Scindia Ghat

Scindia Ghat(瓦拉纳西)

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Pranab Pal @paltravelogue
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We went to Varanasi / Banaras for a week long trip during early March 2020 just before Coronavirus Pandemic erupt in India . 

This was truly a memorable trip for us of 2020 !
After seeing the mesmerizing programme of “Subah – e – Banaras” followed by morning sunrise at Assi Ghat , we went for a morning boat ride ⛵ ……..
After Chet Singh Ghat and Manikarnika Ghat , we reached just near to it ……. the Scindia Ghat !

Scindia Ghat in Varanasi was built by "Scindias" and hence the name.
It is located North of Manikarnika Ghat and the tilted Ratneshwar Shiva Temple at this Ghat is partially submerged in the Ganges river.
According to mythology, Agni, the Hindu God of Fire was born here.

Scindia Ghat is famous for having the old Ratneshwar Mahadev Temple which is partially submerged into the Ganges water at the shore.
It is also referred to as “Kashi Karvat” (‘Kashi’ is the ancient name for Varanasi and ‘Karvat’ means leaning in Hindi).

A News report said that one of the beliefs held regarding the temple is that the 'Ghat' had collapsed and leaned backwards after not being able to withstand its weight…….. The temple supposedly stood straight before the 1860s.

It stated that the temple is famous for having a tilt of about ‘nine degrees’.
The tilt is Higher Than the world-famous monument in Italy, ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’ or the Torre Pendente di Pisa was built back in 1173.

As per the latest update, the tower leans at 3.99 degrees owing to extensive work done to straighten the tower.

Therefore, it is true that the Leaning Tower of Pisa leans about 4 degrees, less than Ratneshwar Temple which leans at over 9 degrees.

Uniqueness of Ratneshwar Temple :

The temple finds a special mention because it leans at about 9 degrees.
It is also known as Kashi Karvat, which means a temple of Kashi which leans on one side and despite being underwater for most time of the year the temple is well preserved.

According to some references, the architects of the temple build it under water purposely.
Some fables say that the priests in the 19th century used to swim underwater to perform prayers in the temple. 

The legends which rounds the temple comes before 1860, near around when the temple was constructed which says that it was built by a servant of Raja Man Singh for his mother, Ratna Bai.
What ever the truth of the story, it is indeed a heart warming tale!

Today the ‘Leaning tower of Pisa’ stands amongst one of the famous world heritage site as listed by UNESCO and attracts thousands of tourists every year.

However surprisingly, the Ratneshwar Mahadev Temple doesn’t even stand as a tourist spot and fails to receive any tourist attention which comes to Varanasi. 

As the temple today stands lost and anonymous amongst the many other unparalleled medieval architectures, efforts should be made to get recognition and appreciation to its unshared exclusive features.
The temple is diversified and rich in itself, hence it should be well sustained without bothering its uniqueness. 

You will find the place by walking 🚶on the Ghats across Ganges river or taking the boad trip ⛵ .

I strongly recommend this place in your Varanasi itinerary !! 👍👍
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Именно на этом гхате находится погрузившийся в грунт храм, которые, как мне кажется, является одним из главных символов Варанаси. Очень живописное место, достаточно много совершающих омовение людей. Рядом - Маникарника. лучше всего смотреть рано утром и не зимой, когда много тумана по утрам.
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John K
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Dieser Ghat, der im Jahr 1830 erbaut wurde. befindet sich unmittelbar neben dem Manikarnika Ghat, wo die Verbrennung der Leichname stattfindet. Besondere Beachtung verdient hier ein Tempel des Gottes Shiva, der in den Fluss zu versinken droht.
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We stopped here and upon moving around the temple, it gives different angles. It is next to the history pool (empty now) where the great bathed. It looks like it is leaning but it is actually in tact.
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As estruturas desse ghat eram tão pesadas que desabaram. Foram reconstruídas por Daulat Rao Scindia, de Gwalior, em 1937. Um templo está quase submerso no Rio Ganges, com seu santuário no meio da água.
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Lo que más vale la pena de este ghat es el ver un templo a medio hundir en el río por mala construcción.
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The ghat is located in Ghasi Tola of Varanasi is more than 150 years old built in 1850. This ghat is also the birth place of Lord of Fire, Agni where fire never stops burning. There is an old Shiva temple, which is partly submerged into the river.
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Scindia Ghat has some good temples such as Budeshwar, Brihaspatheshwar and Mangaleshwar temples which are installed by planets Mercury, Jupiter and Mars. these lingas should be worshipped for corresponding astrological problems
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Dinesh C
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We stayed in Hotel East View at Scindia Ghat. The ghat when we reached in the afthernoon was not very clean and we thought it was a mistake that we booked this hotel. However, by the time we freshened up and was ready, the ghat had transformed. Thanks to the Namami Gange project and the dutiful workers.
The ghat has a famous Hanuman Temple near maa Ganga and several ancient but lesser known temples behind the hotel hidden in the allies. we visited several temples, including the Atmeshwar temple.
The Tilting temple is on the way to Manikarnika ghat, which is hardly 10 minutes walk through the ghats frpm Hotel East View.
Suggest to wake up at sunrise and take a walk to Manikarnika.. the experience is beyond words.
Jai Kashi Vishwanath Jai Maa Gange!!
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Vlakbij de grimmige Manikarnika (burning) Ghat vind je de Scindhia Ghat. Een fotogenieke en vreedzame ghat, met een aan Shiva gewijde tempel. Deze ligt deels onder water. Constructiefoutje bij de bouw zo'n twee eeuwen geleden.
Als je vanuit de Scindhia Ghat de stad in lkoopt, kom je bij de belangrijkste tempels van Varanasi. Let op! Ze zijn niet te bezoeken door niet-Hindoes. Veel van de smalle straatjes tussen de tempels en Scindhia Ghat worden gesloopt. Volgens onze gids zou de huidige president van India, Narendra Modi, hebben verordend dat er een brede weg moet komen tussen de tempels en de Ganges.Deze zou dan uitkomen bij deScindhia Ghat.
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