Chakra Tirth Temple

Chakra Tirth Temple(拉克瑙)

Chakra Tirth Temple


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2019年12月 • 家庭
It is believed Lot Vishnu's chakra fell in this river . It is nice one most visit here if they are in Lucknow .
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Ajay T
印度拉克瑙19 条分享
Excellent history
2018年10月 • 家庭
Very relaxing place, this temple having very old history. People are believed that Lord Vishnu's Chakra was fallen at this place that is why place is called Chakra tirth temple. But there are so many other temple must watch them. We really enjoyed the trip.
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Pushpendra M
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2019年5月 • 家庭
I always love to visit temple. Its really great experience here. Very Peaceful place for everyone. Must visit here.
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印度新德里13 条分享
Holy Place to visit
This is ancient forest mentioned in the Mahabharata and the puranas. It lay on the banks of the Gomti River
Namisharnya (Nimasar) is mentioned in Hindu mythology associated with Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Devi Sati and Lord Shiva. This place is unique due to the belief that there are 33 Hindu Goddesses of Goddesses. It is considered to be the most sacred of all the pilgrim center of the Hindus. It is said that if someone performs penance for 12 years on this ground then it goes to Brahmalok. This place is located in Sitapur district, 94 km from Lucknow on the banks of river Gomti. This place is mentioned in the form of a dense forest in many ancient texts, including the Mahabharata. To see the various temples here, one day's journey is definitely worthwhile.
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Vipin Arora
印度拉克瑙5,917 条分享
Nice place
2018年10月 • 好友
Naimisharanya is known to be a sacred place for Hindus as nearly 80000 sages did their penance here and worshipped the supreme lord . Chaktateerth is considered to be holy waters and a dip is recommended. There are some small temples around the campus . The only trouble is pandits trying to get money from you by getting sankalpa from you . Though it's not that they ask you hundreds of rupees , even 10 rupees is okay but the pestering is a bit irritating .
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印度拉克瑙114 条分享
Sacred for Hindus
Around 90 km from Lucknow, you have to to drive down from Lucknow to Sitapur Road. After 50 km at Sidhauli, take a left tun, continue for 35 km till you reach Kalli Crossing. Then 10 km from there and you reach Neemsaar. Visit this holy place for about an hour and then you can go to nearby Lalita Devi temple and Vyaas Gaddi
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Karthik R
印度金奈(马德拉斯)7,698 条分享
Religiously important place
2018年6月 • 好友
Chakra Thirth - For the need of sages, Lord Brahma sent his Chakra - Manomaya Chakra to identify a spot for them to meditate. The Chakra settled at a deserted place and addressed the Saints that, this place by the banks of river Gomati. It is believed that there is no other holy place, as this one in this entire universe. Chakra-Theertha is said to be the center of the universe. It is said that the large sweet-water spring that marks the location of Chakra-Theertha has no bottom. It is said that by taking bath in Chakra Theertha, sins of 10 earlier generations and 10 future generations will also vanish. We did not take bath here and moved on with the prokshanam of the water.
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Gohel D
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Doesn't show correct location by ur app
2018年7月 • 家庭
Doesn't show correct location through ur app. Please rectify. We were planed to visit this place and went today by uber as per shown ur app but ur app and uber app both doesn't not show correct location of this place. I request u please correct this errors because save time of travellers.
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Ramaswami V
4 条分享
Naimisaranyam visit
2018年3月 • 家庭
We went to Naimisaranyam, one of the 108 divyadesams of Sri Vishnu and visited important places there, including the South Indian vishnu temple and Ahobila Mutt. It was a Saturday and the place was very busy with people and activities. Lots of religious history shared by pundits. Great place to visit
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印度诺伊达239 条分享
Wonderful Place
2018年4月 • 家庭
Very nice and unique place, where one do parikarma doing the dip. Conveniences around to change and do religious chores. Be careful of self solicting religious people as they can fleece you in the name of your pitra/punya karma/bla bla..Nevertheless great place to sit/meditate/move around and take holy dip.
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