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阿拉斯加Petersburg2 条分享
Excellent and unique soaking experience. I've been coming here since i was a child and always enjoy the health benefits of soaking and swimming in natural mineral water. Current staff are friendly and the facilities are clean, comfortable, and relaxing, if rustic. If you want a spa for the people without the spa attitude and prices, this is your place. Also, the fact that you can soak in mineral water without chlorine and chemicals is amazing-- this is truly a therapeutic place that makes you feel good and improves your health.

HOWEVER, I'm dinging a star at the moment for cultural appropriation. There is a huge 'northwest coast style' painting near the outdoor pool that is not attributed to an Indigenous artist. I'd be happy to be wrong but have inquired about it in the past and not heard back. So much has been stolen from this continent's Indigenous societies, it's time to recognize that co-opting their art styles adds insult to injury. If the art is by an Indigenous artist, they should credit that person with a visible plaque. If it is by someone who was mimicking the style and taking design motifs out of cultural context, they should replace it and consider hiring an Indigenous artist to paint a new mural in that space in order to make it right. Northwest style Native art is not just "design" it's a millenia-old tradition that defines and describes Tribal politics, family and clan/moiety relationships, history, and storytelling. Borrowing elements out of context negates these traditions which is a form of violence against these cultures. Further, southern Oregon is not a place where "northwest style" art was or is practiced.

Everyone makes mistakes and I'm sure the art was meant for good. However, when you know better, do better. Let's make this right.
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俄勒冈阿什兰1 条分享
I LOVE this place! I'm a local who has been visiting the wellsprings for about 8 years now. Almost every single time I go, I have a fantastic, relaxing experience. And it's always different - sometimes lots of people (especially on weekends), and other times you don't hear a peep from anyone, with a very meditative vibe. I love both the times that have been highly social and talkative, and the more subdued times that I have largely been internally focused.

Make sure to get really hot in the tub or one of the saunas, and then dive in that freezing pool and swim a few laps! Don't just stick your toe in, because that is torture! Just go for it! You'll love it. And to boot, it's very good for you!

This place has tons of creative types, eclectics, artists, hippies, new agers, young folks, old folks, you name it. The comment characteristic is that most people are very open, very friendly, very easy to talk to, and very respectful - the latter obviously being extremely important in a clothing optional environment. But friendliness and a little flirting seems to be acceptable, as long as you're feeling like the person you're talking to is into it and is basically showing consent for you to talk to them. And if they aren't talkative, don't worry, it doesn't mean they don't like you! Sometimes people just need space and quiet. :)
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Michael B
1 条分享
This place was a refreshing change from the 3 Oregon State Parks I stayed in. Though my site didn't have a picnic table, the bathroom facility had lots of hot water as did the 3 basin dishwashing sink outside. The biggest bonus was having access to the Wellsprings (camper fee $10) with pool, jacuzzi, steam and sauna. All the water comes from a mineral rich, alkaline artesian well. There's also a wonderful bike trail along Bear Creek that goes from Medford to Ashland (vegetation still recovering from the Alameda fire). If you're looking for a cost effective option (with wifi) for enjoying the unique community of Ashland check this place out.
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2022年8月 • 家庭
Bathrooms: spider webs, smell horrible, gunky filth in corners and coating walls, no hand soap, no towels,

Trash bins and dumpsters: Overflowing when we arrived, never emptied.

Campsites: Tarps and junk and clutter and RVs and vehicles that clearly haven’t moved in years.

Dogs: Running around from campsite to campsite, unleashed, no owners in sight.

Spa/soaking pools: Not maintained or cleaned recently… gunk coating floors and walls, spider webs in most corners and on all ceilings. (We understand the “natural” aspects of a natural mineral springs - the place was filthy beyond any reasonable interpretation of an “organic” experience - and we’re internationally experienced travelers and familiar with third world realities.)

