Tour Merng Tai - Day Tours
Tour Merng Tai - Day Tours
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Geoff B
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Friends had recommended Tour Meng Tai for this 3 day trek. We connected with them easily in advanced (email and whatsapp). They easily accommodated our changing schedule and organized a great trip. Our guide, Ten, clearly cares about the experience of guests and the communities we met. Thanks for a great time!
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Wendy P
Essex44 条分享
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Our travel agent Audley booked this half day trip for us as part of a three night visit to Mae Hong Song. Our guide Ten was fantastic and discussed what we wanted from our trip before we left. We were quite achy from a cave trip the day before so asked if we could cut down the hike. Not a problem and he tailored the trip accordingly. Visited the Karen village and local peanut supplier and included boat trip. Ten clearly has an in-depth knowledge of the people and local area. An excellent guide. Would definitely recommend. Thank you Ten!!
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Bob Spain
英国哈罗盖特10 条分享
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
We did a half day trip to visit the long neck Karen hill tribe village. It started with a 20 minute trip down the river Pai in a long tail boat. We then walked along a trail for about 4.5km to the village. Followed by a tour of the village. Our guide was called Ten. He spoke excellent English. It was fascinating to learn about the different plants and trees in the Forrest. Along the way we gathered various edible foods. Ten knowledge and insight in to the life and culture of the village people reall made for a fascinating and entertains experience.
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Club C
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Our guide, Mr. Ten, met us at our resort the day before our planned tour and during our conversation customized a tour for us that better fit our needs. His command of English was superb, knowledge of the local flora and fauna great and he has a special relationship with the indigenous tribes in the area of Mae Hong Son.
A half day trip quickly turned into almost an entire day. He took us to various craftsmen to purchase real handcrafted items and showed us which souvenirs to avoid.
He surprised us with delicious and different snacks throughout the trip, not the American friendly Thai foods everyone else was eating.
His passion for the Mae Hong Son Area and the various tribes is palpable. It was obvious to us that he tried extremely hard to make this a memorable tour.
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印第安那南本德2 条分享
2018年4月 • 家庭
We booked a tour of the Northwest to trek and meet Hill tribe people though Audley Travel in Boston. Audley connected us to our guide, Ten, through Tour Merng Tai. Ten was a joy to spend time with and we hated saying good bye to him. It is obvious that his desire is to create authentic and genuine experiences for his guests. He listened to us and was flexible in making some changes to our original Audley program which had some redundancies. He helped us make the most of our time. The highlight was spending a day with a White Karen family and eating a delicious meal lovingly prepared by the lady of house. All of the ingredients came from the community farm. I would not hesitate to work with Ten to come back and have a deeper experience with the Karen...perhaps a homestay. Ten made magic for us! We laughed together and have beautiful memories we will carry in our hearts always.
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德国科隆99 条分享
2018年1月 • 夫妻情侣
This is not a review of their trekking - because in the end we didn't book with them - but more of the service of the company.
My partner and I really like the eco / community based tourism approach of this agency and thus really really wanted to go trekking with them.
We have done similar treks in Myanmar and Guatemala. If you want to pre-arange your trip and support the locals this is maybe a good company (for some doubts see below) but:
We wanted to arange trekking with them, but this was not really possible. We wrote an email to them two days before we arrived and got no reply. After arriving in Mae Hong Son, we went to the office several times during two days at different times of the day and never encountered anyone.
We then called them and the (friendly) guide told me to write an email so that he can send me an itinerary. Again no reply. During a second call some hours later, the same guy first said that he hadn't received my email but then "found" it while we were talking. In the end, the offer we got was almost 10.000 baht for two days of trekking (private tour) and one night in a local village, which seems ridiculously expansive compared to local prices.
In the end we self-organized two over night stays in villages and a one day guided trek, paying less than 4.000 baht (including all meals and transport for both of us), and that directly to local people.
A true shame, since in Mae Hong Son, no other company seems to even be aware of the concept of community based tourism.
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阿根廷布宜诺斯艾利斯17 条分享
2018年1月 • 家庭
We took the tour 2 days 1 night homestay to the White Karen community. The tour offered (among other things) taking part in local activities in the village, such as traditional Karen weaving clothes, coffee making and bamboo weaving. None of these activities were made with us, so we considered the tour as incomplete.
In response to this, Tour Meng Tai refunded us part of the money paid ( it was an expensive tour, more than in other travel agencies).

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Lilyan C
加利福尼亚圣巴巴拉85 条分享
2015年12月 • 夫妻情侣
After reading all the reviews on trip advisor, I decided
To book 2 -2 day tours with panot pakongsup of tmt
Travel.It was he who I thought was going to be my guide
And he sent me the itinerary breaking out what we were
going to be doing each of the 2 days.
His travel company was much more expensive than
others listed but with him as my guide I felt that it
was worth the extra $60 a day .
I committed to him for the 2 days and the day before our arrival in Mae Hong Son
I received an e-mail that Art would be our guide for the next 2 days and he would pick us up
at 8:30 the next day.

Where was Panot who led me to believe he is a one man business in his email.

I felt he committed to me when I booked with him.
Art was a freelance guide and did a decent job but I felt that Panot would have been
exceptional and that was what I had booked.
We did most of the things on the written itinerary the first day but the second day
we skipped going to the villages.
I checked other tours when I was in Mae Hong Son and they offered the same tours as TMT
Travel for much less money and going to the same locations.
After our 2 days I e-mailed Panot and his reply was that his company is a small operation
And he was busy on another trip.
If I had known that he was not going to be my guide,i would not have booked his tour.

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21 条分享
2015年10月 • 夫妻情侣
The hidden secret of North Thailand. Today we enjoyed a 1 day trek visiting 2 remote white Karen villages: Ban Nam Ho and Ban Huam Goong.
Very remote, nature at its best, beautifull river crossed couple of times. If you are lucky you can spot gibbons, birds, bathing buffalo's. Tang, the guide is helpful, speeks good English and is knowlegable. You need a walking condition but it is absolutely worthwhile.
Tour Merng Tai organises more day trekkings as well.
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Paravee P
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"Northern hospitality"

Tour merng tai is a community based tourism program that puts nature plus culture first. This sustainable tour gives tourists a chance to meet with local natives as well as learn about their culture and lifestyle. TMT provides an opportunity for tourists to get a glimpse inside what it is like to live the life led by different communities and it also allows these small communities an opportunity to expand their marketing channel. What's so special is that the community leaders become the tour guides themselves!

TMT offers adventurous and fun activities such as trekking, cycling, zip lining, rice picking(only if in season) and a chance to experience local home stay with great hospitality. It is one of the best tour operators that really focuses on both the tourists and the communities. There is really nothing like it. I really love it and will definitely bring friends with me to enjoy this experience in the future.
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