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2015年10月 • 独自旅游
Actually I wanna write review while I was in the spa coz I am very disappointed . I had foot massage and manicure. The staff were talking too much to each other. Noisy and not professional. My massage was terrible. One foot feel numb while doing my massage. The place was worn out. Towels are not being replaced. The pillows on the chair are used in your back and in your foot. Im pretty sure they don't sterilized nail cleaning stuff. I will never ever go back in this place. Not worth your time and money. I don't even see a supervisor or a manager. Too bad it's in greenbelt.
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Kristine C
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2015年5月 • 独自旅游
Unlike the review below, I went to the Tips N' Toes nail salon located in Greenbelt, Makati city. Looking to try a different nail spot near my office, I immediately signed up for a luxury manicure and pedicure, and wasn't at all prepared for the experience I was going to have, least of all coming from a respected US franchise.

First of all, the place is terrible on the inside. This is not immediately apparent as the frosted glass windows obscure most of the gloom in the nail salon. Upon entering, it's hard not to notice the shabby and yellowing, once-blue chairs, the dripping aircon on the left (which uses a pedicure-basin to catch the water) and best of all, the weird stench that smells vaguely of wet gym socks and a vanilla scented candle.

Second, the staff. When I called to book my appointment, the receptionist was very friendly and even in person, she was the only staff member of the salon who did not look like she hated her job. The two ladies who did my mani and pedi we're quite possibly the most miserable manicurists I have ever met. I kept my conversation to a minimum since they weren't even the least bit interested in polite small talk, and one even threw the disc samples of nail polish down onto my lap. Okay, fine, I get that you're having a bad day but at least control yourself in front of customers.

The mani and pedi itself was clearly a half-assed job that I could have and maybe should have done myself, considering the price I paid. Worst of all, I noticed that the polish on my right hand began to bubble even before the manicurist began working on my left! I called the her attention before it got any worse, and instead of fixing it by removing the ruined polish, she simply swathed over a thick clear coat instead.

After both jobs were done, the manicurist simply walked over to the reception area, took off her shoes to prop them up on the table, and proceeded to read a magazine. It was then that a more senior staff member called her attention in front of the whole salon to make her get up and attend to a waiting customer, which she ended up doing begrudgingly. It was such an awkward scene to watch, quite like a child being berated in public.

I was so shocked and appalled that this kind of staff behaviour and dynamic was present in a nail salon that was barely 50 sqm big! By then, i noticed my nails were dry and completely horrible-looking.The nails on both hands looked like cream cheese due to all the tiny bubbles that had formed under the polish. I was so annoyed that I didn't even bother asking them to fix it, so I paid and left and will NEVER be back.

Go to some other salon for your nails. Just forget about this place!
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菲律宾马卡蒂132 条分享
2014年7月 • 独自旅游
I have always been a fan of Tips n' Toes since it started. It was the pioneer in the Nail Spa Industry, being one of the first in bringing techniques from the US; and was happy to find a branch in San Antonio Plaza by Forbes Park in Makati.

The first few times I attempted to get a service, there were not enough Nail Technicians to service more than 2 clients at a time. The only time I was able to have my nails done, my nails were being filed too short that it hurt. My nails were also not as clean as I expected them to be.
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