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Glo Day Spa And Salon Sanur


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2021年12月 • 独自旅游
I've been going here for Brazilian wax every month, most of the time with therapist Juli, and I always have an amazing experience! In the Spa+Salon they maintain a very high level of cleanliness and are super friendly!
I have recommended my friends and they love it here as well. Absolutely the best place ever for waxing!
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Never Stop Exploring
大开曼岛35 条分享
2021年11月 • 独自旅游
I treated myself to a shellac manicure and pedicure at Glo spa for my birthday and am so glad I chose this venue. The staff are very attentive and adhered to all the current health regulations. The treatment was superb, all the utensils are sterilised between uses and the quality of the products is fabulous.
I’ll definitely be returning to have a massage or one of their other extensive treatments on offer
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Athena B
新加坡新加坡3 条分享
2020年3月 • 独自旅游
After horrid experiences in salons in Bali (stylists who cut too short or gave me a box looking hairstyle, or just basically did not know how to cut wavy, long hair), I was hesitant to cut my hair ever again while on the island.

But Aldy totally changed that perception.

He is really skilled, knows what he is doing and is super professional. 45 minutes after being in his hands, I left Glo feeling super happy and relieved that Aldy came to save the day. Thank you for the refreshing look, I love it!
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Dear AthenaBkr - yes we love Aldy too! He is an amazing stylist - precision cutter and just fabulous with colour! We are so happy that we have restored you faith in getting great hair cuts in Bali! We hope to see you back again soon love the Glo Team xx
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Liza & Wayan
印度尼西亚Ped26 条分享
2020年2月 • 独自旅游
I visited for henna brows (my first time) and left after the first visit a little underwhelmed. There was a deal advertised on the roadside sign - henna brows and a complementary eyelash tint. So I booked myself in. I asked for the lightest shade, blonde. But, trusting the practitioners advice, we decided on light brown. I asked if she would sketch our or measure out my brows but she said she’d just follow the contours of my natural brows. When it came time to pay I noticed that both treatments had been charged separately, however as soon as I mentioned the package deal the woman at cashier happily applied the discount for me.

I knew to expect it to be quite dark for the first few days but I didn’t expect that the tint would wash off the skin so quickly. On day 3 I was unhappy with the shape. There was no tint on my skin to define the brows so it was effectively an expensive eyebrow tint, a little too dark for my liking and just slightly uneven. I did something I rarely do and contacted the Spa via Facebook to complain in writing.

Their reply was prompt, professional and understanding, inviting me back for a touch up. Due to travel restrictions I wasn’t able to return for another two weeks however they were still happy to oblige. I walked out with exactly what I wanted. The right colour. The right shape. I was a bit nervous to be THAT difficult guest but the team were warm and welcoming. No rolled eyes or sideways looks or awkward vibes for my complaint. This is how you win return customers! I will definitely be back. A team that guarantees their own work and will happily accommodate an unsatisfied guest is one that knows real customer service, and I will certainly visit again and again!

Thank you Glo.
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Dear Lizadawn - we really appreciate you allowing us to turn this unhappy experience around. We love what we go and our mantra is never let a guest leave unhappy. We are so happy that you loved your second Henna brow service and your beautiful brows. We very much look forward to welcoming you back again soon for some other treatments. Much love the Glo Team xx
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australia32 条分享
As the owner of a natural skincare company, I am extremely fussy about Spa treatments and products.

I had my first facial at Glo 4 days ago. I was blown away. I booked in again and I can honestly say I have never experienced a treatment so beautiful. Nurturing and Nourishing. This is what Bali is about. When you lose yourself and surrender to the energy and beauty. My glow extended beyond my face and I feel radiant at - every level. This is the result you should always achieve from a facial - no matter where you find yourself in the world. When you know the application, the head, and hand massage is tailored to you.

I have often paid hundreds for a facial only to walk out tense, from a mass of products being applied and removed with firm hands. A process and not a treatment. Where the Spa gains more benefit than the - guest … the customer.

This is not so with Glo. A company built with an understanding and love for the Bali community and the variety of guests to walk through the doors.

Your treatment time becomes your time. For whatever feeling, whatever result you require. Ask and you will receive - and Glo. You deliver.

