Moviehouse & Eatery, Austin, TX
Moviehouse & Eatery, Austin, TX
上午9:30 - 上午12:00
上午9:30 - 上午12:00
上午9:30 - 上午12:00
上午9:30 - 上午12:00
上午9:30 - 上午12:00
上午9:30 - 上午1:30
上午9:30 - 上午1:30
上午9:30 - 上午12:00
用时: 2-3 小时


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科罗拉多海兰兹兰奇31 条分享
2022年7月 • 家庭
We have been coming here for many years, and although I realize the theater has changed ownership, it was just a big disappointment this last visit. My father in law and I took all the kids/cousins to see the new Minions movie. When we arrived, I noticed the seats were quite ripped up in our row. The theater was a little warm too, as if the AC wasn’t on. We waited a long while and previews started and still no one came. So I walked out to find someone to take our order. We all ordered drinks and food. The waiter was helpful once I got him there, but not available when needed after that. One of the kids ordered a gluten free pizza, which I verified with the waiter AND the food runner before giving to the kiddo (he has Celiac). It looked different to me than the other times we have order GF pizzas there but they all insisted it was GF. Sure enough, my son got pretty darn sick shortly after our visit there… pretty sure that wasnt a GF pizza. This place is far too expensive to have such a poor experience from food to waiter to no/little AC. We will be trying a different theater next time sadly. We have loved all the years of going to the Moviehouse but with much better experiences in the past.
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john A
德克萨斯州奥斯丁1 条分享
Had an absolutely worst experience ever. I took my teenager children to see Batman. During the movie my children went outside to get something for myself. When they went to reenter an employee refused them to reenter the theater. That is not the worse she stood in the door way pointed and laughed at them. After a few minutes I went to see where they were. I confronted the employee asked for her name she told me it was Vivi (short mousy looking blonde not wearing a uniform or name badge brown sweat shirt with black pants). She proceeded to laugh after I told them that they were my children I simply replied this is not funny and I will be talking to her manager. We were so outraged that we left missing the end of the movie. This is terrible and should not be tolerated. Vivi you should be ashamed you are an ignorant and mean spirited person.
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SLBofTX4 条分享
Great food, great variety of food, very comfortable reclining chairs, fast and friendly service. Decent rewards program, we go every week and earn a free movie about once a month. The web and app interface with cancellation ability could be improved. Used to be a diehard Drafthouse customer, but the Food(!), Seats, location, pricing and service is now much better at Moviehouse/Cineapolis!
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Amber H
1 条分享
2021年10月 • 家庭
This place has gone completely downhill since Cinepolis took over, we loved going when it was Moviehouse and Eatery. The food is almost inedible now, the prices have skyrocketed, and the wine list is so expensive now. Not worth it!!
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Brad Rock
德克萨斯州奥斯丁4 条分享
I think Cinepolis is the worst on line booking service I have ever used. If it is not the worst, it is in the bottom 5 of the worst services. I have never had it work properly. Last Saturday, it would not accept two different credit cards. It's a hurdle to get past Cinepolis to watch a movie. We had extra time (not often the case), so we went in person to buy, using the first card that was rejected on line. I like the Movie House. I don't want to get tagged for $3 or $4 for an on-line "service" that does not work....and, why should I be paying $3 or $4 on top of the cost of a ticket anyway? I tried to leave send this message to the Movie House directly; but, of course the on line service worked so badly I could not contact the Movie House directly.
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德克萨斯州德克萨斯州墨西哥湾沿岸44 条分享
We went for a movie and snacks on Christmas day. The staff here is exceptional. Very friendly and fast. The recliner type seats are perfect and all social distancing is followed.
The food is good with refills on popcorn and sodas.
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佛罗里达奥兰多242 条分享
2020年2月 • 好友
I have to admit movie theater food is generally not the best even when it's a fork and screen style place. However, this food was amazing, I really really liked it and would go back even if it was just a restaurant. The theater it was nice as well with comfy seats. I know there quite a few places in Austin that offer the same thing but I enjoyed the food here more then some of the more well known places.
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德克萨斯州奥斯丁105 条分享
2020年1月 • 家庭
Hate to count the number of times I have been. By far the best theater around. Seats are great and food is usually pretty good. Don't mind paying a bit extra for the comfort. My grandkids usually take their own blankets but I think that would put me straight to sleep. Seats that recline are the only way to watch a movie.
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Gary T
德克萨斯州奥斯丁1,060 条分享
This is a nice movie, with a decent full service menu, and attentive service throughout the movie. We tried and enjoyed the Fish and Chips and Patty melt. Both were good and plentiful.

The seats are wide and lean back with lots of legroom.

The food and tickets are a bit pricey, but acceptable.
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德克萨斯州奥斯丁4 条分享
2019年10月 • 家庭
Love the menu, great food and fantastic service!
The pizza and burgers are my favorites, always good.
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