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2019年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Yumiko was so welcoming and friendly and made this so special! We booked through Airbnb Experiences and enjoyed getting to know a local and learning the proper way to make miso soup, the Japanese omlette and sushi. She even went through a tea ceremony which was unexpected but so so special and sweet! Yumiko is one of a kind!
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日本京都市115 条分享
2018年5月 • 夫妻情侣
I enjoyed the cooking lessons given by Yumiko, whose family has lived in Kyoto for generations. She told me about the local Kyoto dishes which you don’t find anywhere else in Japan, and how to make them. Her knowledge of the history and customs of Kyoto greatly enhanced the culinary experience. The lessons are well organized and easy to follow - great for beginners, but also for experienced cooks.
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Cathryn B
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2017年7月 • 家庭
If you want to meet a genuine, friendly person on your travels / would love the experience of cooking with a skilled, guiding hand helping you create nourishing and authentic Kyoto food / and would love the opportunity of conversing with a knowledgable and interesting locally born and raised lady about the many facets of Japanese culture: look no further! You must met Yumiko!

I am not a skilled cook, but Yumiko has taught me to make several dishes which are very popular in our Australian household! Yummy!

I have had the opportunity of learning from her during visits to Japan over many years and she is extraordinary! I have taken various groups of friends to her apartment for cooking and other lessons and they have always raved about how great was the experience!

Do yourself a favour - contact Yumiko when you are in Kyoto!
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日本京都市2 条分享
2018年3月 • 好友
I took my friend to Yumi Yummy Japanese Cooking class. Yumiko was a very charming lady with extensive knowledge about Japanese cooking, culture and history. Even I learnt a lot from this course! We really enjoyed the afternoon with her. The food was great, conversation was easy and the atmosphere was warm, I strongly recommend Yumi Yummy cooking class when you visit Kyoto.
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2017年12月 • 家庭
Yumiko is a natural. She has a relaxed charm that gives no hint of the depth and breadth of her knowledge of Japanese Culture. She genuinely enjoys the company of new acquaintances and was very happy to chat about Flower arranging, Tea ceremony, Japanese painting and other things while preparing and explaining the meal. It was quite a mindful - in addition to the wonderful meal. I came with my wife and two young children, we had a great evening and came away much richer for the experience.
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希腊112 条分享
2018年4月 • 独自旅游
I took three different Japanese cooking classes from Yumiko here in Kyoto. I love to cook and I had made maki sushi in the past, so I'm not a total novice.

But I had never made dashi broth from scratch (dashi broth is the basis of miso soup) and I had never made karaage or the more complicated form of maki sushi or vegetable side dishes. All this and more, I learned at Yumiko's classes.

The cooking classes were held in Yumiko's well-appointed kitchen in her apartment. She explained everything very well and answered all my questions about different types of soy sauce and miso, different kinds of rice, the best kind of seaweed to use for miso soup, and many more.

Yumiko is a Kyoto native whose family has resided in the city for generations and she is a fountain of information about local Kyoto food and traditions. During the cooking lessons, she showed me how to make dashi, how to make tamago, maki sushi, various vegetable side dishes, etc. It's a very hands-on class; she doesn't just make the food, she lets you have a go at it!

Yumiko is also a Japanese tea ceremony master and she can teach you how to make matcha properly in a tea ceremony style. This was very interesting for me because I had been to tea ceremony several times in the past, but I had never been given the opportunity to actually perform it (well, a shortened version of it).

If you love Japanese food and you want to learn how to make Japanese dishes properly, Yumiko's cooking classes are the best place to learn.

Yumiko has lived in Australia and France so she understands the perspectives of foreigners and can explain cooking techniques that are easy to comprehend and remember.
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