F.A. Seiberling Nature Realm

F.A. Seiberling Nature Realm(阿克伦)

F.A. Seiberling Nature Realm
上午10:00 - 下午4:45
上午10:00 - 下午4:45
上午10:00 - 下午4:45
上午10:00 - 下午4:45
上午10:00 - 下午4:45
上午10:00 - 下午4:45
下午12:00 - 下午4:45

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Jasmine N
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Family fun in a nature setting
2020年1月 • 家庭
Great for kids and family outing. We brought bird seed and the birds actually flew down and ate out of our hands! Very affordable and nice natural environment loved it !
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加拿大Harrow350 条分享
Suspension Bridge
Beautiful park with well laid out hiking trails. We were very impressed on how clean everything was, both in the Visitor's center and on the trails. Great interactive activities for children and friendly staff on hand to answer questions. We loved that all the trees where identified.
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俄亥俄阿克伦17 条分享
One of the must see's above the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
Although not a part of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, it is nearby just up the hill from the valley. It is part of the Summit County Metro Parks in the greater Akron area. The park is what I consider one of the must sees just because ot the beauty of the building, the trails, the pond and the woods and grounds as a whole.
One of the highlights of the park is the main building which houses both live and stuffed animals of the ares.
Note: the stuffed animals come from natural deaths not hunted animals. They give you an up close look at nature and animals that you normally would not get to see. They also feature some live animals and reptiles that vary but are very interesting to see just what beautiful animals, birds, reptiles and other critters we have close to us in the area.
One of my favorite things to do when I am here is to sit in the area that is behind glass where you can view birds, chipmunks, squirrels and any other creature that wanders into view where they have many bird feeders well stocked for the winged friends outside, They have a very complete list and pictures of the birds many of you would very rarely see or even know that exist in our ares.

One word Go, it is worth the trip.
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Scott C
俄亥俄阿克伦32 条分享
Best Metro Park
2019年9月 • 家庭
I’ve been going to the Nature Center since I was a kid in the 70s. No I have small children and it’s even better. We go at least once a month throughout the year and now is a perfect time with the changing leaves. The Nature Realm building has lots for kids to do and is very interactive. There’s a small gift shop inside as well. They always have hikes and classes during all times of the year that are fun as well. Don’t miss going here!
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26 条分享
2019年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Beautiful park and facility. Numerous nature trails, ponds and paths. Charming herb garden with Lilly pad pond...look closely, you’ll find turtles and frogs enjoying the feature. The nature center is informative with a nice bird viewing area and tanks housing wildlife found in the park. Gift shop, and immaculate restrooms accessible from inside the center or outside from near the path. Enjoy and plan to stay awhile. (Photo from a summer visit)
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Sal Puglisi
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Great area to take a walk. Bird watching is superior to any in the area. Parking is well maintained.
This is a great place to bird watch. A walk in the woods is fabulous exercise. The restroom was very clean. The parking lot was well maintained. Worth the effort to enjoy nature. The surroundings are peaceful. Other patrons are respectful.
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2 条分享
Beautiful park
2019年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Just love this park. It's shelter is full of information about the park, it's history, the animals and has a bird watching room. The park itself has lovely trails - both easy and increasing in difficulty. A gr at place for people of all ages.
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Tracy M
俄亥俄阿克伦6 条分享
Beautiful Park
2019年7月 • 家庭
This a a beautiful little park with a few different trails that are easy to hike and scenic. If you bring some bird seed, you might be able to coax some chickadees, titmice, and nuthatches into landing on your hand to eat. I saw a wild muskrat here once and I am not lying when I tell you that it was a thrilling experience!
It's obvious that the staff takes a great deal of pride in the landscaping and upkeep of the grounds. Be sure not to miss the visitors' center if it is open, especially if you have kids with you. There are various nature-centric activities for younger kids and they keep a few live native animals (like turtles and frogs) in the center, as well as some other taxidermied animals (deer, raccoon, etc.).
The herb garden is absolutely charming and another can't-miss. It's a great place to sit and relax while taking in the beautiful scenery.
My mom used to take me to the Nature Realm as a child and now I enjoy spending time here with my son. It's a great park for families, couples, or just for a solo hike. I highly recommend visiting this park if you have the chance.
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Reynoldsburg, Ohio11 条分享
Wonderful oasis in Akron
Took a couple hours to visit with my family before heading home from our quick weekend away. Nature trails were awesome. Loved the suspension bridge and we saw tons of wildlife including birds, deer, turtles and a snake. Visitor center was awesome. The naturalists there were very interactive with the visitors and informative. Very nice park.
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Dick L
俄亥俄阿克伦17 条分享
Fun Place To Visit With Kids
2019年5月 • 家庭
Nice trails throughout the park from easy to more difficult. Enjoyable easy garden trail with labeled plants, flowers and herbs. A visitors center with some good displays for kids and a fun viewing area to the outside to see birds enjoying various feeders. Also a modest gift shop. Younger kids can sign up for nature classes conducted by a very knowledgeable naturalist. Nice find! And plenty of free parking.
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