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Washington, D.C.291 条分享
2020年2月 • 独自旅游
Gun and Powder was amazing! Solea Pfeiffer was a revelation and I felt Marva Hicks' voice in my core. The small menu at the cafe is fine enough but that pecan pie was a waste of calories.
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马里兰Glenwood211 条分享
This was our second trip in just over a month to a cabaret performance here. We really enjoyed the Motown Christmas Cabaret, and as a diehard Sinatra fan, I was eager to experience "Ole Blue Eyes." I'm an avid theater and concert goer, seeing about 60 to 80 live performances a year.
The three piece band was wonderful and the house was packed. Unfortunately, someone decided that one of the two singers should be female (not a fatal decision on its own), and that she should be a Broadway belter. Every time she opened her mouth, my companion and I winced. Frank Sinatra was a crooner, and this gal was bent on shrieking every note. She ruined every song she sang, and unfortunately, she sang part or all of half the songs we heard. The male singer was very good but she seemed intent on stealing the show.
Another questionable choice was encouraging the audience to sing along with at least one of the songs in an incredibly grating and cheesy fashion. We did not set aside our Sunday afternoon so we could pay money to hear our seat mates engage in forced karaoke.Thank goodness most audience members declined to participate.
When the duo broke into a ditty that had been tailored to fit the JFK campaign instead one of many, many other Sinatra standards, we decided to exit.
Doing a Sinatra tribute should be straightforward, and if you have access to talented musicians, a softball of a show to produce. Somehow the creative team here decided to stray from a welltrodden path to the detriment of the show. Ole Blue Eyes is probably crying in his grave.
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Shirley M
土耳其穆拉38 条分享
We went to see a Frank Sinatra Tribute evening here and thoroughly enjoyed the small, intimate space and atmosphere. Everyone had table and all had a good view of the stage. Sound levels were just right.
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弗吉尼亚亚历山德里亚4,516 条分享
We thoroughly enjoyed the Chorus Line musical at the Signature Theatre. The singing, staging, choreography were all superb! We go to several plays a year at this venue and it only rarely does not deliver a real treat of a performance!
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Katherine D
阿塞拜疆巴库98 条分享
This theater is small and intimate, and the quality of their productions is excellent! I highly recommend seeing a musical here - the music, choreography and dancing is perfection! The seating is in the round, so most every seat gives you a great view of the stage.
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弗吉尼亚森特维尔1,079 条分享
It's just wonderful to be so close to the stage and the actors. The lighting and sound is fantastic and every single seat has amazing sight-lines. The chairs are comfortable and there is so much leg room, it makes us never want to go to a regular theater with our knees jammed in again. There's plenty of free parking right next to the theater and lots of places to eat right there, too. There's a lovely lobby and the staff are incredibly nice - they go out of their way to welcome you and ask about the shows. I will definitely be seeing more shows here - it's a hidden gem!
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Geri L
23 条分享
I love this local theater. Great shows. Great location with lots of dining for before or after the show.
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Arlington, Virginia51 条分享
If you enjoy Broadway musicals of the highest caliber, this is the best place to see them in the DC area. A Tony winner for Best Regional Theatre, Signature is renowned for staging original productions of Broadway shows. The musicals are normally performed in the MAX, their larger theatre. They also have the ARK, a smaller black box theatre that features non-musical plays, often world premieres. The complex is located in beautiful Shirlington Village, a neighborhood of Arlington VA with many interesting shops and restaurants.
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Turner S
法国巴黎1,203 条分享
First trip to Signature Theater and I have been a fool for waiting so long. It’s a small venue without a bad seat in the house. The performers all crushed it. There is a bar in the lobby and you can take drinks in the theater without having to buy a special cup with a lid. They need more bathrooms though. There are so many restaurants in the Shirlington Village as well. Food and a show in the same place. It’s a perfect night out.
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弗吉尼亚Martinsville119 条分享
2019年6月 • 好友
Every show they have done has been broadway caliber. The actors are top quality and the sets are full of detail
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