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加利福尼亚欧申赛德45 条分享
Be very wary about sending money. I booked with Omar Diaz for two tours leaving from Lima, Peru for 2020. Unfortunately COVID changed that. He graciously allowed me to postpone one year to 2021. He asked for full payment approximately 1 month before we arrived. I have sent money to many guides and lodges in Latin America over the last 10 years and have never had a problem. I sent the full payment to Omar via Western Union. He acknowledged that he had received the money. I emailed him several times in the 10 days before we arrived in Lima. Never heard back. Finally we landed in Lima and were scheduled to meet him the next morning. He responded to my email stating that he could not travel because of COVID and the places we were scheduled to visit were closed anyway. He asked if we could postpone our tour to the end of our trip (approximately 1 month later). Although that was going to be difficult, I agreed to do so. One month later when we returned to Lima, he responded to an email stating that he could not guide us on either of the days because of COVID. He would instead send someone with the money for a refund to our hotel. No one ever came. Now that I am back in the US, he will not respond to our emails. Unfortunately I did not fully research him nor his company but I now know that this is not an isolated occurrence, either with foreign travelers or with Peruvian Nationals. He may be a good guide, but I would never send him money again. There are too many good and honest guides available.
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德克萨斯州登顿5 条分享
We scheduled a day tour from Lima Jan. 2020
Very hard to pay limited options
Day of tour had to make special arrangements
Got to meeting point he did not arrive
Finally got in touch said he had a family emergency
And could not do tour
No other guide available
Promised refund
THAT never happened I have used several
Tour companies in South America this was a very disappointing
Steve and Nancy D.
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英国普雷斯顿143 条分享
In September 2018, my husband and I booked a private 2 week bird watching trip with Omar. We later added an extra 3 days on so we could bird around Lima too. Our scheduled departure date was in September 2019. Shortly after we had paid our 50% deposit, Omar contacted us to say 6 other birders wanted to join us. We had great difficulty in making him understand that this was unacceptable to us and eventually he agreed that our tour would remain private. We had one or two other small disagreements and then a few days before we were due to leave England, he told us that another couple would be joining us. We were not at all happy and told him so - we always book private tours. He would not back down saying that it was because the other couples' guide was unavailable and it was unavoidable. A second bombshell arrived the day before we left home in that Omar had completely changed our itinerary without even consulting us about it. The main reason for choosing this company was because we liked the itinerary he offered. So we were now stuck with a different itinerary and the worry that he was going to foist a whole group of birders on us when we had paid extra for a private tour. In the end, it was only one couple who joined us and they were equally annoyed and confused at the change of itinerary - they had received 3 different itineraries by then! We also discovered that our trip had been advertised on Omar's website as a confirmed departure and they had booked it in January. of this year. Omar tried to deny this of course. There were further problems during the tour with Omar giving out conflicting information or concealing it altogether. He even gave us and the other couple a different staring time for Day 1 and then turned up very late!! When we finally got to the airport, the airline company wanted $60 from us - Omar said it was because all our luggage was overweight but this was absolutely untrue. We protested vociferously and in the end he paid for it but said we had to pay him back. We didn't. On the next flight we took together, the same thing happened but we discovered that whilst our flights had been included in the cost of the tour, no provision had been made for our luggage. He claimed that this was normal in Peru i.e. you book a tour with flights included but you have to pay for your own luggage. Of course, no-one had told us this in advance and if you wait until you get to the airport to pay, it costs double! This applied on all the flights we were booked on! Furthermore, when we had to change our travel arrangements at the end of the tour to include a night in Cusco, he tried to charge us more than double the actual cost of the room. We had been intending to book another 3 trips with Omar ( Northern Peru, The Pantanal and Columbia) if this one had gone well but there is no way we would trust him now.
The other couple were continuing their tour after we returned to Lima. They were going to go to Macchu Picchu and Omar was refusing to tell them which train they would be catching from Cusco, what time their train back was or what time their flight was to Lima afterwards! Unbelievable. He then told them that he wouldn't be travelling with them after all but that a guide would meet them at the station. The 3 days they were having in Lima after that over lapped with another tour he was running ... They actually got a longer tour than us and for less money!
This may all sound a little confusing but that's how it was with Omar. Lies and omissions all the way. No refunds. He is a good birder but no way could we recommend his company. We paid over $8,000 for a holiday we had been looking forward to for a year and got dropped right into the proverbial.
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Good morning! Many thanks for your opinion and felling about it. About your case: we informed you week before the tour start about the last update obligate changed of your trip for two cases: not guides available for the high season and you DID NOT PAID FOR A PRIVATE TOUR. Instead to that, we will provide you way better services at some location along tour and more birds to watch for sure. We understand that you wanted a private tour at the beggining as omar and you agree but for a emergency case we needed to find a solution asap plus for a private tour which usually is 50% more for it, you did not paid fot it and we did not feel obligate to provde you a private tour to be clear just in case. And even we did you a descount for this trip also. Anyway unfortunately it was not possible at the end and we had apologize for it before the tour started and when you had meet Omar for the tour. You booked our Manu Road and Amazon for 14 days and we had guive you that. For sure in different order and instead Manu Lowland (Amazon) was Tambopata National Rserve (Amazon). The past schedulle was include it only 2 domestic flight tickets but in the new 3. we understand about the luggages problems in the airports, it was a surprise for us also but we paid for it and you did not pay anything extra for your domestic flights or luggages fees. And according our terms and conditions we are not responsible for any domestic flights problem but we made the solution with no extra charge. And if you decided to leave the tour by your own desicion the is not refund for it. Finally on the booking form that all our clients sign as you did also says: I accepted signing this form for any change on our itinerary for any case for a better service. About the hotel (you decided to leave Manu road lodge by your own desicion and the other couple did not wanted but they acepted because omar offered other birding locations for more species that it was no include in their tour with not extra charge and they were even more happy with it. They did not wanted to make more problems that you were doing all the time. Lodges and Hotels don't refund anything when people leave before (not show). The hotel in Cusco: we were no trying to charge you more, it was the real price that hotels provide us: if there are other options cheapear: probably booking or other sites, it is always welcome right, there is not problem for us. we provided you the tour with even with better locations and accomodations and you have seen more species that you expected. The Tour was included it: Manu Road lodges (we did) Amazon part: Oxbow Lake Sandoval, Explorers Inn Logde (Canopy Tower and forest surroundings) Biggest Macaw Clay Lick inthe world(chuncho) we did and we did not charged anything extra for it. The other couple were very happy with everthing (we will not open a case for it) They did their trip ever better with the last change with more places and more birds to see. Final result: awesome trip for them according their last mail. You were not polite with the other couple and with Omar all the time for all over the trip And even that everybody just wanted to help in everything. In few words: we provided you the trip even much better that you had booked or paid with us and we did not charge anything extra for it and you did not paid anything else than the tour. Well, If you still felling that we did a bad service in general and Omar was a lier. We are really sorry for it anyway we did our best. Regards Peru Birding Tours Team!
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UK53 条分享
2019年3月 • 夫妻情侣
We booked to spend ten days in the Amazon with Omar of Peru birding and then three days birding around Lima. Omar’s knowledge especially of forest birds is outstanding with the ability to call them close with his phone. He was attentive at all times and ready to adapt the day’s programme to our interests and energies. Over the time we saw close to four hundred bird species and a good range of mammals including sloths and anteaters - and several families of giant otters

