Volcan Baru National Park

Volcan Baru National Park(波魁特)

Volcan Baru National Park
山 • 国家公园 • 火山

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Gerardo R
墨西哥墨西哥城1,437 条分享
Simplemente me encantó, a pesar de que por la neblina no se pudo apreciar los océanos disfruté mucho el paseo y aquí mis recomendaciones, pueden subir de dos formas, a pie y en 4x4, les cuento de la primera, son aproximadamente 7 horas para subir a buen paso, osea que es muy cansado y pocas agencias ofrecen el tour, si deseas ir por tu cuenta te recomiendo que te hospedes en la finca oasis, el último asentamiento rumbo al volcán que está incluso dentro del parque nacional, de ahí quizá el recorrido sea menos tiempo aunque no menos pesado, pasamos a hacerlo en una 4x4, lo primero que debes hacer es reservar con anticipación, solo tienen permitido el ascenso de cierto número de vehículos y muy pero muy difícil te dejarán subir por tu cuenta, el camino es muy difícil y solo los más expertos lo realizar, el viaje comienza muy temprano, tipo 3:00 a.m. duerman bien antes y no coman mucho porque el camino como ya lo dije, es pesado, ya estando arriba exploras por tu cuenta la cima hasta llegar a la cruz, tengan cuidado, el camino es peligroso, me tocó ver varias caídas ninguna de ellas de gravedad, al ir en tour ofrecen bebidas y snack previo a bajar para estar en Boquete tipo 10:30 a.m., sé que suena cansado y a veces el clima no es el mejor pero aun así vale la pena.
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2 条分享
2022年5月 • 好友
Um 00:30h haben wir unser nächtliches Abenteuer gestartet, nachdem uns ein Taxi zum Startpunkt gefahren hat. Wir waren zu fünft (alleine würde ich die Wanderung nicht empfehlen). Einige waren erfahrene Wanderer und andere weniger und alle haben es nach oben geschafft;) 5h gehts steil aufwärts, man braucht die Motivation der anderen und den Ansporn vor Sonnenaufgang oben zu sein. Auf dem Gipfel angekommen erst mal die schweissgetränkte, nasse Kleidung wechseln und sich warm einpacken! Bringt warme Kleidung mit!! und genügend Snacks und Wasser!
Die Aussicht war erstklassig, wir hatten klares Wetter und konnten so auf den Pazifik und Atlantik sehen! Das war die Wanderung so was von Wert.
Dann den ganzen Weg wieder zurück - am Ende ist man körperlich und mental total erschöpft!

Wer sich die Wanderung nicht zutraut kann sich für 120$ auch mit dem Jeep nach oben chauffieren lassen :-)…
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oriel e
加拿大多伦多166 条分享
I must say, this was on my bucket list for a long time and never really had a chance to do it. We got up early, and were driven to the summit of the Volcano, we were there just before sunrise. We did a maybe 15 min hike to the actual summit at 3475mts above sea level to witness the sun rising and to our surprise, on this day, we were able to see both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, what a sight!!
Now, if you have the budget, this is the best way to do it in my opinion. We hired a tour company in Boquete and they drove us in 4X4 vehicles. Once we got up there, they had extra jackets for us, as we were not really prepared for the cold. Our guide leaded us to the summit, we stayed up there as long as we wanted and came down to a very nice warm breakfast prepared by the guide. Hot sandwiches, coffee, hot chocolate and we brought champagne for a toast at sunrise.
If you want to do the hike (which I will be doing next time) PLEASE! for the love of God! Prepare yourself! wear hiking shoes, bring enough water, warm clothing, a hiking stick wont hurt. During our drive up we encountered so many people sick by the altitude or just tired from the long 6 hr walk. Its not a good experience if you are not prepared, but if you want, you can do like we did and trust me, the experience is so much better.
Self driving is NOT an option by the way.
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Emilie L
7 条分享
2022年2月 • 好友
Difficile de donner un avis sur le site parce que celui ci est fermé pour le faire à pied. Aucune information fiable sur les horaires . Aucun panneau à l entrée et personne ne sait vraiment. Vous pourrez le faire seulement en 4x4 pour 125 dollars /pers. ! Site internet ne précise rien.
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Tiddo L
8 条分享
2022年1月 • 夫妻情侣
First of, there's a few practical things if you want to do this hike:
- The trail is currently only open from 05:00-13:00, so no midnight hikes. There's a park ranger at the entry, so unlikely you can sneak past.
- You'll also need a "reservation" by emailing to rcastillo@miambiente.gob.pa your name, nationality, age and contact details (phone, email). Though, even without the ranger will likely let you in (we sent the email too late and didn't have a response, but at the entrance the ranger just noted down our details and let us in anyway).
- Getting there early morning requires a taxi, but you can get back with a collectivo bus for 2USD. It should stop on the paved road just before the entrance (can ask the ranger as well)

The hike:
Now for the trail itself, it goes through a beautiful green lush forest. There aren't that many open the views during the hike, but it's still a nice walk through all the green.
Once you reach the summit, there are amazing breathtaking views all around, definitely worth the effort to get up here!

