McGee Creek State Park
McGee Creek State Park
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5798 S McGee Creek Lake Rd, Atoka, OK

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Roman P
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2022年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Bathrooms were clean and we had a great stay, we stayed in Buster Hight 1 only thing the bugged was the trash dumpsters are 2 miles away from the camp ground. Kinda makes it easy for litter bugs not to clean up after themselves.
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Clay B
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We stayed at the Buster Hight Post Oak tent campground, Space #12 for Columbus Day Weekend 2021. The campground is built on a gentle slope with the "Comfort Station" (toilets, showers) on the high end by the South Parking Lot and the lake on the low end. The entire campground is wooded, but sun will filter through trees so a shade tent is still necessary for full-time coverage. A concrete path makes a circle through the campground, and concrete paths lead to both the swimming area and the covered fishing dock. My son enjoyed riding on his scooter down the circular path from the top near the South Parking Lot to our Site #12 at the bottom of the hill. Each site is built on a 22' x 31' elevated pad with concrete block retaining walls and filled with decomposed granite gravel, mostly small pebbles but some rocks up to 1 inch so a sleeping pad is recommended. Tent stakes require a hammer to insert into the d.g. surface, but are then secure and will pull straight out with some encouragement. Each site is level with the concrete path for easy access with your wagon or 2-wheeler that you use to haul your gear from the parking lots to the tent site. Each site has an 1' elevated, 3' round metal fire pit with built-in grill and a picnic table that can be moved with some muscle. Several benches are positioned along the high walls to prevent accidental falls, although no retaining wall seemed higher than 3'. The Comfort Station consists of a Men's Room and Women's Room, each containing two sinks and two privacy toilet stalls. There are also four individual shower rooms, although during our visit only two were operational and the quality of the shower head spray varied in spray and pressure. Site #12 is one of three "lakefront" sites and subject to flooding when the lake level is above normal, as seen in the Google Earth Photo dated 07/2015, but I believe this is exceptional. The lake level was down during our visit. Site #12 is well-positioned between the fishing dock and the swim area, and approximately 60 yards downhill from the West Parking Lot. There is also a nice, shaded playground near the Comfort Station. Complaints: 1) The State Park has one central trash dumpster area located near the Park Office, so you must secure your daily trash in a racoon-safe container or your vehicle, or haul it to the dump. 2) The Park Office has irregular hours, perhaps because of the pandemic, but they closed at 4:30 and were not open Saturday or Sunday. The website says check-in is at 5:00 and check-out is at 2:00, but really we could have arrived at 2:00 and nobody would have been the wiser. 3) I thought the 1.4 mile hiking trail at Potapo could have been marked better. FYI: not really a complaint, but be aware: the bass boats will be roaring at full-throttle across the glass-like lake at first light every morning. FYI: The Dam Store, which is located outside the Park and is usually the closest convenience store, was closed during our visit, but the community of Lane has a Dollar General and Sunoco C-Store for your ice, snacks bait and beer needs. Praises: 1) Very beautiful scenery! 2) The maintenance person comes through to clean every day about 1:00. What I will bring next time: a blower for the concrete paths, since my son likes to scooter; a kayak or canoe; something site in a float, like a noodle; a friend with a motor boat.
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俄克拉何马州俄克拉何马城74 条分享
2021年8月 • 好友
My husband and I rented lake hut 7 here for the weekend . Our friends stayed in lake hut 5 and my parents in lake hut 1. This was our first time at McGee Creek and we will definitely be back. It's a very clean lake and it wasn't busy at all for a hot day in Oklahoma. We caught some fish, hiked the Potapo trail (located at the dead end road by lake hut 8, can't miss the sign, very easy to find) kayaked and swam. The park is decently kept and we saw a state worker stop and clean the bathrooms. The bathrooms are located between hut 4 and hut 5. There's only two and its one person at a time. Theres showers located in each bathroom at no charge. Theres a charge machine in there but no signs to let you know they don't charge. Just turn the hot water on.
The lake huts have AC, power outlets, a table, few shelves and a fireplace. There's a nice covered porch with two chairs. It's a shame the pine needles obstruct the view and there's holes in the screen so the skeeters can still get you (bring your off). I tried to clean it out but there's screens on the inside and outside so the needles collect in the middle. There's a water faucet outside every cabin with a grill and fire place. There's some fire pits in between the cabins for gathering as well. Every lake hut has access to the water. They are all pet friendly, with a fee of course. Bring your bug spray to spray down the inside of your cabin. No one comes out to clean these cabins. The spiders were gigantic and we had a few scorpions. All the cabins are pretty much alike except for lake hut one. Lake hut 1 is handicap. It has more of a concrete slab and easy access to the front door.
We all throughly enjoyed our stay and plan to come back. The lake was just beautiful and water was clean and clear.
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Katie A
Grapevine,6 条分享
My family of four (husband, 10 year old daughter and 8 year son) plus two of the kid's friends stayed at the Post Oak Campground over fall break in spot 1. It was right next to the bathroom and across the street from the playground. Although easy to access, there was quite a bit of traffic, I'd recommend grabbing spot 3. The bathrooms and shower were clean. Each spot at Post Oak had a lantern holder, picnic table, and fire pit with grilling grate attached. I was very impressed with the park sidewalks, they were all paved and we were wishing we'd have brought the kids' bikes or scooters. There were electrical outlets in the restroom for a quick phone charge. I did a quick look at the other camp sites, tent hill located 2 miles down the road at potapo was very primitive. Black Jack was also primitive with outhouse type restrooms but within walking distance to the bathroom and showers by Post Oak. We enjoyed the 1.4 mile hike at Potapo, the trailhead is directly across from the tent hill camping sites. It was very easy and all the kids loved it.
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德克萨斯州麦金尼121 条分享
My stargazing friends enjoyed coming to McGee Creek State Park especially because the area is on the Bortle Scale possibly in the "Rural Sky" classification; but, we had a little moon light, and there were lights in the day-use parking area that remained on all night. However, we could see the Neowise Comet with the naked eye.
The tent camping situation leaves much to be desired. From our unmarked "Blackjack" area - which was nearly impossible to locate and not on any map - was situated in a bowl-shaped, wooded section of the park. This made the campsite less breezy with higher humidity. If you are looking for a sweat-lodge experience, I might recommend this campsite in late July.
The site was absolutely polluted with garbage when we arrived. My fellow campers helped clean it up and reported it to the park staff. We ended up with several large bags filled with beer cans, water bottles, and untold amounts of rubbish. Afterward, we were able to enjoy our camping experience, but it was tainted by having to pick up after people who just don't get it.
The "Blackjack" area looks like it is in a state of transitioning from a day-use area, and there are not designated tent pads in the section between the parking lot for the swimming beach and the parking lot for the boat ramp. Perhaps this isn't the ideal place to pitch a tent.
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Simple and Joyful
俄克拉何马州俄克拉何马城28 条分享
This was the first time I had been to McGee Creek, and despite the bad weather for Spring Break, it was so much fun! Some of the campsites are slightly small, we stayed in BS06 which I think was the best campsite right off the water, you can beach your boat and it's a perfect spot to fish.

