Skyline Spa and Health Club

Skyline Spa and Health Club(奥斯丁)

Skyline Spa and Health Club
2-3 小时
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Good techs, bad spa experience
I booked a 50 minute facial and an 80 minute massage with about 30 minutes in between. I figured i would relax and read in the relaxation room (there is none!!) or take a quick indoor jacuzzi since it’s like 45 degrees outside (there is no indoor jacuzzi!). Instead I’m sitting in a very uncomfortable chair waiting for my massage, which I was told will be delayed because the masseuse is “on his way” though i booked with a female. Spa seems extremely poorly organized. Masseuses are shared with other hotels so they’re not necessarily in the building when you want a massage. Amenities ate scarce and junky. I did have a great facialists...Tanya...who did a lovely facial so there’s that. This spa came up as one of the best in Austin, which is too bad for Austin
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澳大利亚114 条分享
Go elsewhere - overpriced and poor quality
2019年9月 • 独自旅游
I should’ve listened to the other reviewers here and gone elsewhere, but I had a kinked neck after a long flight and desperately needed a remedial/deep tissue massage to relieve the headaches.

Went in asking specifically for a remedial massage focused on the knotted area, and the brochure offers deep tissue remedial massage.

Masseuse completely ignored request, and just did a whole body massage with <5mins on the sore neck/shoulders. They also wore oversized and poorly gloves for the massage which was just incredibly uncomfortable as the gloves would bunch up and dig into my skin.

Definitely not worth the exorbitant fees + mandatory 20% gratuity
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加拿大温哥华158 条分享
Massage was good thats it
2018年10月 • 独自旅游
So the only pro is that i had a good massage with the therapist.
For the price n location this is not a high end spa. There is no waiting area before or after your treatment to relax - i get there is boiled water advisory but no juice no snacks no bottled water whatsoever available! Even when they ran out of bottled water they didnt get anyone to bring some up from the hotel. Also the changeroom has zero amenities - sure there is a steam room but it was below average in quality - there is no brush no mouthwash nth except for sanitary napkins!!!! Never been to a spa at a decent hotel with nothing to offer to their guests! Also the reception doesnt even bother to offer u slippers you have to ask for them yourself! Meh save your money and go elsewhere! Oh and there is a mandatory 20percent tip
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加利福尼亚米尔皮塔斯27 条分享
Spa wannabe
2018年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Advertises as a Spa taking non- hotel guests. No way in to spa without key. Leaves non-hotel guests at the mercy of a front desk person letting you in (nothing says welcome to our spa better). Steam sauna not working. Dry sauce big enough for one person. The facial I got was actually quite good. So
Etchings to workout if they want to be an actual spa.
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Becky C
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Get a facial here!
2018年7月 • 独自旅游
The spa itself is very nice. I swam several times in the refreshing pool while I was at the Hilton. Don’t bother to get a massage there, though. I question whether Kate is even certified. I’m glad I had a Groupon so I didn’t pay full price for the Signature Massage. However Deanna is a FABULOUS esthetician there. The facial was out of this world. She did various skin treatments and masks, and even had warm moist oxygen hydrating my face at one point. She got a crick out of my neck/shoulder that Kate skipped. She used a jade roller on my face toward the end of my facial. It was heavenly. Worth every penny and then some.
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内华达41 条分享
Overall visit pleasant, no frills sauna and steam room in locker room
2017年1月 • 独自旅游
Overall a pleasant visit. Very friendly staff/attendant. This review does not include the swimming pool or fitness center, only the amenities in the men’s locker room. The locker room is pleasantly appointed and warm. There are about 70 half-lockers, which (in a good way) look like upscale kitchen cabinets. You need a key from attendant to use (no personal locks work).
There are two regular curtained shower stalls, plus one larger handicap shower. The tiles in the shower could use some updating/replacing as they need freshening up and one needs a replacement drain cover. The U-shaped-steam room could seat six sitting up and shoulder to shoulder, three sort of laying down to relax. The dry sauna is pretty small. It offers one floating bench on the side wall (not the longer wall of the rectangle. It can only seat 2 (max 3), and is fairly high off ground. I am nearly six feet tall, and it was stretch for my legs to touch the ground. The room was a steady 160 degrees (Fahrenheit).
In the locker room, there are no chairs to rest between steam room and sauna visits. Limited amenities for grooming (only lotion and mouthwash). A lot of different size towels including body, floor mat and smaller wash towels. Overall a nice restful visit, but not a lot of “frills” for locker room amenities.
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德克萨斯州奥斯丁82 条分享
Best pedicure in downtown Austin
2015年4月 • 独自旅游
I needed a pedicure while staying in downtown Austin and did a quick search online. To my surprise the hotel I was staying at (Hilton Austin) had a day spa on the 8th floor which offered pedicures.

The spa is large and quiets and spacious. They offer massages, facials, manicures, etc. I was able to get a pedicure as a walk-in and it was fabulous. It's pricey at $60.00, but worth it. Linda was my pedicurist tand she works there 4 days a week. She's from Bankok, Thailand and is so sweet and attentive-she did an EXCELLENT job. She's also a great conversationalist if you are in the mood for conversation. There are only 2 seats in the room and it is very private. It was not busy at all but it should be-best pedicure I've had.
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