I cannot wait for my next treatment. I may even book in today
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Dear Sallypaech - wow - thank you for the incredible review. We love what we do and are passionate about all things spa. Our Glo family of staff are so important to us. We look forward to welcoming you back again. WIth love the Glo Team xx
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prieska d
1 条分享
2019年11月 • 夫妻情侣
I had traditional creambath with aloe vera, and it was really good and refreshing. The head and shoulder massage are really really good... I almost fell asleep. The staff are also very friendly and welcoming. I am assisted by Inna and she’s a great massage therapist. I am very satisfied with my experience here. Definitely will be coming back for body massage.
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Dear Prieska d We are so happy to read that you loved your traditional hair cream bath therapy and the massage that comes along with it. Inna is a fabulous therapist. We look forward to having you come back again to try some of our other wonderful treatments Warm regards The Glo Team xxx
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Sophie E
英国伦敦8 条分享
2019年10月 • 好友
The massage was ok. Not great, not strong enough to be the deep tissue I’d shown up for but not relaxing enough to be enjoyable regardless. I felt the masseuse was very sweet but inexperienced or perhaps not skilled at deep tissue body work.

The pedicure did not meet my expectations for a pedi... not a proper scrub etc. The nail work was fine.
The experience I could let slide if reflected in the pricing, but I felt fleeced. I was charged close to $100 for a massage, a pedi, and a change of polish. They did lower it slightly after I noticed I’d been charged for the cost of a 1. polish change, 2. polish removal, 4. polish application, on both hands and feet, and a pedi!
There was some debate about this being unreasonable and misleading in the menu (what is a polish change if not removal and application?!).
Some money was refunded but it’s left a bitter taste.

My feedback would be to upgrade your staffs skills to justify the price, and don’t try to bamboozle your customers in to paying more than is fair. Rethink your menu and prices.
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Hi Sophie sorry to read your review as we get nothing but fabulous reviews. I certainly will follow up with your comments on the massage and we are going into low season now when we have time to do our refresher training. We offer three types of manicures and pedicures allowing guests to choose what they want. Our precison pedicure and manicure does not include a scrub and it states this clearly on the menu. If you want a scrub you need to choose the spa mani pedi or the Glo mani pedi. Our deep tissue massage is $30 and a precision pedicure 19.50 and a polish change is 15.... we do not charge for removal of normal polish but if you have gel or shellac on this is charged as it takes over ten minutes. Our menu is very simple and our prices very reasonable for value for money compared to overseas prices and we import most of our products at great expense. Please feel free to email me as we like our guests to be love their Glo experience so I am happy to have you come back for another Deep Tissue massage. Please email me on Warm regards Georgia
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澳大利亚达尔文市90 条分享
2019年10月 • 独自旅游
Had the Biokos facial with back massage. It had to be the BEST facial I have ever experienced and I have had many. Truly enjoyable even though slightly above what one could pay in Bali. Highly recommended.
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Draw C
3 条分享
2019年9月 • 独自旅游
I came for a conference at Sanur, and happy to knew that this cool salon just few minutes away from my conference location. A day before i had my Presentation in the conference, i made a quick appointment by email and then they followed up by phone and whatsapp. So glad, that in a short notice, they accomodate to book appointment for me. I was interested to try the Henna brow since i was quite uncomfortable to do the other procedure for brow from other salon. So, lucky me! It was their newest treatment in the location. I tried and really satisfied with the treatment. The salon very cozy, you’l Felt like a princess :) after my brow was done, i got an extra massage for my head and neck, which was fantastic considering a long days of conference.. it’s very recommended, and would love to visit there again :)
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Dear Draw C - we love reading guest reviews like yours! Makes us smile as we love what we do.... we love bringing in new treatments and then make sure we are good at what we do! We love pleasing our guests! Come back and see us soon xx Love the Glo Team x
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Daniela F
澳大利亚达尔文市1,595 条分享
2019年9月 • 好友
This spa is quiet, clean, with lovely decor. Have had scrub, facial, massages, best pedi ever, shellac polish ... omg... can’t get enough of this place. The treatment rooms are private and quiet so there is not the traffic noise nor chit chat of either customers or staff.

Yes of course it’s not your $8 for 1 hour massage kinda place - but worth every cent and still a third of the price we pay in Australia. Absolutely recommend GLO. The experience from booking to leaving was top class. Going back again and again ❤️
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