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Amazing Experience
We got picked up from our hotel and our instructor took us on a tour of a local market, pointing out many of the different vegetables and what they could be used for. We had asked for vegetarian food, and so she bought several blocks of tofu in the market as well. The school is located in an old farmhouse where we were set up around a huge rectangular table. Each of us had a wok with a gas burner, a cleaver, and all our ingredients set out in front of us. She took us through how to use the cleaver and showed us how to prep the vegetables for each dish -and my daughter, who had never even handled a sharp knife, was able to do everything under her instruction. Then she took us step-by-step through how to prepare five different dishes, and we all managed too pull them off. The food we made was excellent, including some really wonderful stuffed steamed vegetables, beer fish (which we did as beer tofu), kung pao onions, and spicy stir fried eggplant. I'd never used a wok in quite the way we learned how to use it at the school and each dish was incredibly fast and easy. It's inspired me to take a new stab at using a wok when I get home. Well worth it.
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Brooke D
新西兰卡拉卡18 条分享
Fun lunch experience with the family
2019年12月 • 家庭
The course is about four hours, located in a farmhouse just outside town. We went for a short market visit first which the kids found very interesting and we cooked five dishes, which were all delicious (and could easily be made vegetarian on request).

Our chef, Kandy, was super helpful and helped our young boys learn how to julienne vegetables and cook with a wok. For the kids it was a great experience.

If you are familiar with Asian cooking, you’ll learn the odd tip here and there and have a lovely lunch. We really enjoyed the experience.
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华盛顿贝尔维尤874 条分享
A fun place to learn how to cook in a Wok
As a group, we attended a class which was fun to learn how to cook in a Wok and also eat our own food. It was educational and fun and would recommend it to others.
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英国伦敦13 条分享
Great Class
We spent a really interesting morning at the Yangshuo Cooking School, which is based in a small village (surrounded by fields and mountains) outside of Yangshuo City. The teacher was really good, instructions were straightforward and the food was delicious. I'm vegetarian and they adapted the dishes for me. All of the staff at the school were friendly and helpful.
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Serena T
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Simple fun
2019年7月 • 独自旅游
I visited Yangshou in Jul 2019, during one of the hottest week of the year. Signing up for the cooking class was a good break from the sun! They offer 2 classes a day, and different dishes for different days of the week.

It is a class that is suitable for people who prefer a demo-and-follow session. There wasn't much explanation on the origin/ stories of the dishes.

Worth a try if you would like to try a small portion of their local delicacies! At the same time, settling for your lunch/dinner.
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Reasonable day out but nothing spectaculat
2019年5月 • 独自旅游
They throw in the visit to the market to endure this does become a half day event. But the local market visit, which normally is the highlight of many a cooking classes, was rather lackluster. Just telling people "this is yam", "this is waterchestnut" etc isnt enough to get me enthused.
The cooking class itself is in rather bucolic surroundings outside of Yangshuo. The preparations are all pretty smooth and the people around help to keep everyone at same pace. However, there is no discussion about the history of the cuisine, why some ingredients are used, how is it different from neighboring cuisines. All which makes a cooking class really cultural. The cooking class can.be summed up as - cut veggies, throw in some oil, add condiments, wokfry and voila!
My suggestion to the very friendly organizers would be to add that element of culture to the whole experience.
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英国剑桥60 条分享
Fun Chinese cooking
2019年4月 • 好友
This great experience was part of our holiday package.
Led by Sophie, we started at the market in downtown Yangshuo. We were warned that this is not for the squeamish westerner.
Then onto the minibus and out to the countryside to this well established cookery school.
We each did 5 dishes in our own woks, following instructions from Sophie and with good assistance from other staff. The pace is deliberately brisk. We then got to eat our own dishes which were surprisingly filling – and of course delicious, even if the presentation was lacking.
After eating in their outdoor area they return you to your hotel in Yangshuo.
Highly recommend if you want to learn how to use a wok for Chinese cookery.
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Henk D
荷兰Nieuwerkerk aan den Ijssel86 条分享
Learning how to make beer fish
First we went to the market in Yangshuo, where we not only saw the usual veggies and spices, but also some meat for sale that is not for the faint hearted, such as dog, cat and pig snout. The cooking school, outside the town, did not use ingredients like that, fortunately. We made a number of steamed appetisers, eggplant, chicken with cashew nuts, green veggies in garlic and - yes! - the beer fish that you will find in virtually all Guilin and Yangshuo restaurants.Everything was explained very well, and lots of help was at hand to guide us through the wok cooking. Of course, in the end we got to eat everything we prepared, a very nice and well deserved lunch indeed! Drinks are for sale, toilet is at hand, the cooking school is just a perfect way to spend a morning/afternoon in Yangshuo.
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Elizabeth M
上海市13 条分享
Great Time for One and All
2018年7月 • 家庭
Let Sophie guide you! I may or may not have quite the success at home as I did in school, but I hope I learned a few tricks to impress the family back in USA. My father and I had a great time cooking with Sophie. It was very relaxing after a 16 hour tour the day before -- so if you are planning a big day, this is a relaxing follow-up. The school is set up for about 12 students, but there were only 5 of us in our class. The directions are pretty easy to follow and Sophie demonstrated everything for you first.

Bonus -- once you are done, you get to sit in the garden and eat is at your leisure. Cold beer is available at cost.
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华盛顿斯波坎76 条分享
Hands-on cooking with replicable recipes
2018年5月 • 家庭
I have been to several international cooking schools and thought this one was great because I think that I'll be able to replicate the recipes at home and we learned some basic stir fry/wok techniques that I'll use at home. We visited a market and then walked and rode from there to the house in the country where we worked mainly outdoors--the structures had roofs, though. The food was portioned and partially prepped for us, so the use of time was efficient. We received printouts of the recipes at the end. I enjoyed nearly all of the dishes and am excited to try them at home. Mendy was a good instructor, demonstrating and then reminding us of the processes. I scheduled by phone directly and was charged 200 yuen per person.
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