With the weather bad for the week, there weren't very many people, but while talking to the ranger, he said that usually during Spring Break there are so many people that food trucks will come down to the swim area.

Great fishing spot, caught 3 bass and a large catfish. It's also a perfect place to hike, there are some really nice trails that you can camp overnight, take your horse on, or ride your bike through.

Some things to know:
- Stop by the visitors center to get a map of the area and trails
- Make sure you reserve a site before showing up
- Showers are free
- You can put anything on an RV site as long as you pay the RV price
- Buster Camping has some of the best primitive camping sites I've seen

I also heard some take a Kayak and take it across the lake and then camp and hike, which sounds like fun.

Really enjoyed my camping trip!
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Shyanne Benedict
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2019年6月 • 家庭
Very beautiful natural scenery, lots of wildlife. Here you can go swimming in the water, setup camp and go hiking. Plenty of recreation to do here.
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Joe M
俄克拉何马州Atoka154 条分享
2018年9月 • 家庭
McGee Creek Lake is one of the prettiest lakes you’ll ever see. I’m not a fisherman, but many friends say there’s no better fishing than here. I do know for boating recreation, such as skiing or jet skiing, it’s a paradise.
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德克萨斯州麦金尼23 条分享
2018年11月 • 家庭
Hidden gem. Booked this location because of availability of other places. This place is peaceful, beautiful and clean.
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俄克拉何马州Shawnee4 条分享
2018年9月 • 家庭
Has a fun weekend at McGee Creek State Park. Good facilities, especially the showers were great. Staffs keep it clean. Park has a good playground for young children. Highly recommended.
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