The hike itself is not technically difficult, but does require good fitness. The trail is almost entirely following a 4x4 road, which is technically easy to walk, but exhausting due to the steepness. You climb 2.1km over a distance of 14km, and the incline is fairly consistent throughout. Near the summit there's a very short section that needs some easy scrambling.

We hiked on a cloudy and rainy day, and it took us 6 hours to get to the summit. When we arrived we couldn't see anything due to the clouds, but luckily it opened up after about 45 minutes, and we had some amazing views.

Based on recommendations, we took 3l of water each, but ended up drinking just over 1l each. Though, this was largely due to the weather, I can imagine that when it's sunny you'll need more.

It was windy and raining throughout, and near the summit we needed some warm clothes. For the legs just hiking pants were enough, for the torso I wore merino wool underlayer, sports shirt, body warmer, and rain/wind proof jacket. For me this was plenty, but my fiancée also had an extra fleece jacket. Of course, throughout the hike we put on/off layers as needed.
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Philipp M
上海市7 条分享
What the hike!

So, we (a fit 26 years-old and I) hiked up Volcan Baru in April 2021 and this is to provide you some additional information:
1. They required a prior, email confirmation to hike up the mountain. Check if this is still in place as a requirement.
2. The hike itself was free of charge.
3. The route is a steep track that can be only crossed by vehicles that are build for this purpose. SUVs wouldn't be able to climb up that road.
4. The landscape is often covered by trees but sometimes the views are spectaculous.
5. Keep your eyes and ears open, there are plenty of monkeys and birds to watch on the way up.
6. Make sure to have proper boots, clothes for rain and warm weather and sunscreen.

We loved it and enjoyed sunshine on the peak, but everything else was covered in clouds. The roughly 30 km hike was really challenging. Not least, because I didn't really fall asleep the night before. While it is not technically a difficult route (99% just walking and only near the peak a bit of simple climbing), the altitude and humidity is still challenging. You have to be fit. If you love to go for 15 km runs than it should be ok.
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8 条分享
Excelente experiencia, pudimos contemplar el atardecer y el amanecer ya que acampamos en las laderas a unos 20 a 30 minutos de la cima del Volcán. Mi peor error fue subestimar el frio de la madrugada. recomendación si vas a acampar llevar un buen gorro y abrigo para el frio sobre todo de la madrugada.
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Phil R
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2021年4月 • 夫妻情侣
I read many reviews before arriving. Most people encouraged an early start on this hike (1-5am) and that it took 8 hours return to reach summit.

With that in mind, my wife and I (both 33yo and in fairly good condition) arrived around 10am for the East hike from Boquette. Our math was that sunset was 7pm and that gave us plenty of time to hike in the day. Maybe this was our mistake.

When we arrived, the ranger at the entrance was very concerned. Told us many times we were too late and unable to make it to the top because the park closed at 1pm (first time I had ever heard of this). He also pointed to a hand written notice that indicated we had to email a certain address to inform them we were coming (I’d guess as a COVID precaution - still, first I had ever heard of this).

After much negotiation, he let us pass provided that we did not try and make it to the summit, and that we returned by 2pm. We made it to the 8km mark and turned back.

All in all, it was beautiful and a long hard day (like we expected) but we kinda wish we had been able to summit.

Also, the drive from Boquete is a little confusing, and not well signed. Expect to drive about 10 mins into the mountain before actually arriving at the parking spot. Then you walk about 200m to the park entrance.
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巴拿马拉斯昆布雷斯18 条分享
2021年3月 • 家庭
Viajamos en familia con dos niños tomando todas las medidas de bioseguridad contra el Covid y nos fue muy bien , siempre encontramos restaurantes con mesas al aire libre y poca aglomeración de personas
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Karen K
巴拿马Alto Boquete71 条分享
My husband had once hiked this treacherous mountain. Took him 17 hours up and back. I decided to go with a 4x4 with my friend. You leave about 4:00 am to reach the top of the volcano at sunrise. The most magnificent sight I have ever seen at sunrise. 11,500 ft above the clouds overlooking Panamá! Very chilly so dress appropriately. A once in a lifetime trip! A must do!
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