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Cindy K
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2022年6月 • 家庭
First and foremost, do Not book The Balter House if you have allergies to mold and mildew. Can smell and taste it as it "puffs" out of porch cushions. Surrounding property is lovely and lush. Immediate property overgrown, cobwebs and dead bugs. One comfy chair, vinyl sofa, 2 small hard chairs. Dining paper lantern torn,stained, holes. Many missing light bulbs. Light plate switches filthy, floors dirty and cobwebs around room perimeters. Slop sink grossly stained. Stone terraces with zero seating! Tell ppl how to open windows! On plus side: lots of towels and storage, clean bedding,coffee/tea refill,water jugs available, books,games and usable kitchen and good parking space.
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Spencer P
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Polymath Park has often been a lesser known attraction in the Laurel Highlands, dwarfed in fame by Frank Lloyd Wright's most famous house just a few miles down the road. But in recent years, it has come to carve out a name for itself by being a preserve for 2 Wright homes and 2 Berndston homes. I have grown up near Pennsylvania's major Frank Lloyd Wright sites but never have visited any. This was my first exposure to the famed architect and was unsure what I would be in for. I took the lowest priced & shorted tour offered, the Wright Collection Tour. Michael was our tour guide, and our small group (which was but 3, including myself and the guide) stopped at two of the four homes on the property. We had about a half hour at each and ample time to enjoy the properties. However, if we had been a larger group like the others I saw we most likely wouldn't have had the time we got were allotted. Got to learn alot about the buildings in the 1 hour time, and had a nice conversation with another guide, Robert, after the tour. I plan to return to take the Lunch Tour (which gets to access to a third home) in the near future with family. For those not familiar with the area, be aware that Polymath Park is off the beaten path. However, signs clearly mark out to get off Route 31 or Route 130 to reach the wooded drive the property is located at. I would advise this for a individual or a small group of adults looking to discover a tranquil part of the Laurel Highlands not often explored.
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田纳西诺克斯维尔44 条分享
Staying in a Frank Lloyd Wright house was a dream come true. Home was amazing, but the service on sight was even more amazing.

Office staff and our tour guide made the event more fun. Tree top restaurant very accommodating considering I messed up our reservation time.

My only complaint was i should have book later May or June. Very rainy and cool. I should have known better since visiting Fallingwater at the same time years ago.
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密苏里Ballwin13 条分享
Interesting and educational, but our tour guide was definitely limited in his knowledge. Would have loved to learn more about the houses. The condition of the Duncan House was disappointing - but may have been a byproduct of the cheapness of the Usonian model that was originally built. It did make me a bit sad to see as a FLW fan. It seemed like a lot of modifications were made - and some of them were not made well.

*The Mantyla house, however, was beautiful.* It appears that this place is just getting traction and I do look forward to coming back and seeing more, learning more in 10 years when they have more houses. I pray that they treat the homes more like what I saw at Mantyla and less like Duncan as they move forward - and that they go back and tighten up the materials on Mantyla. Poor reconstruction on each home could make this a place where FLW houses go to die. Attention to detail will make this a VERY COOL preservation project. Time will tell. I know it can't be an easy project to undertake - and I love that someone had the guts to try!
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康涅狄格Putnam532 条分享
We have toured a number of FLW houses and were thrilled to be able to tour three at once. These are smaller Usonian style houses, one being designed by FLW's protege. There are various options for tours, including one with lunch at their restaurant. We were planning to purchase that options but the price jumped $10 overnight and I was a bit put off. The general tour last one hour and you are bused to each house. The houses are relatively small, so there is ample time to walk around and see everything. That said, 5 to 10 minutes longer at each would have been appreciated by those who are very interested or move slowly. As someone who relies on a cane and walks at a snail's pace I can say climbing in and out of a bus three times is not easy or quick. These tours are not accessible for those using a wheelchair, even though each house is one story. You can actually stay at these houses, though not inexpensive.
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俄亥俄辛辛那提84 条分享
The tour was fun and informative. The guide knew the back stories of all 3 homes we toured. It was easy to get there and plenty of parking. You must have reservations to dine at the Tree Tops restaurant. We were disappointed that there were 3 free tesla charging stations but none for other electic vehicles.
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Robin B
亚利桑那凤凰城1,226 条分享
Being fans of Frank Lloyd Wright, we decided to visit Polymth Park. You should most definitely purchase tickets in advance. You check in at the Treehouse Restaurant and a shuttle takes you the short distance to each home. The tour lasted an hour. These are examples of FLW’s Usonian homes. At least two (and maybe all three) were moved, rather than being torn down, from other sites by the couple who own the property. One home is not a FLW home. All three homes are available to rent on a nightly basis. This was an interesting way to spend an hour. We didn’t, however, like our tour guide, Jim. His way of speaking was more like a carnival barker than a docent or tour guide. It was distracting and annoying and he was a bit argumentative if you disagreed with him. I also felt the tour size (about 12-14) was too large. I didn't feel particularly rushed like some reviewers, but you are definitely on a schedule and don't get to linger long.
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Susan R
Rockville, Maryland23 条分享
I REALLY don't want to share this secret because then it'll be harder to book stays here. You can stay at 2 houses designed by Wright and 2 designed by Wright-apprentice Peter Berndston. We stayed in Balter for our anniversary and it's like sleeping in a luxe tree house, so peaceful. We reported some maintenance issues (lights not working) and Polymath offered to come fix it that evening but we deferred. The next morning, we were surprised that Tom, the founder, came to fix them bright and early. We also booked a house tour and tapas in a TreeTops pod. Everyone on staff was so helpful and friendly. We ordered takeout from TreeTops to eat at the house on our last night. It's such an enriching feeling to stay in such a thoughtfully-designed, soul-restoring house and quiet location. Already booked our return trip for my birthday.
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宾夕法尼亚Kittanning81 条分享
A great lunch and a good tour. The lunch/ tour was a reasonable $60 per person. A nice setting for lunch served well with three courses.
The hour long tour was well narrated and just the right amount of time. I have been to 20 other Wright homes and buildings. No tour guide can know everything about FLW, but this one was knowledgeable and thorough. A great day at an interesting site.
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弗吉尼亚Lorton99 条分享
Fallingwater and a couple of other FLW houses were on our tour plan to Niagra and we had extra time so made the short drive from Fallingwater to Polymath Park. It has one of the best variety of FLW houses- on site and all were period-furnished which makes a difference in stepping into the time period. Beautifully maintained, the park is continually being updated with new FLW houses as they become available and can be reconstructed on the site. Additionally, there is a very pleasant restaurant also in the period theme. The only suggestion I can make for the tour is that it needs to be a little longer so the houses can be more fully described and enjoyed. Highly recommend this as we also went to FLW Greycliff and this was much superior.
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