Jackson Wellsprings

Jackson Wellsprings(阿什兰)

Jackson Wellsprings

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Quiet is heavenly
I love Jackson Wellsprings, but some of the people need to be reminded this isn't their personal soak.
Children running free, just being children, one guy thought the wet sauna was only for him to continually get the steam flowing to the point of being excessively hot and the mineral soak was a loud party.
I like the peaceful, quiet surroundings, a little small talk is fine, but being respectful is ok too.
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Renee B
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Not returning
2021年9月 • 家庭
Our greeting was 3rd rate at best. We made an error when we booked and requested a correction and it was not done. Family time would’ve been relaxing without the screaming child the entire time. I don’t think we will be returning to this place as it felt dirty and the fake elephant idol in the main pool area that people were praying to was not for me. I would highly recommend Chozu instead.
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Erica P
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Great overall experience!
2021年8月 • 夫妻情侣
The pool and surrounding area was clean and will kept. The staff was very kind and friendly. What a treat after being on the road for a couple of days!
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Robin D
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Oasis of Peace
2021年8月 • 好友
This was my second visit and I will be back. An oasis in this frantic world. The pool is crystal clear and all you hear at night are the crickets. No obnoxious flood lights like some campgrounds so bring a flashlight for nighttime wandering. Seven minutes to downtown Ashland. Full hookups at the RV sites. Or. Book a yurt or just bring a tent.
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Matt L
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Melt like honey
2021年7月 • 家庭
This place is a haven of light amidst these dark times. I love the natural waters that bring peace to my urban fried nervous system. The staff is caring, friendly, and welcoming. The scent of the natural sulfur springs reminds me that we are but a blip on the screen of our timeless universe, the ancient Mother of Life. I thanks for this, and other places like Jackson Wellspring. To see others say its unclean befuddled me, it's like saying nature is unnatural. Come check it out, relax, and feel the dirtiness of so-called civilized life and all its sterile fear melt into the sweet scent of infinity...
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Needs cleaning
2021年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Made an appointment to use the pool. Arrived and looked interesting. Staff was friendly and showed us around. Strong odor of sulfur I believe that could make your visit unpleasant. Shower room was clean and showers were the best part too enjoy the water. Large soaking pool was the perfect temperature but very dirty and green. I almost did not get it but did anyways. The smaller pool (hot tub) was perfect temp also but very dirty as well. It’s just not enjoyable seeing stuff floating around as your trying to relax. Did not use the sauna or steam room as the sulfur smell bothered me. Stayed for an hour and left as I had 30 minutes left to enjoy?? As like the other comments said the out side ground could use maintenance as well as the inside. Won’t be returning because of lack of cleanliness. Price was decent but would pay more if it looked like the pictures.
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Erika K
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With a tlc this place could be amazing
2021年7月 • 家庭
Enticed by the photos, affordability and acceptable reviews, rented a dome tent, bringing our own bedding.I rightly presume it would be less than glam camping, more hippy vibe and past new age aesthetic . This place as Has all the makings of a beautiful camp experience, yet totally lacks the maintenance and care necessary to feel safe or comfortable enough to relax.

We kept an open mind. Area is in deep drought and the camp is not watering. Dry debris is blown, windswept and piled around. Many "campers" are residing long term, yet a steady flow of locals and visitors utilize the spring fed pool.

Dome/yurt renting is very appealing to us. This was our first attempt, as we pass through Ashland more frequently. My daughter was excited when seeing photos. Welll designed with windows, rubber padded floor and locking door, entering -the smell of insence was overpowering. Not "dirty", it had a worn out foam mattress on the floor, beyond comprehension to use, it clearly was not routinely "cleaned".

Sights are tight together, separated by bushes and trees with sitting spaces, though not cared for. Bathhouse is homey, clean and cared for by the residents. This was a saving grace. We interacted with a few, all respectful.(Private gatherings at the pool house played new age music , heard until closing at 10:30, we found enjoyable. Camp was very quiet through the night.

The hot spring pool facility on the outside is clearly not cared for, but entering, changing rooms and pool area are clean. The pools are large, perfectly warm and hot temps. There are beautiful details everywhere you look. Yet with regular use, the neglect or lack of concern is evident. A resident pointed out the recently installed solar panels. It's clear the desire is there, keeping the facility accessable. With a sizable community of resident members it's very unfortunate the place lacks the physical routine grounds maintenance necessary to meet beyond bare minimum standards.
Grunge camping instead.
I recommend providing a rake, broom and cleaning supplies at each yurt, with instructions to clean before you leave. Our sight had a working spring fed hose, electricity, sitting benches and a functioning water fountain, that was left dry, with old cigarettes cans and too messy to enjoy. Maybe it's the overwhelming drought, lack of staff or laziness. I would love to return under better circumstances.
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Amazing experience
2021年7月 • 家庭
It was so peaceful and relaxing. I never felt better i got to bé almost completen pain free for a little while. Cant wait to do it again.
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seattle,wa11 条分享
slovenly trailer park with some decent soaking pools
yeah, mirroring the last review. for the most part, this was a frustrating disappointment.

firstly, their website marketed yoga and meditation classes, a healthy cafe, and shady rv spots in addition to the warm pools. great!

we booked a spot for van camping, and again noted the different options for booking time for a soak, as well as healing sessions. they also loudly called out their cafe. they mentioned to call for more info on these services and sessions - which I did only to get a recording which repeated all these services offered again, and to email if interested, so I emailed. i went ahead and booked the 9am soak session the next day but never heard back on other services and features.

i showed up per my camping reservation around 5pm only to find all the buildings closed, and no-one in sight. i had no idea where to go, who to talk to, or where my spot was to camp. after wandering for a bit, i found a guy with my private info and a parking tag - who had no other info about anything at all. he couldn't tell us where the bathroom, showers, or anything might be on the grounds.

the grounds themselves were overgrown, ill-kempt and included a rundown trailer park of 'residents' which the camping/spa fees clearly subsidize.

our site had no shade but was under a street light and next to the Men's Temple which featured howling men until 1am.

the soak was nice- and the pools were clean. this part i enjoyed, and made it all worth it at this point in my travels.

that said, the mood was quickly marred when i was aggressively and dismissively reprimanded for using the wrong trash bin though it looked like all the others. apparently campers can only use a certain one on the entire grounds. again I was never told this, and read all the signs as posted. zero accountability was offered for their lack of communication - just hostile, sneering reprimands.

we typically felt that we were treated like a necessary burden to subsidize their lifestyles of spiritual bypassing and appropriation.

all in all, a poor experience. it gets 2 stars just because the pools were so pleasant. i won't go there again.
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Charleston, WV15 条分享
2021年6月 • 独自旅游
Full disclosure before booking that USE OF POOL IS AN EXTRA FEE.

I arrived at 8 pm and there were NO staff to be found. I found my soggy site ticket on a table after intruding on a private party at the pool with people sneering YOU CAN'T COME HERE TONIGHT. GO AWAY.

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