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2023年5月 • 好友
The ride from Manila Airport to our homestay was about 10 hours, with an hour for brunch n late lunch break in between.
Roads were good conditions n outskirt more narrow but not bumpy.
Our homestay is less than 10 minutes drive to Ranger's office.

Mt Pulag is a beautiful place to hike. It may not have steep slopes but still challenging enough due to open space exposure to cold wind and hot sun.
Luckily, it didn't rain during my trip. Saw a few locals using umbrella which was a good idea.
The well maintained made-man rocky pathway was hard for my knees.
Since it is a sacred ground for the locals, we were advised to do our toilet visit at the last toilet near Ranger's office before we start out hike.
You can rent hiking stick for 50 Pesos, sleeping bag, and headlight too at the few shops near Ranger's office.
I rented 2 hiking poles the
day before my hike and returned
them on the way after the hike. Do
have local currency handy as most are small shops doubt credit card is accepted.

Along the trails, we passed by 2 huts where you can rest. One is near the camping site with basic toilet facility.
After the hike as I exit the trail, there were a few
motorbikes offering ride to Ranger's
office or homestay. I gladly paid 200 pesos for a ride to my
My group started hike at 2am, waited for sunrise at Grassland before going to Summit. I finished hike at 11 am.
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Jean K
菲律宾Cainta1 条分享
2020年10月 • 家庭
This is a playground of the god, the experience is not at the peak of it but your journey in the uphill mountain. This is the place where i will visit again soon.
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2020年3月 • 好友
Mt. Pulag hike is on every mountaineer’s bucket list and it’s not hard to see why. From the majestic view of sea of clouds and rolling hills to uphill trails and scenic sunrise, Mt. Pulag surely knows how to make someone fall head over heels for her. Pulag is Luzon’s highest peak at 2,926 meters above sea level and is popular among hikers and trekkers because of its picturesque trails and a stunning view of Mt. Pulag sea of clouds.

Did you know? The indigenous people there treat Mt. Pulag as sacred because it’s close to heaven and they believe that they can speak to God.

It gives as the moment to bear witness of the sunrise for success and sunset upon leaving the memories behind. The worth of hiking will give you opportunity to capture every angle that emphasizes the background and by beautifying you as a subject. There is no regret after all, where you may cherish those short stay of experiencing such above the clouds yet closer to heaven. Thus, the happier you do, the longer the Mt. Pulag will mark your footprints and welcome you to become a family in the next visit.
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Ramanuj Naik
印度Bhilai25 条分享
Mt. Pulag stands as Luzon’s highest peak,at 2,926 meters above sea level.visitors can catch glimpses of the Milky Way Galaxy at dawn . Referred as Sea of clouds. Very nice Picturesque > Four trails take you up the mountain for for few you need prior permission from DENR. Its also famous International destination for people who love nature , hike and galaxy.
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加拿大多伦多8 条分享
Paying it forward with some details on how to organize a semi-DIY trip up Pulag via Akiki via Kabayan on the fly! (We had a lot of difficulty finding information online, so I hope this helps someone else)

My partner and I weren't sure whether we would hike Mt. Pulag or not, and so we just arrived in Kabayan (which is closest to the Akiki trail DENR) with our travel packs with a rainjacket and a fleece sweater and the hope that everything would come together!

GUIDE: We stayed at the pine-cone lodge and they helped us to find a guide (there seemed to be some kind of training happening that day and so she actually tracked us down!) Having a guide is mandatory and you need to pay environmental fees as well. All this is done at the DENR station before you start the hike.

GEAR: Sleeping bags: Our guide rented us her sleeping bags and she suggested that we start early and sleep in the hut at the Marlboro hills campground. Our understanding was that we would need to go to the Ambageng DENR to rent tents and sleeping bags but this is about an hour away from Kabayan, so difficult to get there and back if you're just there a few days. If you hiked Ambageng this wouldn't be a problem. Alternatively, you can try to coordinate with one of the Mt Pulag guide groups on facebook and just rent their gear to go to Akiki. We tried to do this but due to lack of wifi we didn't get to follow-up with them. Cheaper than paying for a full package.