Information in advance was a little thin and in the end we just had to trust him which was the right call

The two day trip from Lima 5000 metres up into the Andes was fascinating both for the birds we saw and for the changes as we increased height - overnight accommodation was basic as indicated- but it is a trip well worth doing and not advertised by others

Omar is happy to work with a group of just two which worked well for us
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Melanie G
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2018年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Omar may be a good guide but he will cancel the tour with no warning and no refund, and cite his terms and conditions on his website. Since October, he has changed these terms and conditions twice to fit the cancellation excuses for my clients. I only caught the cancellation on his website, and when questioned via email, he said lodges were closed for maintenance, roads and bridges were closed due to construction; he just could not save the tour. We were welcome to postpone from November 2018 to anytime in 2019. No refund period. I found a competitor who did the same birding tour, same lodges, same Manu Road, same dates even. Clients went on the trip and had no issues. So the reasons for Omar cancelling were just excuses. He didn't want to guide the trip, and just cancelled. After my clients returned, Omar emailed to get a new date booked for 2019, and I explained the clients had already traveled with his competitor and that I would be leaving reviews on several sites. He emailed that in that case he would give us a refund. I waited to see if the money would show up, and it has been two months, and have not received a cent. My clients lost over $5,000.00 to Omar. In our business, if you don't give the service you were paid to give, and don't give a full refund, you would be out of business. Be careful booking with Peru Birding Tours and Omar. Just know your money is gone, whether you get the tour you paid for or not.
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宾夕法尼亚费城29 条分享
2018年6月 • 夫妻情侣
My wife and I went on a Manu Cloud Forest 5 Day tour with Omar and Peru Birding Tours this past June/July. It was spectacular. We saw 215 lifers in five days, plus plenty of birds we'd seen previously but were happy to see again. Bird highlights included Andean Cock-of-the-Rock, Andean (Yungas) Pygmy Owl, Amazonian Umbrellabird, Fiery-Capped Manakin, Barred Fruiteater, Red-crested Cotinga, and Lyre-tailed Nightjar. Mammal highlights included Andean fox, Tayra, and two species of monkey.

