Big Texan Opry

Big Texan Opry(阿马里洛)

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上午7:00 - 下午10:30
上午7:00 - 下午10:30
上午7:00 - 下午10:30
上午7:00 - 下午10:30
上午7:00 - 下午10:30
上午7:00 - 下午10:30
上午7:00 - 下午10:30

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Michael T
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2021年8月 • 独自旅游
Fantastic service and Fantastic meal... double duke ribeye and macaroni and cheese was great. My eyes were bigger than my stomach! Thanks Shawna E.
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Linda Diane S
加利福尼亚里弗赛德5 条分享
For anyone traveling through Amarillo this is a fantastic choice. The entire family will enjoy the many interesting décor items, the music, and fun. Many years ago my friend and I sang a country song on the stage with the men three piece music men. The food is always wonderful, the staff eager to assist you with Texas hospitality.. Our family have even gone to the Thanksgiving Day celebration and the food would have been five star in every state. Don't miss The Big Texan!
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Petra B
匈牙利布达佩斯68 条分享
Biggest mistake in Texas! Worst ribeye EVER! Tourist trap: bbq fast food: waste of time and money!
2021年7月 • 夫妻情侣
So the girft shop is ok, the building looks cool, so you think you gonna have a lovely meal…unfortunately not! I ordered a med ribeye and i got one med ribeye. So i started to eat it, but my car tyre is a lot tastier and softer than that piece of meat. First of all: it was bunrt, which means the pitmaster does not clean his bbq. I tried 3 bites, all was way too gummy and had burnt taste, so i waited 10 minutes until one waiter (still not my designated waiter) was willing to come to our table, than i had to wait again until our designated waiter came (at that point my husband finished his meal!!!) so i could tell my problem and ask for a hamburger, when the waiter told me: yes we had issues already today with the ribeye. THAN WHY THE F*** DID YOU LET ME ORDER S*** ??? She just appologized, got me a hamburger (the hamburger was way better at the Palo Duro Canyon, the gift shop which is after the theathre! - the one at the theathre is terrible) which was absolutely nothing special. Worst spent money ever, the 20 something waitresses are not really into how you doing or what so ever…bad food, bad service, really should not call that THE BIG TEXAN because it is NOT! Worst texas experience…luckily a local told us, we should spend our saturday evening better than that, so we went for the texas musical drama. But you know, you are still cuorious, so we went here at sunday lunch. I wish we wouldnt. Learn from our experience and dont go there!
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Shoogie S
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Fantastic food and service
2021年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Shawna E. Was a great waitress! She was attentive, social, and made the trip worth it. She brought us everything in a timely manner!
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德克萨斯州Texarkana29 条分享
Steakhouse with singing cowboys. Free 72 oz Steak
It is the ultimate tourist trap. It is hokey and overpriced. Everyone should see it once. As an aside, it has some more than serviceable Craft Beer brewed on-site. I probably will not go there again, at the same time, I think you should see it at least once. Make sure to order the Calf Fries (Mountain Oysters) for everyone to share. The 32 oz. ribeye was tasty and reasonably tender. We spit it for three of us.
The kids meals were reasonable. It is an EXTREMELY kid-friendly place.
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2 条分享
Afternoon lucheon
2021年2月 • 夫妻情侣
We had ribeye, prime rib, mountain oysters and entertainment. Enjoyable lunch with a wonderful waitress Shawna E!! We definitely be back!
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Jerry M
俄克拉何马州育空2,880 条分享
Good food!
2021年1月 • 独自旅游
It was an interesting spot for food and entertainment! We had the chicken strips and ribeye steak. Excellent cooked steak. The waitress needed people skills and more menue knowledge!
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亚利桑那凤凰城79 条分享
Beware, if you make a mistake by going to this restaurant...they are NOT following the Covid 19 guidelines. We went here on the recommendation of the lady at the front desk of our hotel. We noticed on entering that many customers were not wearing masks....the restaurant staff did wear masks. We asked one of the roving managers, why the customers were not required to wear masks even though it was posted on the front door that masks were required, and we were told that they were too busy to try and enforce the mask requirement. In other words, making money is more important than the health and safety of the customer. I met a man in the parking lot and asking what he thought about wearing a mask and he said the main reason he goes to this restaurant, is because he doesn't have to wear a mask.

As to the food...nothing wife's sirloin steak was too tough to eat....
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Gabriel F
阿根廷布宜诺斯艾利斯309 条分享
Atracción central
Visualmente atractivo, este sitio cuenta, aparte del restaurante con el bife de dos kilos gratuito si uno se lo traga en una hora, una enorme figura de una vaca Hereford, habitaciones de motel con el frente pintado figurando hoteles del Viejo Oeste, un "hotel para caballos" y una tienda de regalos con variados artículos.
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亚利桑那图森1 条分享
Great food and service
2020年9月 • 独自旅游
Had a ribeye with bake potato and washed it down with a couple glasses of red wine. My server was Kar lee and she was awesome. Definitely will stop here again.
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