Museum of the Frankincense Land

Museum of the Frankincense Land(塞拉莱)

Museum of the Frankincense Land
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Jörg Fischer
德国柏林365 条分享
2021年11月 • 夫妻情侣
It is a very interesting museum. It has two main exhibitions, one martime hall and a historical hall. Outside there are some archeological places to visit.
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cutelady Baluch
阿曼马斯喀特1,483 条分享
2021年9月 • 家庭
ويقدم متحف أرض اللبان ملخصاً لمسيرة البلاد وفرصة للتعرف على موروثها التاريخي الطويل وتراثها البحري إلى جانب نماذج من الشواهد الأثرية عبر العصور إلى وقتنا الحاضر وذلك من خلال قاعتين هما «قاعة التاريخ التي تعد نافذة على العديد من الشواهد الحضارية والأثرية»

والقاعة البحرية تبرز أهم الأحداث البحرية المهمة في التاريخ العماني وعلاقة العماني بالبحر ومساهمة البحر في تطور العلاقات التجارية مع الدول الأخرى ومهارة العمانيين في صناعة السفن ، وبناء القوارب والسفن الشراعية، والإبحار، والتجارة.
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阿曼马斯喀特101 条分享
2021年4月 • 家庭
So many people recommended this place but it was the worst tourist experience in four years of living in Oman.

We arrived shortly after opening. We had understood that for a small fee we could be driven round the archaeological park in a golf buggy (important because we have a 6 year old and it was a very hot day). And we saw lots of golf buggies and staff. But they laughed and refused to drive us and said we had to walk.

So with no map off we headed into the park assuming it would be easy to navigate a short walk and then come back before we got too hot. We realised about 20 mins in that we had headed down an extremely long path which had no shaded areas at all. There was also nowhere to sit and nowhere to refill water bottles. Our son started to feel weak and so we tried to walk on as fast as we could but there was no way to cut the journey short - it was unclear whether it was quicker to turn back or keep going. We kept going and encountered lots of wild dogs. My son nearly collapsed from the heat and there was nothing we could do but carry him back because there was nowhere to rest.

When we got back I asked the park/museum guard for somewhere to get water urgently. He laughed and pointed to a door to a cafe. This door took us outside in the sun again for a 2-minute walk to a cafe. And it was closed. The men standing around could see we were desperate but they just indicated everywhere was closed because of COVID. And yet the museum itself was open, so I think this was a lie.

We decided we had had enough of the place. We didn’t walk around the museum at all. The staff were rude, unhelpful, lazy and seemed not to want to do anything to help a small child in urgent need of water. Their behaviour and attitude towards us was disgraceful.

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Michelle Anne del Rosario
阿曼塞拉莱35 条分享
2021年3月 • 好友
We werent able to go inside the museum because we went there just in time before it closes. The park is beautiful they have a bench to enjoy the sunset.
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阿曼塞拉莱31 条分享
2021年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Before we dont know what about Oman what About Salalah this is the place all explain us for Great story the people really kind
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Tharindu Darshana
阿联酋迪拜691 条分享
Well maintained and nice heritage place.

As we can explore more and must visit if you really love history.
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gwyn r
22 条分享
A well presented museum that highlighted the trade routes that have used Salalah over the centuries.
The model demonstrating the the ingenious water supply for the city was super.
My favourite display was a letter of complaint written before the common era (BC). Showing that goods were still being delivered to wrong addresses. Some things don't change
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英国爱丁堡63 条分享
A pleasant if not extensive museum adjacent to the Al Baleed archaelogical site. The exhibits are well presented but the soldiers on duty are not guides and do not speak much English
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Elisabeth E
沙特阿拉伯利雅德302 条分享
2020年3月 • 好友
Has a nice history of Oman. It is compact and convers a lot of information. If you have the time, you should go see it.
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意大利伦巴第24 条分享
2020年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Nulla di eccezionale se non che tantissimi alberi secchi che produco incenso.. Ma ora come ora nn si vede nulla perché non é periodo quindi risulta semplicemente una grande estensione d alberi d incenso secchi
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