Frenzy water park

Frenzy water park(红土坎)

Frenzy water park
2-3 小时


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Amirul Hakim
马来西亚双溪毛糯18 条分享
2019年9月 • 好友
This place is a very good place to visit for kids, teens and even adults. The price compliments with the expectations we had. The obstacles can be a challenge for everyone, but definitely doable and fun. There are relaxing benches and shades for those who just want to relax. The toilets are also very well maintained and cleaned.
Worth the 2-hour trip and would probably come visit again someday.
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Maya C
马来西亚巴生2 条分享
2018年10月 • 好友
The frenzy theme park itself is a good idea for a team to have water-based activities. But, in my opinion, the cost for a ticket is quite expensive considering other facilities or types of games provided. For me, you should have lower down a bit the price to attract more customers and other thing I realised are lack of staff which may result in less safety environment. Imagine a group of 40 pax getting here but only less than 10 staffs are on duty, do you think they can handle them all?. And plus, the place to get foods and drinks just too far, maybe the management should consider on food stall set-up near there. People love to eat and play, so why not?. I saw this place got potentials to be one of the main attraction in Lumut other than Teluk Batik. Push more on marketing side to let people of this region to get to know more about this place, and give local people discount to attract more of them to come here. Just my opinion. Thank you.
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马来西亚怡保8 条分享
2018年7月 • 好友
Seronok. Kalau yang teens ni wajib pergi try. I tak galakkan sangat untuk yang late 30 ke atas. Budak2 pun i kurang galakkan. Melainkan kau tinggi 2 meter, ha kau pergilah. Air dia, kaki i tak sampai. Haha awal awal sampai la,time dekat game dua tu tak sampai dah. Tenggelam pun redha je tertelan air masin. Nampak je macam senang tapi mencabar jugak. Bayaran hanya rm20 sahaja seorang. Tapi dia ada waktu dia. 12.30 tgh hari dia tutup dan buka balik pukul 3pm. Staff pun sporting, layan je. Nak pergi sana janji jangan takut air. Equipment dia ada kasi jaket keselamatan tu. Kat situ ada staff yang akan jaga, jangan risau. Kami pergi haritu tak ada orang. Hanya kami 6 orang je, lagi dia tumpu perhatian dekat kami je. Sangat digalakkan untuk yang remaja remaja ni. Best! Apa apa boleh tanya 😊
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马来西亚珍拉汀2,241 条分享
2017年4月 • 家庭
Seronok. Kedudukannya di tengah laut agak berbeza dengan taman air yang lain. Kadar bayaran masuk yang berpatutan. Boleh bermain sepuas hati dari mula dibuka sehingga ditutup. Akan datang lagi di lain masa.
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马来西亚吉隆坡51 条分享
2017年4月 • 家庭
This is a must try place in marina pangkor and specially when you are in a group with your friends or family.
i wish there were some facilities fro people to come out of water when they are fallen into water because it is hard to come out of water after one hour activity :)
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