Takena Landing Park

Takena Landing Park(奥尔巴尼)

Takena Landing Park

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Karlina C
俄勒冈奥尔巴尼967 条分享
Great loop
2019年1月 • 家庭
Great spot for a stroll- almost 3 mile bath along the river. Lots of parking and bathrooms at boat landing.
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Bev N
Albany14 条分享
Takena Landing Park
2017年9月 • 好友
This a a great place to grab a burger/taco and sit by the river - rain or shine and watch the river - lots of water activity in the summer or winter. I'd recommend going with someone - sometimes homeless people frequent - nice bathrooms.
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Anne G
俄勒冈奥尔巴尼59 条分享
Such a beautiful nature walk.
2017年5月 • 夫妻情侣
The walk is so pretty and there are some huge old trees. Peaceful and relaxing. You have an amazing view of the Willamette River and the trails are clean, clear of debris and easy to walk on.
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俄勒冈奥尔巴尼392 条分享
Boat, view or take a walk
2016年3月 • 好友
Takena landing has a boat launch, picnic tables and a lawn for just relaxing and taking in the view of the river ( we went there to watch trees floating by after a deluge) and there's a nice patch for walking that takes you past the golf course. There are also bathrooms. It's a peaceful city park, under the bridges on the north side of the Willamette River..
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俄勒冈奥尔巴尼686 条分享
A lovely, quiet view of the river~
2016年4月 • 独自旅游
Last week, following unusual hectic events, I found myself driving over to Takena Landing Park. I sat at the picnic table with a book, sitting in the sunshine, while frequently glancing up and quietly watching the river flow. It was a wonderful time to spend an hour of quiet reflection.

There is good parking spaces available in the lot, and at the time there were only three other cars parked there. I am assuming people were enjoying the trail that goes alongside the river.

This is a special place, that I find I will take advantage again. So very lucky that Albany has this location to us here in Linn and Benton counties.

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俄勒冈19 条分享
Easy access River Walk
2016年3月 • 独自旅游
This park has so much to offer. I often just like to take a book and read in my car by the river on a rainy day. If it is a good day their is a 3.5 round trip level nature trail that is beautiful in any season and boarders the Willamette River to the south and a golf course to the north. Runners,walker and dogs on leashes can all be found on a typical day. The city also has installed a disc golf course that meanders through the wooded areas from the entrance off Hwy 20 to the large parking lot. I the summer you can launch a kayak or motor boat from the dock and take the view in from the river.
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俄勒冈科瓦利斯46 条分享
Great Walking/Running Trail
2015年7月 • 好友
Looking for a shady, cool walk or run? This is what you're looking for. This flat trail is a roundtrip 3.5 miles that offers glimpses of the river, farmland, and wildlife. The boat Landing offers a picturesque start and finish as well as picnic tables. Might not be the best winter trail (muddy) but lovely in the summer.
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俄勒冈奥尔巴尼69 条分享
Don't miss summer concerts when available
2014年7月 • 家庭
Our whole family's been going to the Concerts in the park for years, they're always fun, not too crowded and have a variety of Styles of music from Rock to Jazz. It's a great laid back way to spend a summer evening!
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俄勒冈奥尔巴尼1 条分享
Jungle Hike in Albany, OR!!
2015年5月 • 好友
Today's hike along the Willamette River was noted by gangly blackberry vines and outstretched Nettles reaching for the sun, narrowing the trail down to a slender one lane in some places. Due to a mild winter and that it's not yet summer season when the trail will be trimmed, I would not recommend biking or wearing shorts!
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俄勒冈奥尔巴尼174 条分享
Take a walk or ride!
2014年7月 • 好友
Great 3.14 mile trail on dirt through the woods along the river. Mountain bike easily or walk. Mostly shaded.
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