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Ecomontes Tour
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Marko P.
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One of the most amazing experiences and climbs I have ever done (and the first one on glacier). However, my guide was extremely discouraging, impatient, scary, and rude. Discouraging: already within an hour of the climb (we left the refuge at around 12:30am) my guide suggested I should quit as "I am not ready, lack energy and taking too many stops", which he did again after two hours right before putting the crampons on (we were one of the last to leave the refuge and one of the first to come back of the people who actually summitted that day, since some couldn't make it). Impatient: the guide was constantly complaining how I am not fast enough, although I was climbing up and down within targeted time (and being well in front of some other climbers that we passed on the way up). Scary: being impatient, my guide even threatened to leave me behind start taking the rope of my harness. Eventually he decided to put the rope back on. Rude: he kept discouraging me from taking pictures of the beautiful glacier. At the bottom of the mountain, I found out that he has another Cotopaxi climb within hours saying he has to drop me off on the highway where I myself would stop a bus to Bunos, which wasn't the deal. These guys are just a money machine not carrying about their customers.
P.S. make sure you get the climbing boots at least two numbers larger than your regular, as these guys didn't make sure that I get one (I guess it's my fault I didn't think of that either), as it is gonna be a pain going down with your toes hitting the front of the shoe for 2-3 hours.
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Ida Marie R
丹麦欧胡斯1 条分享
2018年9月 • 好友
Don't choose This company if you want to visit the ecuadorian Amazonas Jungle!!
Me and My friend booked 4 days, and look forward to an amazing trip with animal sightseeing, pure jungle life and were explained that we would experience living out in the real jungle. That was nothing like that at all. The lodges was Alright, but the employes was not very polite and didn't know much about the place, the place was near towns, houses and just besidde a big road that we could here lots of the time. Our guide just took ud out for a VERY SMALL WALK into the so Called "jungle", and was very unprofessional and unserious. Also we visited a Village and it was so fake and we spend so much time waiting for them to plan our tours, and often they would cancel without telling us. Also it was impossible to see wildlife because of their motorboat that really made tooooo much noise.
Also horrible food. Was very dissapointed in This jungle experience, which I shared with lots of the other visitors. Horrible food too. Just so people want spend so much money and time in Ecuador.
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瑞士日内瓦3 条分享
2019年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Yesterday, we experienced this travel agency 40$/person excursion to the Lagunas de Mojanda and fuya fuya. A bilingual guide, private transportation and lunch were supposedly included. The guide arrived at our hotel in a taxi with an other “guide” who we where later told was doing her first ascension. We strongly suspect this was just the guide’s girlfriend, she talked to us twice so hard to say. Our “guide” did NOT speak English, had little knowledge of the environment other than the name of the surrounding mountains, and even if my girlfriend speaks basic Spanish he barely spoke to us. The lunch was not a hot meal in a restaurant which is what we expect after our previous 80$ excursions, but a sandwich and a juice box. Being quite sporty we finished the 4h (already pretty short compared to exucursion around the same price range) excursion an hour early, but we had to wait for the taxi. The taxi ended up being an extra 2h late. Worse the “guides” only whispered amongst themselves and offer no information and made us walk on the road to meet the taxi that was “10min away” a lie since he was unable to call the taxi.
After pointing out the fact that this excursion was clearly not worth 80$ to the agency boss, his only answer was that was the standard price, no offer for a discount, no apology probably didn’t understand what we were saying even if he assured us he did. Save your money, go on your own or with an other agency. Dishonest.
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Stephanie Wallace
哥伦比亚特区华盛顿特区4 条分享
2019年5月 • 独自旅游
I was so excited for my trip to the Amazon rain forest. I had gone to the Ecomontes Tour office in Quito a week before my departure date to reserve my trip to Cuyabeno in person. I paid for everything up front and in cash. They gave me the voucher and receipt and explained that my guide would pick me up at a specific spot (Puente Cuyabeno) on a specific day and time. When I arrived to the pick up point (on time) there was no sign of my guide. I waited for over an hour and he never showed up. When I finally called the Ecomontes tour office in Otavalo and asked if my guide was on his way, because after all, I was by myself in the middle of nowhere, the representative responded, "I don't have you in our system, did you book with us online or in person?" Not only did my guide not show up whatsoever, but Ecomontes completely FORGOT to organize, reserve and make arrangements for my trip which I had already paid for IN FULL. They showed great irresponsibility especially for a solo female traveler. I ended up going with a completely different tour company. I do NOT recommend this tour company for long trips (perhaps spontaneous day-of trips are fine, but not overnight stays.)
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瑞士苏黎世32 条分享
2018年10月 • 夫妻情侣
We went to Otavalo without having fix plans and let us propose some options. The trekking in the Intag Valley and the horseback ride to the Lamas and Cuicocha were both well organized and a wonderful way to discover the beautiful landscape around Otavalo.
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Phil N
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2018年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Contactamos a este tour operador en Baños de Agua Santa. La persona que nos vendió el pack de 3 did en la selva no nos dio información clara sobre cómo llegar hasta Cuyabeno.
Nos prometió que habría alguien esperándonos en Ambato, lo que claramente . . . No ocurrió.
Luego de llegar a Lago Agrio finalmente había alguien esperándome, Isabel, que es lo único bueno y confiable que tiene este tour.
Nos entrego los pasajes a Cuyabeno dead lago agrio (2:30 minutos) donde nuevamente llegamos y. . . No había nadie.
Llamaron a Hugo, el guía, mientras leímos información sobre cómo cuidar la reserva.
No bastó un día para que la mala vibra que me dio el operador se cumpliera. Supuestamente Hugo hablaba inglés, falso. Hay información de los guarda parques que dicen FAVOR NO DEJAR QUE LOS GUÍAS TE DEN DE PROBAR LAS HORMIGAS DE LIMÓN, ya que esto destruye su ecosistema. . . podrán adivinar lo qué pasó en la primera expedición, Hugo destruyó un árbol para darle a los turistas de probar las hormigas, aún cuando nos quejamos, a lo que respondió burlándose de nosotros porque somos vegetarianos.
Luego de muchos malos ratos, descubrimos que uno de los turistas con los que estábamos, había conversado con el tipo que manejaba la canoa para que le trajera DROGA al lodge.
Tratamos de contáctenos con la agencia para que nos devolvieran el dinero y nada.
Si con esto no es suficiente, les dejo una lista:

1 el guía no habla inglés
2 se dicen una empresa de eco turismo y lo que menos les importa es el medio ambiente
3 un día el conductor de la canoa manejó en estado de ebriedad después de la visita a la comunidad (sí, el mismo de la droga)
4 Hugo no tuvo disposición para llevarnos a ver a los delfines, y solo luego de que nos quejamos un día entero lo hizo (por 2 minutos)
5 la comida no es suficiente, las raciones son para morirse de hambre
6 el staff, salvo el cocinero, con una voluntad muy mala a resolver problemas, pedimos toallas porque nunca nos dieron y la chica inspeccionó la cabaña entera para verificar nuestra palabra, revisando hasta abajo de la cama cuando habíamos llegado hace 30 minutos y queríamos descansar.

Espero que esto sea suficiente para que lo piensen a lo menos 10 veces

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Jen V
明尼苏达圣保罗27 条分享
2018年5月 • 好友
My brother and I were in Cotacachi to pack my mom's apartment and decided we needed some fun :). We were originally scheduled to go rafting (Intag) BUT the water was too high. Jorge gave us the option to go horseback riding instead so we jumped on it.

1). Jorge's communication is amazing...super responsive and helpful.
2). The views going up and down the mountains, along with Lake Cuycocha, are stunning.
3). Our guide, Michael, took great care of us even though he spoke no English and we speak very little Spanish. We felt safe and cared for and could communicate just fine.

All in all - very friendly and helpful and hard to beat.
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essen116 条分享
2018年4月 • 好友
tolle erfahrung mir jorge!!! zwar war die tour schneller fertig als gedacht, weil es am abend zuvor sehr viel geregnet hat, aber dennoch eine wunderbare erfahung und tolle landschaft. anschliessend gemeinsames leckeres essen und termalbad in traumhafter kulisse!!!!
gutes equipment und ein sehr erfahrener guide ( jorge).
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坦桑尼亚阿鲁沙175 条分享
2018年3月 • 独自旅游
Deux prestations en randonnée avec José un Quichua d'origine agréable, beaucoup d'humour et l'on a même passé la soirée à faire les bar musique Quichua ensemble. Je recommande
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阿根廷布宜诺斯艾利斯18 条分享
2018年1月 • 独自旅游
Je suis passée par cette agence pour l'ascension du volcan Fuya fuya, tout s'est extrêmement bien passé! L'agence est très réactive, le personnel attentif, compétent et très aimable. Recomendable !
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