Mangrove Swamp Park

Mangrove Swamp Park(红土坎)

Mangrove Swamp Park


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Arrived at the entrance of the parks late afternoon. It was deserted and no signs of any monkeys or birds. On entering the mangrove park an endless wooden platform lays in front and stretches deep into the mangrove. After walking for quite a distance came upon the river and also saw the tower. hearing the monkeys call but did not see any. The wooden planks are missing here and there and thus it is not safe for children and dangerous in a way as anyone could falls into the mud below. The tower was also closed up with missing ladders/stairs. The wooden platform and tower are in a deplorable state and not recommended for families or visitors. After carefully making our way out, we spotted group of monkeys outside the entrance. Someone have come to feed these monkeys. See photos attached.
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Thiru a
马来西亚吉隆坡35 条分享
2018年8月 • 家庭
Had read quite a few review of the place before we went there, so mentally I was prepared on what to expect. It's a typical Malaysian setup, good beautiful place let down by bad maintenance. The place is filled with monkeys that can be rather aggressive. Don't carry anything with you or risk getting it snatched. The monkeys are not scared of humans in fact they approach us in the hope to get food. Probably the authorities have to do something to manage this. The maintenance of the place is also has lots to be desired. My kids and wife was so scared of the monkeys that they stayed in the car, leaving me to venture out alone. Even thought on a really hot day, walking on the walk path is really cooling and you don't feel the heat of the day. If you are nature lover, you would enjoy the place, I sure did.
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马来西亚吉隆坡82 条分享
2017年9月 • 夫妻情侣
A nice walk to a river through the mangroves. Plenty of monkeys to see. Could do with some repairs on the walkways as they are becoming quite dangerous. Free entrance.
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荷兰542 条分享
2017年6月 • 家庭
This is my third visit here. The bridge walk into the mangrove is somehow block and maybe there are some repair work.

Hence, we stayed at the car park and was really fascinated by the activities of the monkeys. The amount of monkeys has certainly grown and they can be aggressive if they think you have a bag of food to feed them. So be careful and stay calm.
I will certainly come again just watch/observe monkeys the way they eat, sleep, swing, climb and feed their babies and so on.

This Mangrove Park is on the way (right side) from Ipoh to Lumut/ Pangkor/ to the beach you can't miss it.
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马来西亚吉隆坡2 条分享
2017年2月 • 家庭
Nice place to take a walk into the swamp with monkeys all over. Good effort towards preservation of the nature.
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马来西亚吉隆坡49,977 条分享
2017年2月 • 家庭
The park is closed for repairing during our visit at 9 Februari 2017. Very dissapointed with that and hopefully it will open soon
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2016年9月 • 家庭
Amazing to see the root for mangrove can grove till 5ft tall. This is good explore to learn how this mangrove help prevent tsunamy.
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Peter vanderlans
Penang613 条分享
2015年10月 • 家庭
There isn't too much mangrove left on the west coast of Malaysia. Taman Baya Bakau is one of the small patches left. There's an elevated footbridge into the swamps. It won't take long before you arrive at the river arm. If you're lucky you will see mudskippers, crabs, monkeys and monitor lizards. There are birds but you probably need to be a bird lover to see and recognize them. Worth a visit? Well, if you're traveling by car and pass it on the way from Lumut to Ipoh, give it half an hour.

For your kids, there's a hanging bridge they can play on.
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Divanesh C
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2016年4月 • 好友
WILD - as stated, the monkey kingdom that rules this swamp-park is aggresive and may be violent - Warning : they will approach you without hesitant and are brave enough to snatch things from you , dont say i didn't warn you !

Local authorities should take into supervision of this area & put up signboards where necessary to warn visitors

Deeper in the swamp-park , don't worry , the park is wooden-decked, i've seen snakes, lizards, spiders & will strike if threatened - this isn't a zoo , so please stay safe !

If you're a believer of supernatural activities, best to avoid late evenings - the locals call it "tempat keras"
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马来西亚4 条分享
2015年12月 • 家庭
Too many wild monkey ... As it will attack people who carry food ... The wooden path walkways are broken, some plank wood are missing & rusted nails exposed ... Lots of mosquito too ... The person incharge should look into this n get the repair done ... Beside these, it is a nice scenic view n a nice place for visiting ...
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