CLOTHES: There were tons of second-hand clothing stores in Kabayan. I think we bought hats, gloves, socks, extra layer of fleece and leggings for about 5$ CAD. Not bad. We donated it all to the lodge when we left because we did not wish to carry it around after our trek.We also picked up headlamps which you will need to trek in the dark.

FOOD: We paid our guide for butane and she allowed us to use her stove. There are lots of food shops in Kabayan. We kept it simple with peanut butter and jam sandwiches, pancit (instant noodles), some apples and granola bars. Make sure to have 2 litres of water, although there were LOTS of places to refill water along the way.

THE TREK: The hike itself. The Akiki trail ("the killer trailer") is definitely all up hill but very doable if you are in decent shape. We started hiking around 7:45 and arrived at the Marlboro hills site at 11. Plenty of time to relax, play with the cows before going to sleep early. We got up at 2AM and had breakfast and started our hike to the summit. We arrived at 4:30 AM and had to duck into the grasses for warmth a bit while we waited for the sunrise. The cold is no joke so dress appropriately! But the views are amazing! Had we had tents we could have slept at the closer campground and gotten to sleep in a bit haha.

GETTING THERE: We left our bags at the Pine cone lodge. We took a trike to the DENR station. We exited the hike via the Ambageng trail. We ended around 9AM and went and ate some lunch. We rode on the back of motorbikes to get to a bus stop to catch a bus going back to Kabayan. (I believe it was coming from Baguio) We had to wait quite a while but it was much cheaper than hiring a motorbike to take us back the hour to get to Kabayan.

Hope this guide helps someone out!!
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Must Do Travels
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Kept close to the hearts of many mountain enthusiasts is Mouth Pulag. Visiting in the day will award you with the “sea of clouds”, a phenomenal spectacle of the heavens and true Insta material. Take the trip at dawn for a breath-taking view of the Milky Way, an other-worldly experience where pictures cannot do it justice.
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Gessa G.
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2019年10月 • 好友
Despite of the bad weather condition that we encountered days before the actual climb, I can truly say that it was all worth it. Coming from the Southern part of the Philippines,I was in awe of Benguet's landscape and chilly temperature. Fast forward, we took the Ambangeg Back Trail in climbing up Mt. Pulag. Contrary to what others have said, Ambangeg trail might be the easiest of all the trails when it comes to level of difficulty, but I guess, it was one of the most draining trail because of the distance from the jump off to the peak. At scam ang malamig na hangin kase sa baba mo pa mafefeel na may sunburn kana pala. 😂
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D. A. Luis
澳大利亚悉尼3 条分享
Travelling with group of friends from Australia, we were on our 10th list of hiking place around the world if we may address it as it is. We hike Mt. Pulag, it is considered tough but it is at the same time fun hiking place.

We did took our Medical Certification but, it wasn't requested at all during our visit there, BUT it is good for all of you to be having one, in case they asking. Just be prepared.
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菲律宾碧瑶3 条分享
My first real big-time hike and I wasn't disappointed in any way. The peak is surreal, like you're inside a Windows XP Screensaver! Beautiful in every description, I'm coming back again, no question!
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菲律宾碧瑶3 条分享
2019年4月 • 好友
Jaw-dropping sunrise and majestic skyline!!! This is my third climb and once again, I was awe-struck with how beautiful Mt. Pulag is. Although I have only tried the Ambangeg (easy) trail. There are several changes since my last visit like the cemented road to the jump off point and motorcycles fetching hikers at the end of the trail. I just wish that hikers be more environmentally aware & refrain from throwing garbage and doing their “thing” anywhere. It is truly a worthwhile experience. I have to try the other trails next time.
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