Omar is a truly expert guide. He's one of the only guides in Peru who knows all of the species of Peru. He knows them all by sound, by sight, by location. In addition to being as knowledgable a guide as you could find, he's also extremely personable, kind, and accommodating. He's just a pleasure to hang out with.

The logistics of the trip went perfectly. He picked us up at our hotel in Cusco, and dropped us off there at the end of the trip. In the meantime, we stayed at Cock-of-the-Rock lodge, and Wayqecha lodge, both of which are really nice places to stay. We also saw lots of birds between Cusco and the Manu road. It's a long drive, but Omar planned stops in beautiful places that allowed us to see more birds and take nice breaks.

Our driver, Antonio, was also excellent. The Manu road is narrow and filled with potholes, and we never felt unsafe.

My only regret is that we didn't plan a longer trip, so we could get into the lowlands. I highly recommend Peru Birding Tours.
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Piming K
堪萨斯欧弗兰帕克16 条分享
2017年10月 • 好友
We have party of ten to bird on this trip and Omar Diaz is the bird guide. We stayed on Wayqecha Station, Cock of the Rock Lodge, Villa Carmen, and Amazonia Lodge when birding on the Manu road. Omar is very knowledgeable birding guide. He was able to ID the bird in distance and difficult light situation.

The birding experience was good. However, the flight was cancelled from Puno to Lima and he was not sure if he will refund us the fares after we cut the tour short and took the bus to Cusco and paid the air fares from Cusco to Lima our self. Other things like that the diner at Brujas de Cachiche in Lima as part of the city tour he promised was cancelled and we ended up eat at Luxury Inkari Hotel and switched the lake fronted Libertador Lake Titicaca to the downtown Hotel Puno Terra. Maybe the cost is higher since we booked the trip long time ago and he needed to cut the corners.
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堪萨斯欧弗兰帕克6 条分享
2017年10月 • 好友
Our party of ten from the U.S. signed up with Peru Birding Tours more than a year in advance. It was an all-inclusive package. We asked the owner Omar Diaz to add a half-day Lima city tour at the beginning and a two-night stay in Puno (Lake Titicaca) at the end. Altogether, our trip lasted from October 5 to 19, 2017. Mr. Diaz was our birding guide in the Cusco region and on the Manu Road, including Wayqecha Station, Cock of the Rock Lodge, Villa Carmen and Amazonia Lodge during the period 10/6 – 10/16.

The soft-spoken Mr. Diaz turned out to be an extremely knowledgeable avian expert. He displayed uncanny ability to find birds in the sky, trees and bushes and on the ground. Bird ID was instantaneous upon the first glimpse or call of any species. His judicious use of a green laser pointer proved to be very helpful in enabling us to see hidden or camouflaged birds. Mr. Diaz led us one early morning on a highly productive visit to a lek of the Andean cock-of-the-rock. We were totally mesmerized by the sight and sound of ten males and two females. Then there was an after-dinner owl hunt – the first for all ten of us. By following the faintest hooting, Mr. Diaz managed to find for us an Andean pygmy-owl and a tawny-bellied screech-owl. We were amazed by this feat accomplished in pitch darkness and took many photos of the latter bird under spotlight.

It is only fair to also report areas of concern. We had been promised a Lima dinner at Brujas de Cachiche. Instead we ate the unremarkable restaurant at Luxury Inkari Hotel. Similarly, we stayed at Hotel Puno Terra, rather than the more upscale Libertador Lake Titicaca. The second leg of our domestic flight was said to be discontinued by the airline. Yet, Mr. Diaz produced no documentation. We ended up booking the Cusco to Lima flight at our own expense (USD72.69.) To be sure, Mr. Diaz did provide one upgrade – one night at the deluxe Villa Carmen in place of the rustic Amazonia Lodge.
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38 条分享
2017年8月 • 好友
Our group of six just returned from a 16 day birding tour starting in Lima through Machu Picchu, Manu Road, cloud forest, Amazon and ending in Puerto Maldonado. What a fabulous adventure!!! Omar, our guide, was the best - friendly, patient, energetic and SO KNOWLEDGEABLE! He knows his birds and where to find them. Our schedule was intense, but worked out flawlessly. We had nice accommodations and great food. Logged in over 550 bird species. I would without hesitation recommend Omar and Peru Birding Tours to any birders. We had a great time and lots of fun. Peru is an amazingly beautiful and diverse country!
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Nancy O
4 条分享
2017年8月 • 好友
Our group of 6 went from the Pacific to Machu Picchu to the Amazon jungle. In all, we saw over 550 species of birds, 5 types of monkeys, a tapir, sloth, ant eater along with many other creatures. Omar was a wonderful guide and made sure that everyone had an opportunity to see everything. Make sure you bring your camera and plenty of insect repellent. I would highly recommend using this company if you are planning a trip to Peru and would like a guide.
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