Jackson Wellsprings appears to have once been an amazing experience, but years of neglect and lack of sanitation are inexcusable in the hospitality business - even if you’re shooting for a hippy commune vibe. The place was flat out disgusting.
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washington5 条分享
Enjoyed the Adult only swim. Stayed in the Dragonfly tent that was clean and roomy.. This was my second time at Wellsprings camped the first time.
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Andy B
2 条分享
2022年7月 • 家庭
The mens locker room had an especially strong sulfur odor- and I have been to several hot springs. The pool water had a small but noticeable amount of particles floating in it. At check-in there was a menu of cold beverages we could purchase but after we were in the pool area- there was no clerk to buy them from. The only drinking water was warmer than bath water. For the entry fee of $15, this was a rip-off. I will not go here again.
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加利福尼亚Clayton82 条分享
2022年6月 • 夫妻情侣
We made last minute reservations online for a 7PM 90 minute session and walked over from our hotel. Facility is a tad dated, but very pleasant and clean. The pools are as described, and the water temps were spot on. Nice hot steam and sauna rooms. We will go back on our next Ashland visit. Thanks for the friendly welcome and quick tour to the staff!
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Anitra C
加利福尼亚Grass Valley2 条分享
2022年6月 • 家庭
This was our first visit here. I was very surprised to have no kitchen facility or ability to heat water, wash a fish, etc.. it was very self-serve. There was no host to greet us and it took us some time to figure out where we were staying, where to park, etc..The bathroom facility was very unclean, smelled of sulfur (naturally) and urine. We did soak in the pool inside at our reservation time and since it was ladies night it was very comfortable. The warm pool is pretty small so it was at capacity, which was fine. I was hoping for a cold plunge or super hot soak but that wasn’t there. It’s right next to the highway, but from the dome where we slept I wasn’t able to hear anything.
Compared to other hot springs I’ve been to, sadly this one is sorely lacking.
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13 条分享
First, the campground. It was quite overgrown, so lots of tall grass/weeds. They were mowing some areas, but not others. Otherwise, it might have been a nicer setting as there is lots of greenery around.... including tall trees, so poor for satellite but good for shade. Cell reception (Verizon) was good.

Campsites are limited for overnight guests, due to a large compound of full timers, which was not very well kept and looked pretty dumpy. RV spots are mostly close together, although there is some privacy, but not much. Spots are also pretty tight, so I wouldn't bring anything over 30' in here. Do not use the water spigot at your campsite for city water on your rig, as it not only has a strong sulphur smell, it has lots of minerals and other stuff that will gunk up your filters.

The hot springs... The large pool was cold (70s?) but I suspect it may warm up in the summer months as hot as it gets in Ashland. The smaller hot springs pool was a great temp, at around 102. The water felt soft from all the minerals, but the tub felt/looked a little dirty, and was jam packed with people, even though they limit the number by reservation. At night, most soak nude, and it is a quiet setting with talking discouraged. It made for a relaxing, but also somewhat odd experience with it being so crowded. The steam sauna was fine as were the changing/wash rooms. Make sure your reserve your hot springs soak in advance, as they only allot a small amount of guests from the campground and a small amount from the public. The night we went, the campground reservations (with discount) were sold out, but the public spots were not, so we got 2 public spots, and were refunded the $5 camping discount at the door, which I thought was nice.

The people here are generally the friendly, hippy type. They do have frequent events in a big green space in the back of the property that hosts maybe a couple hundred people, so it can be crowded and loud during these events, but they usually end before too late.

You do hear some light highway noise, but it wasn't that bad. Also, location was good as it was only 10 min to downtown.

I liked that they had recycling for everything as well as trash.

All and all it wasn't a bad stay, but not a place I'd go out of my way to return to. With some added attention, it could be quite a bit better.
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Debora W.
1 条分享
Beautifull sunny day! Hot water,nice people to visit with! staff was friendly and facility was clean!
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