Borneo Adventure
Borneo Adventure
文化游览 • 历史与古迹游览 • 私人游览 • 观海豚与观鲸 • 自然与野生动物游览

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加拿大多伦多41 条分享
We went on a day trip to Bako National Park. The jungle walk was interesting and learnt a great deal about local culture and traditions. The park was a bit disappointing with respect to finding animals. However, the scenery and the beach was marvellous.
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Berta P
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2023年5月 • 好友
An incredible experience!! Our guide Zaimi was amazing! We 100% recommend staying there and we would say it is a must if you visit Borneo
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milano123 条分享
2023年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Dobbiamo dire che la comunicazione, la puntualità, e l'organizzazione di Borneo Adventure é da 5 stelle. Ci siamo affidati a loro per 2 escursioni:
Semenggoh Wild Life e Bako National Park, assistiti da Lemon.... una guida eccezionale. Grazie a lui, e alla sua preparazione, abbiamo passato 2 giorni magnifici. Non abbiate dubbi nel contattare Borneo Adventure.....e i suoi collaboratori.
Paolo e Laura
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Giulia Girardi
意大利Zero Branco13 条分享
2023年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Abbiamo scelto di affidarci a Borneo Adventure dopo aver consultato l'immancabile giuda Lonely Planet! Che dire... esperienza indimenticabile che consigliamo a chiunque voglia immergersi nella vera giungla nel rispetto dell'ambiente e delle popolazioni locali.
Staff preparato e molto ben organizzato, abbiamo ricevuto un'ottima assistenza sia nella fase di prenotazione che durante il tour stesso.
L'agenzia si avvale dell'aiuto di alcuni villagg iban in modo da garantire loro fonte di lavoro affinché possano preservare le loro tradizioni.
Abbiamo pernottato in due strutture differenti, una presso la longhouse di Nanga Sumpa, e l'altra (molto più spartana) completamente immersa nella giungla. È bene ricordare il contesto: siamo nella giungla, con tutti i suoi pregi ma anche i suoi numerosi difetti, bisogna affrontare il tour con mente aperta e per un po' di giorni abbandonare i comfort ai quali siamo abituati. Alla fine del tour rimarranno solo i bei ricordi di posti meravigliosi e animali selvatici nel loro habitat naturale.
Consigliamo il tour 3D2N Sumpa e Kasai che vi farà scoprire sia il lato culturale che selvaggio, permettendovi con un po' di fortuna di avvistare le vere star del Sarawak, gli Oranghi.
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加利福尼亚旧金山531 条分享
2023年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Our trip was made so much more memorable due to the experiences we had w Edgar our guide and the 5 days spent together in both Bako National Park and Nanga Sumpa –Long houses - Enseluai Waterfall and Lubok Kasai out past the lake Batang Ai .
The work they are doing with the local communities is commendable and the accomodations were authentic. Every day was an adventure and we came away with a whole new appreciation for the Sarawak tribal way of life. Fantastic.
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新加坡新加坡11 条分享
Sepilok & Kinabatangan River Cruise (Abai & Sukau) 4D3N

We took the early morning flight from KK to Sandakan. Picked up at 8am.
Visited Orangutan and SunBear centres. Then proceeded to My Nature Resort. Where we have the afternoon at leisure. After a few days we REALLY appreciated the time we had to just relax and enjoy the resort. It gave our bodies time to recover from jet lag and allow our cortisols levels to drop. We also had time to enjoy our rooms, which were huge and very comfy. Particularly enjoyed the large balcony that faces onto the reserve (our rooms faced the reserve, half the rooms face the other way, so maybe make a request?). My Nature Resort food was YUM.
Its always steamed rice, 2 meat offerings (chicken and seafood) and one veggie dish. I inhaled the lemon chicken. Fruits for dessert. In case your worried about veggies and fruit intake. I always bring multi-vitamins and vitamin c/zinc to support my body during trips so I was fine.
Wifi is located at the restaurant.

Booked the Night Walk at Sandakan Rainforest Discovery Centre. Absolutely amazing. Highly recommend.

Picked up the next day and travelled to Abai. Our guide for the next two days was Eric. Very knowledgable, happy to answer questions and chat about the reserves and Sabah. Always had his nature books, which he let us look at for extra info and pictures of the birds and mammals. A great guide.

Great time on the river. Lovely Lovely experience.

ON the river nature watching. BRING SUNGLASSES. I'm a more hat person, but the sun was reflecting off the water and I was in sooo much pain by the end of the cruise. Honestly don't really need sunglasses for the forest but on the river... it is crucial and even medically recommended. As well as hat, sunscreen and binoculars.

Abai Lodge had a lovely room. the frogs are very noisy at night, so bring earplugs if this may effect sleep. No wifi. Or we didn't access any that I recall. Food is average. Same offer of 1 veggies, 2 meats and steamed rice.

Kinabatangan Riverside Lodge. Food is slightly better. Steamed rice, 2 meats, 2 veggies. Had desserts - a coconut jelly that was to die for. Wifi is paid for, 5 RM for 1 hour. Room was simpler and still comfortable. Quiet. You may hear the dogs or security walking outside the room at night, as they will make rounds.

The river cruise itself was amazing. We saw elephants, kingfishers, woodpecker, storm stork, silvered langur, proboscis monkey, owls, hornbills and fireflies.

I highly recommend this tour as well as guide Eric. It's lovely and comfortable.
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Sheree S
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2023年5月 • 夫妻情侣
We took a two day trip to Nanga Sumpa with Borneo Adventure. Our guide was Nick.

The organisation is brilliant and Nick was amazing. He was so knowledgeable and explained everything we had planned, explained the timings and allowed us to take things at our own pace.
We swam in the river, we swam under a waterfall, we ate a locally prepared BBQ and it was fabulous. Nick made sure all the food was gluten free and was careful to let me know that it was safe for me to eat.

We visited the longhouse which was an incredible insight into another world.

The journeys along the river in a long boat were exhilarating. We were so lucky to see an orangutan mother and baby.

Make no mistake, you are leaving luxury behind you but it’s an incredibly worthwhile and uplifting experience.
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athens15 条分享
We had an amazing trip to the jungle with our tour guide Nick, who was an open encyclopedia!! He did everything he could so that we could manage to see an urangutan! And we did! The work that Borneo adventure is doing by helping the local people of Borneo is worth mentioning! Thank you so much for this exceptional experience!
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Gabriella O
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2023年4月 • 夫妻情侣
we have booked two beautiful tours with you for a total of 5 days. Our guide Edgar was great and he accompanied us on both experiences. Beautiful places that we will carry in our hearts for a long time. Thank you very much.
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2023年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Our trip of a lifetime was made even more special with the excellent guides and immersive authentic experiences organised by Borneo Adventure. We stayed overnight at Bako national park for lots of wildlife in their natural habitat, trekked in Batang Ai where we were lucky to spend time with local communities and see orangutans in the wild and explored Santabong wildlife reserve on the river at sunset. All magical and we enjoyed every minute. Even better, Borneo Adventure are long term collaborators with the local communities we visit, helping to secure more protected rainforest for wildlife and future generations. Highly recommended. Book it. You won't regret it!
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