at the end we decided we will go to the temple and leave everything on amman. If she wants to give us Darshan she will. And we started sharp at 7am from our home in palakkad and reached the Temple by 8:30-8:45am.

On entering inside the temple, you can see 2 sets of tickets counters one to the left and other to the right. They are different archana/pooja rate tickets. The one to the left is of less rate and the one in the right had Rs.50/- and Rs.100/- tickets. For our luck to the right side there was no rush at all. And Note: if you are entering through the right side queue/counter then you can see amman nearby. We quickly took the tickets and purchased the ticket for Saree : Yes, you need to get a coupon/token for saree that you are offering to amman, and went for darshan. We actually stayed there for a good 5-10 mins and prayed nicely.

Even though it was a holiday, it was ammavasi, amman blessed us really well and we were able to get her darshan without the rush.

Post Darshan if you come out, inside the premises itself there are prasadam that they give for a rate. Also if you want to get threads that are prayed, you to need to buy it before you go for darshan and give the threads to poojari so that they will pray and give. There is a paid parking slot for your cars.

It was a very good way to spend a nice holiday with family. On the way back we had our breakfast from Amutha Surabhi Hotel which is very good. There is an A2B also near to Amutha Surabhi.
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印度孔巴托82 条分享
Had been here with family during August 2019.Masani Amman-the Presiding Deity- is in a lying position with a child at her foot.She is very aggressive and sure to punish the ill doers.The temple is kept open all the 24 hours on NEW MOON days and lakhs throng to offer their prayers.Neatly maintained one.The travel from Pollachi to Anamalai is a must Enjoy one for its scenic greens.
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Ananth 727499
印度Tiruppur1,319 条分享
This Temple is at a distance of around 16-20 kms from Pollachi..
This Temple is situated on the banks of Adiyar river and upparu stream..
The main deity of the temple is Maasani Amman..
The Amman Idol is seen in a lying posture
Measuring about 15 from Head to toe..

01. During ancient times, this region is called as Nannur.. The ruling head of Nannur ordered not to pluck any fruits from his garden.

Those who are breaking the rules would Be punished severely. A lady without knowing took a fallen Mango and ate it.

So, she was killed by the kings order..
Later after the kings death, a shrine was established In the place where the lady was buried after her punishment..
Hence the name came as MASANI..

02. It is also believed that Lord Rama came here to pray this Amman before killing the demon lady -Thaadagai..

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印度孔巴托44 条分享
Ambal the boon-giver. This is a temple people throng as the Deity grants your wishes. Amman in a lying posture and her might needs to be felt.
Should visit and get her blessings.
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印度孔巴托178 条分享
Temple dedicated to female goddess masaniamman situated around 20 kms from pollachi.very vibrant temple. Here the goddess masaniamman an avatar of sakthidevi is the presiding deity.the deity is 15 foot and is seen in lying posture.It is said to be powerful in curing all illness.
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Karthic Kumar
印度Dharapuram19 条分享
Powerful God which is located in Anai malai about 24 km from Pollachi. It is situated at the confluence of Aliyar River and the Uppar stream, nestled amid grasslands against the backdrop of mighty Anaimalai Hills. The Temple enshrines Goddess Arulmigu Masani Amman as the presiding deity. The deity is seen in a lying posture measuring 15 feet from head to foot. Other deities worshiped in the complex include Neethi Kal (stone of justice) and Mahamuniappan. It is a popular belief here that Masani Amman will cure any illness if you go around her Trident.
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