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Нам очень нравится путешествовать на машине и посещать разные места, в которых никогда не были. Посетили форт на берегу моря, построенный англичанами в начале прошлого века. В городе Алор Сетар стоит посетить телебашню. С ее смотровой площадки виден весь город и его окрестности. Для любителей шопинга через дорогу от телебашни большой современный торговый центр.
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新加坡新加坡22,099 条分享
2017年9月 • 独自旅游
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马来西亚吉隆坡49,977 条分享
2017年6月 • 独自旅游
Kedah is one of the state in Malaysia and well known producing paddy since independent. Greenary paddy view at the season
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2017年1月 • 家庭
Kedah is a state located in the northwestern part of Paninsular Malaysia. The torism mainly concentrated on Pulau Langkawi. You can see a lot paddy field along the North-South highway to Kedah. It's a relax old town.
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马来西亚吉隆坡4,110 条分享
2016年5月 • 家庭
Kedah is the northernmost state on the West Coast bordering Thailand. It is a laid-back state with relatively flat terrain for growing rice. It was the rice bowl of Malaysia. The popular tourist spots in the state are the islands of Langkawi, Gunung Jerai as well as Bujang Valley.
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bayan lepas57 条分享
2015年12月 • 独自旅游
Kedah is a state on the Northern Penisula Malaysia, renown for paddy, local delicacies and also the birthplace of our prime ministers. If you are seeking to explore the countryside and enjoy quaint little small towns, welcome. It is very flat except for a mountain and some hills jutting out of the landscape, sticking out like a sore thumb! The capital of Kedah is Alor Star, a bustling city at the least. There are some archeological excavations at Gunung Jerai as well as Bujang Valley. Gunung Jerai is the highest peak in Kedah.Then there are Langkawi Islands which are also part of the state.
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Nana H
马来西亚哥打巴鲁19 条分享
2015年11月 • 独自旅游
Alor Setar is one of the oldest city in Malaysia. Two years before the city already celebrated the 100 years birth of Alor Setar.

I always visit Alor Setar , but I never take a opportunity to take a looked an interesting place nearby. But in my visit on the 2nd November this year I was planned to visit Balai Nobat, Balai Besar, Galeri Seni and Royal of Kedah gallery where that placed was situated closely.

Its not so far from the place that I was spend a night when I was in Alor Setar, Beranda Nana home stays. With shuttle that Beranda Nana provided I go there with mission to feeling the epic historical of Alor Setar. Its about 5 kilometers. just take ten minute from Beranda Nana to go there.

What interesting, a long the way to reach there from Beranda Nana, I was spotted the landmark of the city like Stadium Darulaman, Muzium Negeri Kedah, Menara Alor Setar and the new shopping complex Aman Central.
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澳大利亚悉尼143 条分享
2014年12月 • 好友
We were bored in Georgetown (Penang) so we took a very early morning start and headed for the Butterworth Railway Station. Taking the train to "Sungai Petani" in the state of Kedah (about 45 min trip) from here you can catch a taxi to the main archeological attraction...

1. Bujang Valley Archeological Park & Museum
The grounds are a peaceful setting and really interesting for those who are taken by the Buddhist history of Malaysia, for people who are Buddhist or for those who like parks/gardens, history and the outdoors. The archeological digs are very interesting. The museum is small but detailed and educational. Good amenities for visitors but really in the middle of nowhere. I really liked it.

From Butterworth Central Bus Station you can take the express bus to Alor Star (it was only a couple of hours on the bus). The main attractions are;

2. The Royal Museum - I really enjoyed it, it was very interesting and gave a great insight into Local Royal History, the history of the Sultanate and Royal Families of the region. Essential if in Alor Star.

3.The State Art Gallery - This is just a short walk away from the Royal Museum, you can't miss it, as a path leads all the way between both sites. A really fascinating collection of "Royal Kites" is on display (Malaysian Airlines adapt the historic kite design, on their brand logo). The kites are fascinating and a real National treasure.

I saw them nowhere else in Malaysia.

4. Masjid Zahir
You will see it, it's the gorgeous large Mosque located across the street between both the State Art Gallery and The Royal Museum.

5. Pekan Rabu Bazaar
I have been here before but it was closed on my last visit. One of the greatest attractions in Alor Star for the foreign shopper is now no longer.

6. Kota Kuala Kedah
Interesting Museum set in an historical Portuguese fortress, featuring displays that narrate the Thai, Portuguese, English and Japanese occupation of Kedah.

If you've seen 'Fort Cornwallis' on Penang Island then you might yawn a little.

7. Alor Star Tower
A popular vantage point (albeit commercialised and tacky) to get ones bearings in Alor Star... on the edge of town.

You could do all of this in one day, if you organise yourself and share the taxi fares with one or two others. Easily.

There are other nature attractions in Kedah I believe but I haven't seen any of them. Check Wiki-Kedah for a detailed listing, under "Tourism".
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australia33 条分享
2014年9月 • 夫妻情侣
We caught the night train from KL to Alor Setar recently. I booked a sleeper (bunk beds) which was ok, the only thing you have to remember is your luggage sleeps with you. The top bunk is a little smaller. I slept through to morning, we enlightened at Alor Setar on time & caught a taxi to the ferry terminal. Be careful with the taxi fare, agree the amount before hand we paid 25RG, first price was 50RG. Best to take own snacks & water on the train.
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KL13 条分享
2013年11月 • 独自旅游
Visited Alor Setar at the beginning of November. Actually, I did not find many intersting spots in Alor Setar city itself. However, on the way to/from Alor Setar, it commands very beautiful paddy field view and I could enjoy slow driving with the view. Especially, contrast of padyy field and some mountain was very good. Slow driving in rulal area was a good experience to me. Sometimes found goats and cows. So, we need to drive carefully, don't forget to pay attention to motorcycle as well. One of my recommendation is between Sungai Petani and Tanjung Dawai. We can see Gunung Jerai over the paddy view. One more is the road to Perlis. Actually, the north west edge of Malaysia, which is around Kuala Perlis to Kangar, also commands good paddy view with small mountaion or rock. If you have a car, please try it, once. Last, but not least, I recommend Jerai Hill resort. You can go from KL by E1 highway and exit at Gurun. Here is a resort hotel located on the top of mountain named Gunung Jerai. From here, you can see the panoramic paddy field view laying along the coast! If it's a good weather, it's wonderful scenery. You can go up by car, otherwise it takes more than 1 hour to top by walk. Only hotel stayers are allowed to park inside the hotel car park area, but I saw some parking area just before the resort entrance. Tanjung Dawai is a rural small fisherman village. But there is a restaurants and shops besides a jetty, where you can see, buy, and eat several fish food.
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