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Mola Mola Dive Center


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Vlad Ivanov
广东省深圳市8 条分享
2019年5月 • 独自旅游
Забронировал дайвинг, но хотел перенести. Агент не оставил номер своего телефона. Зашёл на сайт, телефон указанный на сайте не отвечал. Когда пришёл к агентству, сказали, что дайвинг не перенесут и деньги не вернут. Хотя на самом чеке написано, что отмена возможна и удерживается 50%. Вывод - обходите стороной.
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Mark B
英国Brough73 条分享
2018年2月 • 好友
Danny met and discussed our options with us, really nice bloke and helped us create a two day dive package.

Met up with Tarzan at the first dive site, to be our DM for the two days, great great bloke. Tarzan has a wealth of knowledge in both the dive sites and diving in general.

The down side was the equipment; tanks with worn 'O' rings, tanks not up to 200 bar and two BCDs with self inflating issues.

All the staff at each dive site were great, food was good and plenty of water.
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德克萨斯州Cibolo811 条分享
2017年8月 • 独自旅游
The price wasn't the lowest I'd been quoted (I'm always weary of taking the cheapest option), pick up was on time however there ended the highlights.
Equipment in poor service quality and fit, in Nusa Dua when diving instead of taking you to a separate area they put you where the sea walkers are so most of the dive you'll spend navigating ropes and steel lugs.
I advised I didn't want lunch, but they insisted I had to eat, I persisted and told them to please just take me back to my hotel. I understand combining transport however there was no organisation put to who goes in what car - or the order people are dropped off. We did laps of Nusa Dua! Had I known I'd have paid for a taxi by myself. Plenty of other dive companies, find another one.
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kim i
法国图卢兹34 条分享
2017年4月 • 家庭
Wowwwew fab time with Made Mr William and the hammarhead centre From diving in ship wrecks to diving with mantas sting rays sea snakes turtles. FELT totally safe van was new and I now have my PADI advanced . A huge mega thankyou xxxx
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Luke S
新西兰基督城4 条分享
2016年5月 • 独自旅游
all equipment was faulty/dangerous. Paid for the advanced open water. After 6 months still not registered on padi. The theory part was held in a busted up shack. Instructors name was Made Arnita. Would definitely not recommend Mola Mola dive
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Andrew P
澳大利亚阿德莱德124 条分享
2016年7月 • 独自旅游
Used the Mola Mola guys to dive at Talumben. The van they picked me up in was a bit dodgy however when we got to the site they were great and very professional. Overall I was really happy with the service.
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Bob S
印度尼西亚沙努尔2 条分享
2016年4月 • 家庭
Tghere were several good and bad points with my experience with mola mola dive center.

First the bad:
I booked thru a tour organizer and feel that i paid top rate prices for average equipment.
I was told I could pay the balance due by Visa on the morning of the dive. As there was no dive shop, only a boat on the beach, I had to find ATM to pay in cash.
The boat offered no shade at all. There was no relief from the sun for several hours.
The equipment was all packed before getting on the boat. No chance to verify the fit before heading out.
All the equipment had small leaks at tank fittings and o rings.
We were scheduled to go to Manta Point. They tried to take us to someplace closer and tell us it was manta point. Lucky I knew then difference and after some discussion and phone calls they went to Manta Point.

The good
The dive master was very safe and careful
My 10 yo daughter who is OW was with me. The dive master paid a lot of attention to her even though she is a good diver.
The dive master spotted and pointed out things I would a have missed
The Mantas are amazing.
The box lunch of fried rice was good
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9 条分享
2016年3月 • 独自旅游
I was shopping around Seminyak for a dive to Tulamben the next day. The larger, highly rated Tripadvisor shops and a few friends recommended weren't scheduled to go to the wreck so I had limited options. I booked Mola Mola from an agent on the street despite some of the bad reviews I read.

First, my 7:00-7:15 pickup turned out to be 7:35 after I called the booking agent. They had a hard time finding my hotel, which is listed everywhere online. I was then transferred to another van, which picked up another guest.

The gear was not great. One girl's regulator was leaky and she pointed it out, but our instructor messed with it until it wasn't making any sound. Didn't do the job though because she usually uses the same amount of air as her boyfriend, but our first dive was cut short because she was low on air. Instructor at least shared air with her to get back to shore, but didn't signal to us about the safety stop. It was likely fine since we came up gradually, but he said we would do one and then he forgot or got distracted sharing air. Also, they didn't have enough sizes for booties - and those they had were really torn up. The fins were actually good, though.

On both dives our instructor was touching coral, brushing his hands through some probably to see if he could find certain things. Obviously a no no. Check out the picture I posted.

Overall just not a professional set up. Go with someone else if possible. It was passable for me because I just wanted to see Tulamben on a particular day, and I had just been diving for a week and felt comfortable on my own essentially. I would not recommend it for beginners or anyone wanting a professional experience.

The wreck was beautiful, though!
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荷兰海牙2 条分享
2015年10月 • 独自旅游
Ik heb afgelopen oktober een duiktrip gemaakt met deze organisatie. Wat baal ik er van dat ik de recensies niet van te voren heb gelezen. De organisatie is ronduit slecht. De instructeurs zijn gehaast en hadden mij, een duiker met redelijke ervaring op zak, opgescheept met 4 mensen die hun eerste open water duik deden. Dit was van te voren niet gecommuniceerd en ik verwachte dus met ervaren duikers op pad te gaan.

De instructeurs kwamen door de haast ook zeer onvriendelijk over. We moesten ons vanuit de auto snel naar de duikplek begeven. We moesten onze spullen in de auto achter laten en ze namen niet eens de moeite deze op slot te doen met mijn dure spullen(telefoon/portomonnee) in de auto.

Daarnaast wilde ze mij in eerste instantie opschepen met onvolledige uitrusting. In eerste instantie wilde ze me het water insturen zonder dieptemeter. Toen ik hier een probleem van maakte haalde ze de apparatuur van iemand anders zijn tank af en gaven ze deze aan mij. Nu was 1 van de beginners dus zonder dieptemeter het water ingestuurd. In het water bleek mijn dieptemeter het ook nog eens niet te doen. Ik moest de duikcomputer van de gids in de gaten houden om er voor te zorgen dat ik tot de juiste diepte ging. Een zeer onprettige ervaring.
Ook kwam ik er achter dat de apparatuur van de instructeur lekte. Dit was tijdens het duiken en hij maakte een gemoedelijke beweging: het lekt maar een klein beetje. Maar lekken is lekken en dus kapot en gevaarlijk.

Om een reactie te geven op de recensie die zegt dat de stomme negatieve reviews genegeerd moeten worden. Ik snap dat het een super ervaring is om te leren duiken, maar bij deze duikschool wordt het onveilig en met kapotte apparatuur gedaan. Hetgeen je niet zo gauw door hebt als je een beginner bent. Ik adviseer hier dus niet te gaan duiken. Ook omdat het levensgevaarlijk is als je zonder training in een situatie terecht komt waarbij je apparatuur kapot is.
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Laurențiu S
3 条分享
2015年8月 • 夫妻情侣

Last week I had the Open Water Diving Course at Mola Mola. I am grateful to note it with excellent as I was very happy with the instructor (Riadi) and I managed to learn even more than I was aware the course will teach me. They included transfer with a good car with AC and also lunch. Theory, practice in pool and 4 dives in the ocean. Everything was great and as a beginner I also felt safe with the instructor who took care of eveything. I recommend Mola Mola centre at least for the PADI courses which from my experience were a great deal.
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